Godfather of gastronomy

The Travelling Gourmet TM is pleased to feature an article from my good friend, Marcella in Italia.
Marcella Mantovani writes from Milano…
In Singapore there is a person sometimes called the ‘Godfather of gastronomy’. In Italian it is “Il Padrino della gastronomia” translated.
I was privileged to meet him recently and in a short interview I learned a lot about “The Travelling Gourmet”.
He is Dott. Michael Lim, who is better known as The Travelling Gourmet. A celebrated and internationally respected Travel, Food and Wine specialist and journalist, even the famous  Luca Zanini of Il Corriere della Sera has featured his matching of Italian wines with Asian food in an exclusive interview.
Why is he the Godfather? I heard It is because he is so influential that many restauranteurs, hoteliers and chefs look to him for advice which he gives generously, and even recommends them for jobs in top hotels or as chefs for VIPs on yachts. His articles and special features have appeared in more than twenty Singapore and international publications, and he is loved in Puglia, Verona and Veneto as ‘Il Turista Buongustaio’. At a special dinner in one of his favourite restaurants in Roma, “Il Presidente” his amico, Daniele who is the Publisher and owner of Gambero Rosso told him the true story about the Tre Bicchiere awards over glasses of wine from a boutique winery in Montepulciano. He did not wish to reveal the true story as it is confidential like the Omerta code of La Cosa Nostra.
Marcella: Do you make people ‘offers they cannot refuse like in the movie ‘The Godfather’?
Dott. Lim: There is no such thing as La Cosa Nostra….it only exists in the imagination of Hollywood film producers and directors. There is no Mafia. Per piacere bella…Remember…If a person were to make someone else an offer they cannot possibly refuse..they must ensure that if the offer is refused……things may happen.
Marcella: What is your favorite Italian food?
Dott. Lim: So many, Ficchi di India, Orecchiette from Puglia, Antonio Nardini’s Grappa and also Poli’s Grappa, Prosecco from Bisol….so many. I love Italy! When I go to Graviina di Puglia  and I see the moon over the old town, I always remember that song…when the moon hits your eye..that’s Amore!
Bravo Dottore! Grazie!

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