Bellisimma Baglioni!

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The irrepressible Travelling Gourmet visits London and feels right at home in the…

MARVELLOUS London Baglioni Hotel in Kensington. This exclusive and luxurious boutique hotel is in the posh residential district of Kensington. Just across is idyllic Kensington Gardens which is part of iconic Hyde Park. The suites here are immaculately fitted and designed and ueber comfortable! My suite looked out over pristine Kensington Gardens. Perfect for an early morning jog before breakfast. The small but well equipped Gym is also great for Calorie burning workouts. While here you MUST dine at…

MORENO @ Baglioni

The service is very warm & friendly in this elegant Italian fine dining ristorante. Delightfully stylish décor and bespoke furnishings like super comfy gold & satin velvet armchairs, delicate candelabras of Venetian Murano glass plus an imposing fireplace, heightened my expectations of the treat I was in for. The well stocked & chic bar is at the far end.

Two Michelin Star Chef Moreno Cedroni is rightly famous in Italy, and this is his first restaurant in London.  An apt choice because the Italian Baglioni Hotel group is famous for their stunning and high end hotels. In Senigallia, in the Marche region of Italy, his ristorante La Madonnina del Pescatore on the Adriatic Coast, opened in 1984 when he was just 20 years old. Some consider him the ‘enfant terrible’ of Italian cuisine because he loves to play around with traditional Italian concepts and infuse new and avant garde ideas and ingredients.

Chef Moreno’s philosophy is really very simple:

“In the same year I opened my restaurant I went to Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Whilst watching the waves, of two oceans coming together, I realsed that this was the exact style of cooking that I was aiming to achieve; tradition and creativity coming together in each and every dish I conceive.”

I have dined all over the world, from street food to 3 Michelin Star Temples of Gastronomy, but this is the only one where each dish the Chef creates has the date of creation on the menu!


Tempting Tempura Scallops infused with Cuttlefish Black Ink drizzled with Clam & Zucchini Sauce created in 1997 is outstanding. For a touch of molecular gastronomy, tasty Tortellini filled with irresistable 24 month aged liquid Parmesan is seriously YUMMI!

Gourmets will discover that there is a  marked emphasis on “Meeresfruechte” or seafood. Many of the ingredients used are air-flown fresh from Italy, thereby conserving their original fragrances and flavours.Cocerto You may be suprised by some dishes as Chef Moreno likes to add a touch of surrealism into his dishes.

 Another treat is “Polpo cotto a  97°”. This is Octopus cooked ‘sous vide’ at 97°C with Jelly Bread & spiked with its own “mayonnaise”. All went so well with apricot flavoured Bellenda Prosecco di San Fermo  Superiore Brut DOCG served at the correct temperature of 8C. Yes, I checkd with my CIA thermometer. Another “superbo” antipasto is Parmigiano Mousse with Balsamico on a  crispy Lavosh just 0.5mm thick… 


Delightful mains entice and seduce… Super-moist and super-tender slow-cooked Slices of Vitello (veal) on a futon of sweet & sour Cous Cous with carrot, zucchini & potato brunoise. Bacon wrapped Monkfish bites, Foie Gras, Globe Artichoke & Jerusalem Artichoke Sauce (1997). White Onion Sorbet Fritto Misto. Zesty Raspberry Broth on Quinoa bed & flavoursome Scallop ever so lightly breaded, contrasted with cold sweet onion sorbet is favoloso (fabulous)! Sommelier Federico recommends lovely wines like Sassicaia VDT Bolgheri 1985 & Falkenstein Riesling Val Venosta DOC 2008 from Alto Adige. The extravagant wine list has some 250 labels, including an outstanding vertical collection of Sassicaia wines.


You must try “Fragrance by Moschino” for a sweet finale…exotic Pansy Flower Ice Cream, Spiced Crumble & crunchy Wafer flavoured with citrusy Bergamot!.

When Moreno is in Italy, his disciple, Head Chef Antonio Bufi is in charge. After my absolutely splendid meal, I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised. Gourmet food & good wines does that to you.

Rich & powerful celebrities who appreciate good service, good food and comfort & opulent luxury, like to stay here. When I stayed here, my neighbour was renowned World No. 1 Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic.

Moreno at Baglioni

Baglioni London
60 Hyde Park Gate
Kensington, London.
Tel. +44 (0)2073685700

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