MARRIOTT’S Marvellous Sky City !

The irrepressible Travelling Gourmet takes flight at Sky City in the “Emerald of the South China Sea”…

Story & Photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

MARRIOTT is one of my favourite hotel chains. In 2003 I was the 1st gourmet in the world to match moooncakes with wine at the Marriott in Singapore. The following year in 2004, I was the 1st gourmet in the world to match Durian, the King of Fruits with wines, also in the Marriott Singapore. Then in Auguust 2008, I was the 1st gourmet in the world to match champagne with Marriott’s mooncakes on Singapore’s gigantic Ferris wheel, namely, the Singapore Flyer!

I am now staying in the 3 year old Marriott Hong Kong Sky City. It is just next to Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok International Airport, and  is one of the most unusual and impressive Airport hotels I have ever had the pleasure of staying and dining in. No suprise then, that it has won the Best Airport Hotel Award in China 2012! Unlike other hotels in airports that are rather small and mundane, this 3 year old Marriott is huge and has all the mod cons of a city hotel with very well equipped and spacious rooms and suites. It is owned by Pansy Ho, daughter of the Macau ‘Casino King” Stanley Ho.

The KING is here!

The Man Ho Chinese restaurant on the mezzanine floor helmed by innovative Chef Ricky, has the most super-yummy Tim Sum. Elvis is the King of Rock & Roll while Durian is the King of fruits…but the sexy, juicy Lobster King Dumpling here filled to the brim with sweet lobster and some prawn meat to give two contrasting textures, is undoubtedly the KING of Dumplings! It is a big as my fist! While you dine you enjoy a panoramic view of the South China Sea and the ferries going to and from Macau. The Marriott is on Hong Kong’s largets island, namely Lantau Island. Other really mouth-watering Tim Sum include Grilled Pork Neck in Thai Style served with sweet spicy Mae Pranom sauce, jade green Steamed Vegetable Dumpling with Preserved Olive, Deep-fried fragrant Shrimp Puffs stuffed with piquant Mango and Avocado Spring Rolls. One of my favourites is something we never get in Singapore…Deep-fried Taro Puffs with rich. decadent Foie Gras (goose liver). Absolutely YUMMY!

There are 5 Food & Beverage outlets here and Buffet Breakfast at SkyCity Bistro boasts one of the best breakfast buffets I have ever savoured. From cheeses to congee, steaming hot Tim Sim, freshly baked bread & Danish pastries, omelettes made to order and waffles with honey…it is really good!

The spacious rooms and suites here are very well appointed and really comfortable. They are equipped with 42 inch Plasma TV, wireless internet access, coffee & tea making facilities and everything you may need for a happy stay. From your suite you can see the 9 hole Nine Eagles Golf Course just next door and also the planes taking off and landing at Hong Kong International Airport.

Burn Calories!

I like the Quan Spa and 27 meter long Lap Pool as well as the very well equipped Gym that is open 24 hours! After lots of food and wine tasting I make it a point to work out at least once a day.

Back in time to Tai O

With the hotel complimentry shuttle to Tung Chung MTR station, It is easy to take Bus No. 11 to the rustic and serene Fishing Village called Tai O. It is like old Hong Kong and it is difficult to belive that such a place exists in the 21st Century. There is fresh fish and dried scallops galore for you to buy. I had lots of fun exploring the place and even bought a dried starfish which I am going to use to make tonic soup.Other super places to visit include the Big Buddha and Hong Kong Disneyland.

If you are into shopping, just next to the Tung Chung MTR station is the Citygate Outlets. This is the largest outlet mall which sells branded products like Burberry, Prada, Kate Spade, Coach, Levis   and lots more at up to 70% off! I bought a very nice Braun rechargeable shaver from Fortress that is almost half the price of the exact same shaver in Singapore.

My good friend, Liz, also brought me to charming Discovery Bay where there are many nice restaurants by the sea like ‘i Caramba’ which specialises in Mexican cuisine. I can recommend their Scallop Fajita on a sizzling hot plate with tacos.

On you next visit to Hong Kong, stay here. You will be glad you did! There is a direct ferry to Central so transport is no problem.

Life is uncertain, eat dessert first! Enjoy! {:-)

Marriott Hotel Hong Kong Sky City

1 Sky City Road East,

Hong Kong International Airport

Lantau Island

Hong Kong

Tel (852) 3969 1888

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