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MAYBE it is foolish but generally I never discuss religion and politics, but here, I am making an exception.
A New York Times lady journalist, Judith Miller has been jailed after due legal process. A cause for joy or sadness???
It all depends on your point of view.
However, for too long and for too often, journalists have abused their position and power to report news which harms and hurts people ….just to advance their careers and make a name for themselves. To be frank, some do not care who they hurt as long as they get that pay rise or promotion, or even a pat on the back from the Bureau Chief. It is the brutal truth and most times, truth hurts too.
When the National Security of the USA and indirectly that of the free world is at stake, when the life and safety of a courageous Intel Officer is jeopardised by sensationalist and inappropriate news reporting, then I for one and there are many like me who feel the same way, it is best that the lady be jailed. She is very fortunate that in the USA, she is merely jailed. In many other countries in the world run by corrupt dictatorships of whatever kind, religious, fascist, communist or whatever, she would be lucky to die a quick death, instead of torture and hard interrogation, followed by a slow and extremely painful and degrading death.
So, I wish her all the best and I hope she knows Hitler’s "favourite" song. It is ,,Die Gedanken sind frei" and it is my favourite song. It means, "Thoughts are free". C’est la vie et c’est la guerre.
Incidentally, I, too am a journalist.
The Travelling Gourmet

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