M savours the signature dishes of Matt Moran…

Story & photos by Dr. MIchael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

All rights reserved

Photos are of REAL food with NO props or special effects

The indomitable and intrepid Travelling Gourmet, “M” to his friends, travels to Dempsey Hill in sunny  Singapore to relish the cuisine of…

MATT Moran from Oz. My friend, Matt, who is almost as macho as I am, owns Aria Sydney, Aria Brisbane and many other gastronomic ventures down under. Cooking at The Prime Society with his Sous Chef and the Prime Society team helmed by talented Chef Dallas Cuddy, the epicurean experience was something to look forward to. The gourmet dinner with wines was part of the World Gourmet Summit 2013 – Artisan The Art of Dining from April 16 to April 26, 2013!


L to R: Chef Dallas Cuddy, The Travelling Gourmet, ravishing Owner of The Prime Society “Princess Ingrid”, Chef Matt Moran & hard working Ben, Aria’s Head Chef

Tourists may not know this but the building where the elegant restaurant is located was a British Army Barracks. Later, it was the CMPB and Singaporeans who did their mandatory National Militray Service in those days reported here. I experienced nostalgia & as I munched the sourdough bread with some aromatic Truffle Butter, sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt, the first course arrived…

Start with…


Sashimi medallions 10mm thick with a crunchy seaweed accompaniment went down a treat with the 2011 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling. I checked with my CIA thermometer and the fish was at 16.6 C which is good. The presentation was simple but  really nice. My white wine was also served at the correct temperature. As I nosed the Riesling, uplifted aromas of juicy peach hit me like a punch from Jackie “Kungfu” Chan. Lovely on the palate too.



The second course was Alaskan Crabcake…but there was a sexy suprise inside. When I bit in through the breaded crispy crust…I discovered… a whole quail egg with the yellow yolk still runny. This is Matt’s 21st Century interpretation of that olde English classic – the Scotch Egg, except the minced pork has been replaced with Alaskan King Crabmeat. INstead of the whole hen’s egg, hard boiled, there is the cute Quail’s egg with a runny yolk. It was delicately balanced on a futon of celeriac salad which looked like linguine but tasted so much better. The wine of choice with this was Austrian. This delighted me because I was in Austria just about a week ago. Gruener Veltliner is a very traditional indigenous grape varietal which I really like a lot. It was crisp, fresh & round with a spicy finish on the tongue, a perfect foil to the rich, sweet Alaskan crabmeat!


No.3 Meeresfruechte! or Fruits of the Sea!

50.7C was the core temperature of the Seabass. Moist and succulent. There were lovely  sweet, big and plump raisins with it! The buttery 2008 Luca Chardonnay from Mendoza in Argentina added more flavour layers to the fish. The Chardonnay had an interesting smoky finish due to oak treatment. A thin slice of tasty Spanish Jamon at the bottom was a nice suprise…and added more savoury notes. To echo what Captain Haddock says in the Tin Tin novels whenever he encounters something extraordinary, “Blistering Barnacles!”


Meaty Main!

A Declinaison of slow cooked Shoulder of Lamb cooked at 64C for 24 hours had a core temperature of 52.3C. It was tender, it was moist, it was tasty. The Roasted Lamb Fillet was nice and pretty pink in the middle as it should be. A stalk of Fennel and Spinach reduction added extra taste.

Dessert was a very fruity and therefore very healthy medly of colourful strawberries, blackberries, sponge cake paysanne and other tempting yummies. A ModOz take on the tradition English Sherry Trifle. Excellent with luscious amber and gold 2004 Hungarian Tokaji 3 Puttonyos dessert wine. Caramel, honeyed orange peel and toffee assailed and seduced my palate…completely. I poured some on the dessert and tucked in!



Life is too short for bad food and mediocre wines, eat well to be well!

Dig in Mateys as they say down under!

The Prime Society

10, Dempsey Road, 01-20

Singapore 247700

Tel: +65 6474 7428

Hours: Mon & Tue 6pm to 10.30pm

Wed to Sun 12 noon to 10.30pm

Bar is open daily till late…

See: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g294265-d780429-r157124252-The_Prime_Society-Singapore.html#REVIEWS

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