Quarrelsome And Nasty Till Arrival Safely (you hope)

11, October 2008
MY experience as frequent flyer all over the world has convinced me that QANTAS, as well as Garuda and Air France are the world’s worst airlines. The latest incident this week concerning a Qantas A330-300 QF72 from Singapore to Perth where more than 70 passengers were injured, some very severely, is proof that Qantas is unsafe and not worth the risk to fly on.
I have made it a point never to fly Qantas since an incident when a burly, old and ugly female air hostess of Qantas, who looked like a WWF wrestler,  in front of many witnesses crashed her heavy meal trolley into my kneecap without warning or provocation ( I was asleep at the time and my knee just happened to stick out very slightly in the aisle. Legally, this can be construed as criminal assault and battery). I have thoughts that it was deliberate because she may have been a racist with a dislike for non-white passengers.
On the other hand, the world’s best airlines are Emirates, Thai Airways and SIA. The smiles are warm and genuine and the flight stewardesses are caring and pretty, and do not look like fat, ugly male wrestlers on WWF TV shows. On Emirates, the flight stewardessesa re multi-national and some even speak Swahili and Zulu. The food and wine too is excellent and the flights even arrive ahead of scheduled ETA!
For what it is worth, don’t fly Qantas if you value your safety and security. The life you save could be your own.

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