Bobby’s beautiful Bites!

MICHELIN starred restaurants have their undeniable allure and attraction, but who can dine in them every day? God knows I have dined in enough Michelin star restaurants from Paris to Rome.

For those who are love wholesome food served up fast that is lip smacking good…there is a secret haunt of mine…so near the hustle & bustle of frentic Orchard Road. This place has a tranquil, resort like atmosphere, especially, the foliaged al fresco Beer Garden.  Yet it is just a baseball hit from Centrepoint, covertly tucked inside Cuppage Terrace.

This is Bobby’s, named after a friendly English “Bobby” in London who directed the owners to a fabulous place for ribs, many moons ago. To sidetrack a little, the fond nickname for the British Police Constable is “Bobby” after Sir Robert Peel. “Bobby” Peel  founded the Metropolitan Police on  20th July, 1829.

Amble in, and enscounce yourself in the comfy long sofas which line both walls with ecletic Zebra skin backrests. Together with plasma TVs & funky techno music in the background, it has the feel of a trendy eatery in New York’s Tribeca district.

Airborne all the way!

I adore the signature Buffalo wings! Lovingly caresseded in sweet, sour & savoury tangy sauce, you can’t stop at one wing! Go airborne and foil the wings with a superb ‘bleu’ cheese and celery dip that has that slightly bitter but distinctive yet pleasant aftertaste of ‘Fromage bleu’. Another goodie is the Chicken Caesar Salad with crunchy Romaine lettuce and crispy cubes of croutons. If you want more of that salty, powerful anchovy taste, humble Chef Kent Ho will gladly bring you some anchovy fillets in olive oil. It is yummy and good for your health too. Deep fried Calamari Rings in a light batter are lovely too, but maybe not so healthy. What the hell, as my personal motto goes: Das Leben es ist unbestimmt, iss erst den Nachtisch! – Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!

I want my RIBS!

The main course that will delight you is the foot long original portion Baby Back Ribs (S$34.50)…succulent, moist, flavoursome peel off the bone tender meat will thrill your taste buds no end. The gooey BBQ sauce is zangy (zesty & tangy) and is flavour packed! If you have the appetite of King Kong, go for the “Steel City Rack” portion. You’ll probably forgo the next meal after eating this.  Puts Tony Roma’s to shame, Ha! Ha! Pair this with a glass or two of California wine from Napa, like Sycamore Lane Merlot 2008 redolent with spice and balck maraschino flavours. Yes, there’s wine by the glass so you don’t get inebriated.

I want RIBS!!!Ribs to kill for!

On offer too are local dishes like 8cm long chicken satay with a peanut sauce that is not oilywith a layer of oil floating on top, unlike some. My partner loved the Surf & Turf which featured New Zealand Beef Tenderloin and a titanic 16cm long crunchy prawn. The beef is 40mm thick and nice and pink in the middle! Always have it ‘medium’ if you are a beef connoisseur. The fries here are good too with a satisfying crunch like a potato crisp when you bit in.

The best of both worlds!Surf & Turf for the best of both worlds!

This place is family and kid friendly with S$10 mains for the little tykes like Fish & Chips, Ham & Cheese sandwich and Junior Ribs. 

Desserts to hunt Osama down for!

As a fiery, red blooded macho man, I always have the Chocolate VOLCANO! A chunky walnut spiked brownie cake presents itself like Mt. Bromo topped with a big cannonball of vanilla ice creamencased in ripples of choclate mousse while fresh cream and strawberry sauce flow down one side like molten lava. OMG! It’s sooo good…

VOLCANO erupts!VOLCANO erupts!!!

The Apfel Strudel is more mundane but also tasty with 3mm thick Filo pastry surrounding an apple filling that is sweet enought without being cloying.

The Travelling Gourmet & affable Chef KentThe Travelling Gourmet & affable Chef Kent Ho

Come here with your paramour or your family. Bobby’s is like an appetising secret hideaway far…far from the maddng crowd! ENJOY and Bon appetit! {:-)

Dr. Michael Lim is The Travelling Gourmet

All photos by The Travelling Gourmet with his trusty Canon.

Bobby’s @ Cuppage

25-27 Cuppage Road

Cuppage Tce

Singapore 229454

Tel: 6734 3323

Hours: Sun to Thu from 11am to 11pm, Fri to Sat 11am to 2am

Ambience 3.5*                    Cuisine ****                Service ****

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