Dented and Damaged DORSET Cereals…for sale in Cold Storage Changi City Point…

Special Report by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

who was and still is shocked to find…

MY favourite cereal imported from the United Kingdom in dented, damaged, defective and bent and creased and torn boxes still FOR SALE and on the shelves at Cold Storage in Changi City Point!!! I saw this recently and as my good friend in Hong Kong, KKK, always says: Seeing is believing! Under National Environment Agency regulations which ensure that Singapore has food and beverages that are safe for all to consume, unlike the People’s Republic of China with poisoned milk powder and more deadly “foods”…dented or damaged cans of food like curry, soup, baked beans, vegetables, etc, MUST be removed from the shelves and discarded immediately. Not to do so is a serious offence under the NEA rules and regulations…Then, I ask you respectfully, dear readers and food lovers…WHY??Oh, Why? Why are they still on the shelves for sale???

The answer in the minds of many rational and reasonable consumers (but not necessarily my mind or my opinion) is GREED! The logic of those that subscribe to this belief (but not necessarily me) is that Cold Storage believes that Singaporeans are so stupid or ‘goondoo’ in the colloquial expression, that they will gladly buy over-marked- up expensive products from overseas in damaged boxes and packaging, just because they are imported! Are Singaporeans so ”goondoo”? I don’t think so. Singaporeans are intelligent and discerning consumers who want the best for their loved ones that they can afford. We are not stupid and that includes me and we are not ‘goondoo’!

I add truly and sincerely that I have only the greatest affection for Dorset cereals which I adore…for their superb taste, excellent flavour and premium nutritional value. It was love at first taste some years ago when I stayed at the marvelous Arden Hotel in Stratford on Avon. Dorset Cereals like heavenly High Fibre was served at their full English Breakfast Buffet. With a creamy yoghurt it was absolutely yummie!  It is a crying shame to see such a top-end high quality product offered for sale in a high end supermarket that is SUPPOSED to be customer centric, and supposedly offers a tip-top quality shopping experience…As for Cold Storage in this regard, how do you think the consumer feels when confronted with such perfidy as some might view it?? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I admit that when I buy a product at a good price to quality ratio, I WANT it in a pristine and perfectly good packaging and condition with NO dents, NO creases, NO tears and NO crumpled and damaged edges or sides or back or front! Maybe, just maybe we should consider shopping for cereal and perhaps other things at NTUC Fairprice or the less atas Sheng Siong instead…

Shoot straight and speak the Truth…for the Truth shall set you FREE!



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