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The intrepid Travelling Gourmet goes to a casino at…

MARINA Bay Sands to taste food, wine & more. From 26 January to 28 January, 2013, Halls A, B & C Sands Expo on level 1 was transformed into an 12,500 square meter Epicurean Market complete with a Beer Garden, live jazz band and Celebrity Chefs Arena.

Chef Eric Bost in action!

I went to learn how to make Guy Savoy‘s signature dish Colours of Caviar conducted by Executive Chef & General Manager of Guy Savoy Restaurant Singapore, Eric Bost. Chef Eric is as skilful as he is modest and the Culinary Masterclass was full! The amount of caviar he used impressed me with the fact that this delectable dish is a high food cost dish. Chef Eric explained, “You have to use a lot for the flavour. Singapore is great because we have access to almost everything in the world..” I agree. Using gelatin sheets & creme fraiche (similar to sour cream) to give a rich creamy taste and velvety texture, he mixed the caviar into the creme fraiche.He also whipped up a ribbon-like, sensuous Egg Sabayon in the same way you make Hollandaise over a hot Bain Marie with just egg yolk and milk & NO butter. It takes skill and good timing otherwise you get scrambled egg!The star of this creation is Caviar! Caviar like Oscietra and Aquitaine Caviar has a lot of flavour from the plankton and crustaceans that the fishes feed on. The enticing emerald green layer is from Haricot vert puree and the bottom layer is Caviar gelee! J’adore Colours of Caviar!!


Chef Eric Bost whipping up Sabayon! Note how he holds the whisk very professionally.





At the Beer Garden, Archipelago offered craft beers like German inspired biscuity Bohemian Lager & Belgian Wit Blanc Beer at S$8 a glass. I liked the Curacao orange peel flavour of the Belgian Wit Blanc.

Strolling along I met a beautiful table…


                                                                           I’ll dine at her table anytime…{:-)


I sampled Tetsuya‘s Scallop Carpaccio served on the half shell drizzled with vinaigrette as well as his Ocean Trout Carpaccio with Sesame Vinaigrette.

                                                                                                          DSC_0794              SAS – Sweet As Scallop!

At mi buon amico Giorgio Ferrari‘s booth, I savoured yummylicious Rum & Raisin Gelato and bought flavoursome Jamon Serrano Bodega Gran Seleccion, which is a ‘superbo’ ham from Espana (Spain). Giorgio not only imports the finest wines and spirits like Alexander Grappa and Prosecco, but also the best hams, salami, Italian truffles, foie gras, Proscuitto di Parma, Ornellaia wines and other gourmet delights! I always like the Beretta Salami which I find amusing because Beretta is also the world’s oldest manufacturer of firearms, since 1526.


Bistro Moderne Daniel Boulud‘s cheerful and bubbly Chef Jonathan Kinsella who is an American of ethnic Irish extraction, bade me try his delicious creations like Terrine of Foie Grass, Guinea Fowl, Pistachio and black Trompet (trumpet mushroom), Harissa Spiced Tuna Paysanne (rare in the middle) with appetising Moroccan inspired Chickpea Salad, zesty preserved lemon & Tzatziki. Excellent!

DSC_0787                               DSC_0788

It was nice to run into my friend, energetic & charming Nicole Eisen, Manager for Marina Bay Sands’ F &B Operations at Sweet Spot, where I bit happily into a Pain au Chocolat spiked with fragrant Lavender. They had some lovely desserts & pastries there. Nicole was working hard making sure that everything was strac.

At Guy Savoy, flavourful Artichoke & Black Truffle Soup with layered Brioche with Mushrooms plus Truffles was seriously yummy! Beautiful with a glass of  Chateau le Puy recommended by mon ami Sommelier Julien. The Grapefruit Terrine with Earl Grey Tea Sauce, as well as being a lovely sight for the eyes, was also heavenly on the palate. 

                                      It goes very well with sparkling Champagne!


Sommelier Julien of  Guy Savoy always has something good to recommend…


I was also very happy to see mein guter Freund, jolly Etienne Hugel of Hugel Wines from Alsace who flew into Singapore specially for the Epicurean Market. It was a good opportunity for me to practice my German with him! I am partial to the Hugel Gewuerztraminer which is very good with Thai cuisine. Incidentally, “Huegel” means Hillock in German.


At Carnivore, two scantily damsels dressed as samba dancers complete with psychedelic feathers attracted much attention. Vegetarians beware, Carnivore specialises in Brazil Churrascaria which has many meaty offerings! Churrascaria means “barbeque” in Portuguese.

The best part of all this feasting and wine tasting was that it was in cool air-conditioned comfort. A similar event called Savour held last year in the F1 grandstand area was good, but it was very hot and humid as it was an al fresco event.

Marina Bay Sands

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Guy Savoy Singapore

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Bistro Modern Daniel Boulud

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Fine foods and fine wines & spirits purveyor



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<>  French wine producer since 1639

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