Night at the Museum 2

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

All rights reserved

All photos are of real food with no special effects 

Museums are normally boring places but Austrian Chef Stefan Zoisl eclectic creations are anything but boring. Only 29, having endured a month long “no pay” stint with the UK’s answer to Ferran Adria (Heston “Fat Duck”  Bumenthal) who is a much better Chef than infamous ‘monster’ cook – foul mouthed Gordon Ramsay, (the ‘enfant terrible’ of the culinary world), unassuming Stefan has picked up some useful tips and tricks that make his cuisine interesting, without being overly pretentious. “Servus, wie geht’s?” I said to him when he welcomed me. It was good to practice my German.

Amuse me, Chef…

I adored the ‘amuse bouche’ of a simple Greek style Feta cheese and tomato salad.

Stunning Foie Gras Parfait made its entrance…pear flavours teased while sour cream and pistachio please with their myriad flavours and textures and of course foie gras, that favourite of gourmets was unmistakable. I recognised the molecular techniques used to create the dish. A shock to the eyes for the uninitiated.

Osama’s favourite?


The late Osama’s favourite food (that’s a joke), a BIG block of Berkshire Pork Belly was set before me. I looked, I took in the addictive aromas and I drooled.  Kagoshima Kurobuta pigs actually originate from ‘merrie olde England’ and are prized for taste and juiciness while their high fat content make it eminently suitable for long slow braising. The pork I savoured was loving cooked for 48 hours!! I kid you not. So terribly tender and tasty, it will blow your mind! I used the cheesy baguette to perform ‘la scarpetta’ and mopped up every drop of the excellent flavoursome gravy!

Paired with a fascinating companion, blood red 2007 Majella Cabernet Sauvignon from the Coonawarra, which at 14.5% abv was almost as inspiring as ‘D’, my other companion. Eyes sparkling, she remarked happily, “Oh, it’s so delicious!” I wonder what Osama would say if he were still alive, Ha! Ha! Well, the SEALs took care of him…

Duelling Duck

Another winner is a twist on that classic “Confit de canard” of duck cooked in its own fat. Yes, it sounds obscene but don’t worry. That is merely to keep the meat moist and super-tasty. Every tasty morsel I savoured…reminded me of the hours I spent mastering this dish at the famed Lenotre School of French Cuisine in Paris. Potato puree spiked with Pommery whole grain mustard added zest to the duck. Aromatic Thyme jus was a fitting accompaniment for that herbal nuance in this culinary duel.

Do you love seafood? Tuck into Yellowfin Tuna …with the flesh so invitingly pink in the middle. Yes, it is raw but so yummy! Sahdes of sashimi! My Mum hates raw food but I love SAS (sushi and sashimi)! Nicely presented on Revol ceramic ware.

Molecular, molecular…

Molecular is all the rage and when I spent 2 whole day with mi amigo, the “Molecular Master” friendly Ferran Adria, he taught me the “ins and outs” of this culinary art form. Chef Stefan is into this too, but luckily he does not go overboard. I liked the Deconstructed Mango with white nougat ice cream, mango textures and Yoghurt crisp. Not for the traditionalist but if you have an adventurous palate…

I may be bribed, try Chocolate

Chocolate Test presents chocolate from Lindt to Valrhona. According to Chef Stefan, it is 50% Souffle, 65% Creme Brulee and 80% Mousse!

If you ever get the chance to attend the attend the prestigious Valrhona Ecole du Chocolat in Tain le Hermitage, GRAB it! Here in this small town, top Pastry Chefs from all over the world learn the deep, dark and delectable secrets of Chocolat. I didn’t want to leave when I was there. When I finally had to continue on my gourmet travels, I made sure I bought up all the chocolates in the Valrhona shop before leaving!

Chef Stefan is technically very good and his imaginative dishes make Novus a must-try restauramt for the true gourmet. Perfect for a romantic night at the museum with your paramour…with no dinosaurs coming to life! Es ist ganz erlesen und romantisch!

ENJOY! Guten Appetit! {:-)

Abience ****      Cuisine ****      Service ****


Restaurant, Bar and Cafe

National Museum of Singapore

93, Stamford Road


S 178897

T: 6336 8770

Hours: Mon to Sat

Lunch: 1130 to 1430

Dinner: 1830 to 2230

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2 Responses to Night at the Museum 2

  1. Chef Stephan says:

    Great you enjoyed yourself – hope to see you again for another treat of new creations.
    Servus und bis bald !
    BTW – Summer truffle season has been launched – incorporated into set lunch ($40 – for 3course inclusive fresh truffle, great delight !) and dinner degustation menu.
    Gordon Ramsey should be exchanged in your article with Heston Blumenthal – not that i wouldn’t be proud to work for Gordon, just to clarify 🙂
    All the best and hopefully I see you soon – back at Novus dining table.
    Chef Stephan


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