Shuck the Oysters and play with the PIgs!

By Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

The inspiring Travelling Gourmet sails to Coffin Bay to savour…

MOUTHWATERING Oysters! Sailing out in the early morning in the Coffin Bay Explorer ship powered by two Honda 200 outboard motors was a most relaxing and enjoyable affair. This is Coffin Bay’s only fully accredited Marine Tour operator. Darian Gale is not only affable, he is also an oyster farmer and marine tour operator. Along the way as we sailed along, I saw a plump seal swimming happily, a family of parading pelicans and an armada of orange and white jelly fish floating like parachutes in the clear greenish blue water. I saw the sacks of oysters in black plastic netting on wooden rails. One was hauled up and I savoured freshly shucked oysters full of the flavours of the sea and that unmistakable “umami” taste… I tried my hand at shucking the oysters and did very well. After all I have been trained by CIA (Culinary Institute of America). Actually, the Culinary Institute of America was founded in 1946. The Company (Central Intelligence Agency) was founded in 1947, but that is another story.

I love PORK!

After the awesome oysters, it was off the a pig farm but these were no ordinary ‘porkies’. They are the Black Berkshire pigs with their curly whirly tails so coveted by gourmets for their superlative taste profile and tenderness. Also known as “Kurobota” in Japan, I arrived at Minniribbie Farm to be greeted warmly by Warren & Linda. They have about 300 pigs including 4 boars and 65 sows on their 225 acre farm. The cute porkies were all feeding happily and snorting away on wheat, barley, lupins and fresh vegetables when I toured the farm. I also saw 5 cute piglets suckling contentedly while their mother sow snoozed.




Pork tasting was next with smoked bacon, pork chops and pork tenderloin all cooked by Linda’s mum. They were super-yummy! All I can say is,”I am glad I’m not a vegetarian!”


At Winters Hill Emergency Observation Tower, I had a hawk’s eye panoramic view of Port Lincoln shimmering in the bright sun and blue skies.

Heroes of the SEA!

At Boston Bay Wines, it was a very special event. “The Chef’s Tribute to the heroes of Australia’s Seafood Frontier” was a gourmet experience to be long remembered. There was lots of very good food and wines.

After the lovely lunch, it was a mad dash to laid back Port Lincoln Airport. Thirty five minutes of flight time, an ANZAC biscuit and cup of tea later, we touched down at Adelaide Airport. A quick dash back to the Intercontinental Hotel for a very quick shower and I was at the Wine Australia’s “Best of Australian Chardonnay” Tasting held in Blakes. I tasted some very good Chardonnays including Shaw & Smith 2010 M3 Chardonnay, creamy and buttery Heemskerk Coal River Chardonnay 2008 from Tasmania, Kayena Vineyard Tamar Ridge 2009 Chardonnay full of zesty citrus and white peach, also from Tasmania aged in new and 3 year old French oak barriques, and many more. I was very happy to meet my friend again, blonde and beautiful Ali Lockwood, Regional Manager for Emerging Markets of the Australian government’s Wine Australia. Tell you more soon…

Shaw & Smith 2010 M3 Chardonnay sounds like a model of submachine gun but was hand picked and was made from yields of 2.5kg per vine. Actually 1kg per vine would be better but it is a strong Chardonnay with some savoury notes and youthful primary fruit with citrus.

Buttery Heemskerk Coal River Valley Chardonnay 2008 had a good ‘attack’ and creamy, buttery mouth-feel due to the oak treatment in 75% new French oak. Very dry at only 1.0g/l of residual sugar 6.57g/l of acid. I liked the hints of guava.

From Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, the Ten Minutes by Tractor 2009 Wallis Vineyard Chardonnay made from hand picked grapes has pleasant white stone fruit flavours with hints of caramel and some mineral notes too! As ancient Romans always said, “In Vino Veritas!”

I am on a SEAFOOD Diet…

Dinner time found me in LOUCA’S where friendly, unassuming and humble Chef Peter Louca, who is an Australian of Greek-Cypriot ethnicity cooked some fabulous Tommy Ruff fillets crumbed in Temopura batter. So crispy and delicious and soft and fluffy inside with chunky man-sized chips, I hate shoestring fries. Who wants to eat a shoestring?? I also loved the Kinkawooka Mussels, Coffin Bay Oysters with spicy Tomato  as well as the skewered scallops. The salads are simple: onion rings, rocket leaves, spinach, cheery cherry tomatoes in a simple Greek style vinaigrette, but very refreshing and healthy too! Dessert was Baklava…sweet goodies and nuts all rolled up in filo pastry with silky vanilla ice cream and made by Chef Peter’s Mum no less! A marvellous meal in a bright glass walled restaurant with an open kitchen plus cheerful ambience. ENJOY! {:-)

LOUCA’S Seafood Grill

Unit 1/241 Hutt Street

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: 08 8232 6792

Ambience ***                   Cuisine ****                Service 3.5*

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