Tales of The Travelling Gourmet ADL to SYD

Thu 3 May 2012


I woke at 06:00 and went to work out in the nice Gym of the Intercontinental Hotel in Adelaide on the mezzanine floor. I love to stay here because like Singapore …everything WORKS! PLus the Head Chef is a dear persona;l friend.

Now I am having a beautiful breakfast in the Club Intercontinental Lounge on the 21 Floor. OMG Yummie! Fresh fruit juices, Bagels and Lox, Danish Pastries, Cakes, Eggs to order and MRE!!!! A mancould get FAT..but what the hell! Eat first  asquestions later! Wahahahah!

Healthy Breakfast

Low fat Blueberry yoghurt, a cocktail of orange, pink grapefruit and orange juice and fresh hot cappuccino with lashings of chocolate powder on top. The atmosphere here is very exclusive, opulent and peaceful. There are not many around as it is very early in the morning. I ran into my friend, Chef Martin Bosley from New Zealand who cooked up a storm in Port Lincoln at the Boston Bay Lunch a few days ago honouring the “Heroes of the Australian Seafood Frontier”.

Inspiring Intercontinental ADELAIDE

This iconic Adelaide hotel on the iRiver Torrens connects guests with everything that’s special about the city. Culinary feasts await at two award-winning restaurants: enjoy fresh seasonal cuisine at Riverside and Japanese specialities at Shiki. An ideal city retreat, this Adelaide hotel boasts an outdoor pool and luxurious suites with breathtaking views. Step outside and you’re a short stroll from the cultural boulevard of North Terrace, Adelaide Festival Centre and redeveloped Adelaide Oval.


Later I am off to the Airport to fly to seductive and suprising (SAS) SYDNEY, Australia’s cosmopolitan city. I am looking forward to it…



Let the flight begin…

More to follow.

It is a tough job being The Travelling Gourmet TM but somebdy has to do it…:-)

16:16 I am in the opulent Horizon Club Lounge on level 30 of the famous Shangri-La Sydney in the Rocks area. The view is to kill for!

I NEVER NEVER EVER say to d-e for…the stoopid, asinine moronic phrase used by brain dead wannabe food writers and crackpot anorexic blogger types, skinny females who weigh 40 kg and are vegetarian…When a person is D_AD he or she can feel and eat and taste NOTHING!!!! Capisch…

The flight on Virgin Blue from ADL to SYD was nice with a light lunch which suited me after all the feasting. Spinach and Feta Cheese Scroll Brioche (edible but somewhat dry and crumbly), Pecorino cheese biscuits, Tim Tam choco biscuit, airline coffee and water. The flight stewardesses are better looking than the Quantas stewardesses who sadly always look like fat, ugly & old wrestlers. What the HECK! It is not SINGAPORE AIRLINES…more’s the pity…


The iconic Harbour Bridge with 6 lanes of busy traffic, the Shell-like Opera House and the boats and yachts looking like toys on the azure blue water framed by a cloudless sky. I have had a lovely cup of premium Ronnefeldt Earl Grey Tea with a sliceof lemon and some cute little pastries, one with a little pippette filled with raspberry coulis for you to squeeze on as mucah or as little as you want. The Shangri-La Sydney is one of the world’s finest hotels and I am very happy to be staying here.

Now I am off the the Gym and Pool on level 2 for some exercise…

The Shangri-La Sydney pool is 18m long, 1.2 m deep and is good for swimming laps. There is a circular jacuzzi too and the spacious gym has all the weights and exercise machines that you need. There is also the tranquil CHI Spa. The GM, Franz, is also a very dear pal and comrade…we go back a long way…

Dinner at Altitude restaurant, one of Sydney’s finest restaurants on level 36 was simply splendid. I had the 9 course Epi-Curious Menu paired with wines from Australia to Italy and France. Cured Yellow Fin Tuna with really crunchy white asparagus and poached Quail eggs was mouth-watering and the 2011 Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Riesling from the Frankland River of Western Australia, a good match with its dry mineral notes and hints of fresh cut lime.

More to follow….Now 23:31 and time to snooze….{:-) They say sleep is for the dead but we all need some n’est pas…I do very well on 4 hours like Margaret Thatcher, General Stanley MacChrystal, Thomas Edison and more…

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