Train your Brain with MUSIC!

M B T!
MUSICAL Brain trainer sounded to me like a pseudonym for a fiendish device used by the STASI (Ministerium fuer Stattsicherheist – East Germany’s defunct Secret Police), for "brain washing" and "interrogation". "We have ways to make you talk…" as it were.
I was greatly relieved to find that it is actually a novel and ingenious way of learnig a foreign language easily and quickly. "There is No such thing as an easy way to learn languages!", I hear you say. Well, that is exactly what I thought before I tried it. The smooth rthymic repeittions of key words and phrases (synchronised with your heartbeat) enunciated clearly by a native German lady speaker with a sexy voice, plus a ‘toffee-nosed’ Englishman saying the English equivalents of key German phrases…put your mind into a semi-hypnotic state. This somehow makes the German phrases and words stick in your conscious and long term memory like superglue. To my amazement, I found that I could recall them fairly easily. The catchy background music helps too. It is upbeat with a groovy beat, just like the ‘house music’ in many nightclubs and discos in Asia. For good measure some sensuous Samba and Bossa Nova melodies are thrown in. Normal language CDs just have a boring voice repeating the words and phrases twice, but this CD has many repetitions and the ‘cool’ music in the background.
I decided to practice my German with my many German, Swiss and Austrian friends. They were impressed with my grasp of ‘Hochdeutsch’ (German) which pleased me greatly. The German I have learned with this MBT Vol 1 that has over 200 key German words and phrases will come in very useful on my next food finding mission to Germany and/or Austria. As The Travelling Gourmet TM, I travel the world in a relentless quest for good food and exotic wines. It is always a plus to be able to communicate with the natives when you are researching into their culinary & cultural habits. The importance of Foreign language skills have long been recognised been by elite mlitary units. The intrepid SAS and the indomitable Green Berets of the US Special Forces in their worldwide covert and overt operations utilise their foreign language capabitlites to great effect. Effective communication in foreign climes is often crucial to the success of your project. Frankly, I can recommend this language course for those keen to learn German esily, enjoyably and effortlessly. Viel Spass! (have fun ‘learning’) 

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  1. Michael says:

    Spot the spelling error in the STASI translation…..Viel Spass!


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