If you cannot speak French…beware…

The intrepid Travelling Gourmet TM Dr. Michael Lim tells you the plain truth about the Lipp…

MANY Americans like to come here…simply because it is a Parisian icon. They want to ‘do’ France and try in some small measure to learn the Franch way of life…However, its exclusive clientele includes the rich, powerful and famous. Big names in Politics, the Arts and the odd movie star or singer…Marcel Proust, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon (Basic Instinct) Stone, Francois Mitterand, Jacques Chirac….The world is unequal and some are more equal than others. For the regulars and those who appreciate the culture of France and can speak the lingo…things will be very smooth for you. The Brasserie Lipp is also a rendez-vous for the ‘apres cinq’. ‘Apres cinq’ is the time when gentlemen meet up with the love of their life…before returning home to…(think about it…)

The Jacques Chirac clan likes it here…


Reliable sources inform that Julie Gayet and President Francois Hollande of the Republic of France may also be guests from time to time at the Brasserie Lipp. The Brasserie Lipp is close to the apartment where Francois Hollande was seen and photographed arriving on a motor scooter with his Security Officer/Bodyguard…a Le 20, rue du cirque à Paris (8e), le 12 janvier 2014. I wish to put it on record that I do not condemn or judge anyone who falls in love with a beautiful lady. In my opinion, anyone, even His Eminence The Pope…could do the same thing in a moment of weakness or poor judgment. The current Pope used to be a Bouncer in a Buenos Aires nightclub and den of iniquity…We are all human, after all.

As the French say: C’est l’amour…


Julie Gayet est tres chic…

People always ask me: “How do you know these things???”

My answer is: “I have good friends in high…and low places…”

For those boorish New Yorkers who do not understand the French way of life and French cuisine…things may not be so…how shall we say…pleasant? Do not complain, and whine and whinge…and grumble; if you come here and expect things to be like it is in the Big Apple. This is NOT the Russian Tea Rooms in NYC. For those do not understand and appreciate the French savoir-faire and joie de vivre and French cusine…there is always that American “gourmet” restaurant…McDonald’s, Ha! Ha!

I love the mille-feuille here. Oozing with sexy, sensuous creme pattisier…it is to rob a bank for. Arguably, the best in “la ville lumiere et la ville amour”…The Café au lait and Chocolat chaud (hot chocolat) is very good too…and that is the Plain Truth about the LIpp…

Bon appetit 🙂

Brasserie Lipp in ‘la ville lumiere’

Address: 151 Boulevard Saint-Germain,
75006 Paris, France
Phone:+33 1 45 48 53 91

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