Talking about 60 Minutes exclusive: The mile-high hostie

I just saw "The mile-high hostie" and I must say, people should not condemn and judge other human beings for the mistakes they made in a moment of weakness , as this clearly was. It was as the French say, "C’est l’amour…." It is ironic that Ralph Fiennes should be engaging in unsafe intimate relations when he is actually flying to India to promote safe intimate relations. There you have it, mon ami, one of life’s little ironies…..

I have flown Quantas before and it is one of the world’s worst airlines.

I have never met a Quantas air hostess as pretty, friendly and voluptuous as Lisa.

I well remember to this day the Quantas hostess who looked like an aesthetically challenged wrestler. She crashed the metal meal cart into my knee that was just a little bit out in the aisle when I was fast asleep. The excruciating pain woke me up and I had to use a Zen meditation technique to control the pain. She did not even bother to apologise. That is one of the reasons when I fly around the world in search of good food and great wines, I never fly Quantas. Perhaps, I should fly Quantas again???? C’est la vie!


60 Minutes exclusive: The mile-high hostie

Broadcast date: February 25, 2007. A lot has been written about Lisa Roberston, the mile high hostie, and her fling with movie star Ralph Fiennes.

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    This is an article I wrote about Ralph Fiennes and Lisa Robertson who got the sack from Quantas after she hit the sack with randy Ralph…When raw animal passion is aroused…c’est l’amour!


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