Quantum of Solace review

Yobbo Bond
by thetravellinggourmet (movies profile) Nov 16, 2008
MANY Bond movies have impressed me with their story, acting and beautiful girls, especially Sean Connery, the best Bond of all. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Daniel Craig. Firstly, he is very ugly, haggard and has a face full of wrinkles. Craig wears a perpetual frown on his face with his thin, reptilian lips permanently compressed into a thin line. Frankly, I think Botox and plastic surgery may not be able to help his looks either. Secondly, he lacks style and finesse big time. His potrayal of Bond is all wrong. No humour, a lack of gadgets and absolutely no class and no finesse. Bond would know what went into his Vodka Martini instead of telling the Bartender, "You tell him." He keeps telling the girl, "Wait for me here." No wit, no sardonic humour. The stunts are good but unfortunately unbelievable. For example, when they drop into the cave in Bolivia with one parachute between them. The parachute just opened about 35m before they landed. In real life, serious injury and probably death would result. You don’t walk away from that. I know. I used to parachute.
No "Q", no Moneypenny, no gadgets, no spark, and no tongue in cheek humour. Pathetic.
The Bond theme at the end is where you see the difference. Sean Connery had that classic smooth, graceful cat like walk…before he explodes into deadly action and puts a 7.65mm bullet into the bad guy with his Walther PPK. Daniel Craig, however, walks jerkily like a man very late for an appointment. As for the action sequences, they are just a total blur and suddenly the bad guy drops dead on the floor. You wonder, how the hell did that happen??? In the old Bond movies, you could see the actual Karate or unarmed combat tehniques executed (usually quite well). It looks like the incompetent Director is trying to imitate Jackie Chan and Jason Bourne. Well, he has failed miserably. 
After watching this dreadful movie, I need a lot of solace from a beautiful Lithuanian blonde with big eyes and a Vodka Martini with a twist of lemon, shaken not stirred.
There are many more truly awful things about this movie that I shall write about later.
Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet
PS In England, Yobbo is slang for a hooligan or low class gangster.

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1 Response to Quantum of Solace review

  1. Awesome, i would say this article is a entirely opposite to what i think about Daniel

    craige, the so called Bond 007, i did read that he is not fit to be a Action hero that too a

    World cekeberating Bond, as he learnt how to drive the Aston martin car manually till

    then the director has postponed the Movie Shooting. i did admired him his actions and

    the way he behaved in this casino movie. i did compared him with pierce brosnan with

    his style and handsomeness. would say Sean connery is the Best in your period and Pierce brosnan in my brother’s period and Daniel in my period. Bond is a Agent who never listens Agent M all the ages.


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