Exclusive Interview with Hendrick’s Gin’s Brand Ambassador…

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet

All rights reserved.

The debonair Travelling Gourmet learns all about this unusual Gin from…

Erik Andersson, Hendrick’s Gin Brand Ambassador (Asia)

1. The cocktails are very intriguing. Until when will they be available in Orgo, Sauce & Harry’s? Are they available after 17 March, 2013 when the Mosaic Music Festival ends? Can I try some of the cocktails please?

The cocktails will only be available at the bars until 17 March, as they have been created especially for this Hendrick’s and Mosaic partnership.  However, Hendrick’s will be returning next year with Mosaic Music Festival 2014 which also happens to be the 10th anniversary of the festival with more unexpected discoveries.

2. What inspired Erik to create the Official Mosaic Drink-Mosaic Jive?


Hendrick’s and Mosaic are both very fun and quirky, and I wanted to bring some of that spirit into the Mosaic Jive. Blue Curaçao is the perfect way to introduce some sweetness and colour to the cocktail, and it also brings out the floral notes in Hendrick’s Gin.


3. Cucumber features in 4 of the cocktails. Is Hendrick’s the only gin made with cucumber?

Cucumber always has and always will be an essential ingredient of Hendrick’s, and we have long advocated to drinkers the wonders of cucumber in your gin. The wonderful pairing of cucumber with Hendrick’s has also been communicated to bartenders all over the world, and the classic Hendrick’s & Tonic is always served with cucumber instead of citrus to bring out the cucumber notes in the gin.

There are a few different cucumber flavoured gins being launched right now – acknowledging that cucumber pairs very well with gin. However, they are not directly competing with us since they are targeting the mass spectrum of the premium gin segment and we are always widely regarded as super premium gin.


4. Hendrick’s Smoky Martini uses Whisky. Does Hendrick’s Gin and Whisky go well together?


Mixing Gin and Whisky in general can be a little tricky; however with the perfect balance it can be very rewarding. The freshness of the cucumber in Hendrick’s does compliment smoky whisky well.


5. What food would go with Hendrick’s & Framboise Fizz? An appetizer or dessert? Creme Brulee with fresh raspberries?


This cocktail is very light in character. I would suggest enjoying this cocktail in between dishes to clean the palate, similar to a sorbet.


6. Has Hendrick’s Gin always been linked to music? Any particular type, rock & roll, jazz, light classics?


We don’t have a specific music profile with Hendrick’s but if we push came to shove, jazz is something that we will always hold near to our hearts.


7. What music and song would you listen to when enjoying Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic?


Django Reinhardt. Something a little bit more unusual. Django Reinhardt has always been a big fan of ours, playing jazz on a violin is indeed peculiar but Django really does it in the best way possible.


8. Does Hendrick’s use less juniper berries than other gins for eg. Beefeater?


Hendrick’s is a rather juniper driven gin but our unique, yet unusual process of using two different stills allows us to accentuate other lovely botanicals as well.


9. There are many gins around, why should someone drink Hendrick’s instead of the others?


Life is simply too glorious not to experience the odd delights of Hendrick’s Gin.


Hendrick’s Gin separates itself from other gins right from the beginning, during the distillation process. Compared to other gins, making Hendrick’s is far from simple- it is the only gin made by both steaming and boiling its botanical recipe. Two different stills are involved- by gently ‘bathing’ the ingredients in vapours, the Carter-Head still produces a wonderfully light, smooth, citrus spirit.

The copper pot Bennett still boils the botanicals to produce a spirit of greater depth of flavour and character. Despite using the same 11 botanicals, the two stills produce quite different spirits.  By combining the spirits from the two stills – in proportions known only to Hendrick’s master distiller – Lesley Gracie, a gin with a unique smoothness, character and balance of flavours, is created. 

It doesn’t end there however, Hendrick’s has unusual infusions of cucumber and rose, and these curiously marvellous ingredients are added as essences just before bottling to ensure they are as fresh as possible.

10. Are there studies showing the health benefits of Gin?


Juniper distillates have historically been used for medicinal purposes in Western Europe. However, we believe there are no studies hypothesizing the health benefits of gin. We do recommend that the unusual be drunk responsibly.

 I can only agree! I am looking forward to the Mosaic Music Festival 2014…

Life is too short to drink bad Gin! Cheers! {:-)

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