Obama, NATO, the UN & Gaddafi

MOST people find it glaringly clear that smooth talking President Obama, his advisors, NATO and the UN are gutless, cowardly custards who are unable to take the swift and decisive action needed to end the Libyan crisis by swift and deadly air strikes to eliminate Gaddafi and his acolytes. This will result in more loss of life of the Libyans who are hungry for freedom, higher oil prices leading to world recession and higher food prices (linked to higher oil prices) leading to starvation and anger among the poor. There is also the issue of Gaddafi’s MAN-PADs falling in to the hands of terrorists. MAN-PADs are Man Portable Anti-Aircraft Devices like the obsolete but still effcetive SA-7. Once terrorists like Al-Qaeda get hold of them, it will be child’s play for them to shoot down commercial aircraft with loss of many innocent lives. 

To be brutally frank, Gaddafi has to be destroyed. Under the UN Charter, such military action is justified. Does Obama & Gates want to wait for another Rwanda where 800,000 Tutsis died horribly in 1994??? The UN did nothing then too. 

What use are empty words with no action to back them up? What use is condemnation when Gaddafi is getting away with murdering his own people??

For Obama, NATO and the UN, NATO has another meaning, namely, No Action Talk Only.

What a bunch of cretins and imbeciles!!! Schwachsinniger!

Finally some swift and deadly action to take out Gaddafi and his evil regime and I don’t mean Carl’s Junior take out either. If not for vertically challenged President Sarkozy and UK’s PM David Cameron, cowardly Obama, Gates and Clinton would have done nothing and just let the Libyan freedom fighters die horribly. Kudos to France and UK!

I hope things return to normal soon so that the price of gasoline for my car and my electric bills, and food bills do not hit the roof. and the world does not go into recession!

Men of words and not of deeds are like gardens full of useless weeds!

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