Bloody Bus Hijack in Manila

Singapore Airlines Flight 117 was hijacked by 4 people claiming to be members of the Pakistan Peoples Party on March 26, 1991. Singapore Special Operations Force members comprsisng mainly elite SAF Commandos stormed the plane, killing all four hijackers. All 118 passengers and 9 crew were freed in an operation that lasted just 30 seconds.

Contrast the professionalism of this operation with the fiasco of the Manila hijack.

Amateur night.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but experts in this field can see many glaring mistakes. Not taking long enough to negotiate and wear down the lone hijacker. In the execution, not enough planning and inept and hesitant execution by operatives that clearly need much more training. No use of ‘stun’ concussion grenades. They should have called in the Regiment or at least the US Special Forces, the Green Berets. Confused C4I.

To add the icing to the cake, the new President gives a TV news conference with a politically incorrect maniacal grin on his face! Does he not realise that at times like these when many hve been killed, probably by "friendly fire", a serious and sombre face is more appropriate??? And when touring the burntout bus and pointing gleefully at the multiple bullet holes, he has the same asinine grin on his round face. What a clown!

As long as wars remain in the minds of man, wars will occur between men.

When guns speak, death settles dispute.

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