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Casino Royale review

Bond without finesse   By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet   A ravishing Romanian lady told me Daniel Craig can play the role of a hired thug, but not as Commander James Bond, 007, Royal Navy and MI6/SIS Intelligence … Continue reading

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Talking about 60 Minutes exclusive: The mile-high hostie

I just saw "The mile-high hostie" and I must say, people should not condemn and judge other human beings for the mistakes they made in a moment of weakness , as this clearly was. It was as the French say, "C’est l’amour…." … Continue reading

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Worte sind Waffen!

  This is a poem I wrote. It means "Word are weapons"     Worte, Waffen, Krieg und Frieden….   Ein ironisches Gedicht   von Dr. Michael Lim Der reisende Feinschmecker     Nimm dich in acht wenn du  übereilt … Continue reading

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Where do you eat when no one can decide?

MAYBE no one can decide? Then, eat at home. My wife cooks the dessert or the other way round. I cook the main course or vice versa, and my daughter makes the drinks, for example non-alcoholic cocktails! I open the … Continue reading

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