Gourmet Food at 39,000 feet ASL

MANY airlines have business and first class sections but one of the best is undoubtedly Emirates. Recently, flying to Europe, I savoured and relished Business Class food and super sevice on their A330 and Boeing 777 jetliners at 39,000 feet ASL. Course after delicious course served by SAS (svelte and slim) flight stewardesses from so many countries the mind boggles, the gourmet food and caring service made my flight so smooth and so good, I arrived in tip top condition. That, my friends, of course, is the whole point of travelling Business Class.
Wines and champagne too are top class. I know because I am an international Wine Judge. The cabin decor in shades of the ochre and beige of the ever changing desert sand always puts me in a peacful mood. I love the desert. As my very good friend, who served with distinction in the SAS (Special Air Service) always tells me, "It is so peaceful, it is like being on the moon.." Unlike the airlines I thoroughly dislike, namely Quantas, Air France and Garuda, the staff of Emirates have an esprit de corps and are genuinely happy doing their jobs and working as a team.
Moods of the people around you have been scientifically proven to affect you. In simple terms, hang around grumpy, negative individuals and YOU, yes, YOU will become grumpy, negative and depressed as their emotional states and asinine complaints can infect you like the Flu bug.
On the other hand, I like positive people with happy moods, just like those on Emirates, plus the stewardesses are very pretty too, and they don’t put so much make up on like SIA, with just clear nail varnish for the most part, plus very slim yet curvaceous fugures and smiles that come form the heart. By the way, female service staff on Air France and Quantas are ugly, horizontally challenged, old, haggard and look like male wrestlers on WWF.
Life is like ice ceam, eat it before it melts. ENJOY! {:-)

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