Cheeky Crustaceans at Plaza Brasserie…

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

All rights reserved

The intrepid Travelling Gourmet goes to Beach Road to partake of super delicious Crab and Seafood in many different styles and sauces…

MARVELLOUS Crab cooked with Curry Sauce, Black Pepper , in Nyonya Style and with Chinese herbs are but some of the many super yummy dishes I enjoyed to day for lunch. I always like Plaza Brasserie in Parkroyal on Beach Road. The Buffet is good and with enough food and variety, but it is not a mega-buffet, which is in my humble opinion…too much of a good thing. Bear in mind too that over indulgence is frequently unhealthy in the long run…Here, there is a lot of good food but not so much that your mind boggles until you do not know where to start.

The hot favourite is super-duper crispy Soft Shell Crab…which you should crunch into without any sauce because the natural taste is just so unbelievably good, and you can enjoy the flavour of the Sea in every delicious morsel.

Do not be misled into thinking that seafood is unhealthy. As a general rule, seafood is lighter and is also not that high in cholesterol, so you can eat your cake and still have it! Ha! Ha! Enjoy! Life is too short for bad food and terrible wines! Enjoy!


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