Au revoir Guy Savoy…BREAKING NEWS ****!!!!!!

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

who visits Guy Savoy in Marina Bay Sands…

All rights reserved

MARVELLOUS< MAGNIFICENT< MOUTHWATERING and more such adjectives describe the cuisine and artistry of Guy Savoy in MBS helmed by skilful Chef Eric Bost from North Carolina. Alas, sacre bleu and Oh Madonna! Schade! Guy Savoy is to close on February 2, 2014…

The restaurant business is very tough and official statistics worldwide show that only 10% of new restaurants survive one year! I shall miss my good buddy Chef Eric Bost’s fine technical handling of the food and his interpretation of Chef Guy Savoy’s masterful creations. Why? Why is it closing? Por quoi?? According to a highly placed confidential and reliable source, “Singapore is a very tough market for the ‘haute cuisine’ business…” Also the food cost is 40 to 45%! My theory is that the rich in Asia are ‘nouveau riche’ with NO culture and NO understanding or appreciation of the art of the Chef, no knowledge of fine wines which they drink with ice cubes and coca cola…who foolishly think that by carrying expensive branded Prada, Ferragamo or whatever hand bags and flashing jewel encrusted Piaget watches and tottering around on Christian Louboutin 8 inch high stilettos…that by so doing they can somehow make up for their blatant lack of finesse, culture, and savoire faire…and copious bad taste. Basically, to be brutally frank, which is not my usual style…they are happier and more comfortable with Mala Tang, porridge and white steamed jasmine long grain rice. Nothing wrong with that…but it does make it difficult for restaurants who cater for more discerning palates…I am sure you will agree. Pathetic peasants!

As Edith Piaf sang and the devil may care legionnaires of the La Legion Etrangere sang after the Algerian coup d’etat:

Non, rien de rien, je ne regrette rien!

Well, we just have to fly on SIA but not Quantas or Air France to Las Vegas or Monaco, after 2 February 2013 to taste Guy Savoy’s excellent cuisine…or even la ville lumiere…Paris.

I love Paris in the Springtime…I love Paris in the Fall…


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