Scrumptious SAVOUR 2014!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

All rights reserved

The inspiring and intrepid Travelling Gourmet goes to the Promontory at Marina Bay for the best views of the Bay to savour…

MEGA Gastronomic event…SAVOUR 2014 from 4 March 2014 to 9 March 2014. International Chefs include Michael Caines from the UK (2 Michelin Stars) who has only one arm, Henrik Yde from Denmark (1 Michelin Star) who captains the 1st Thai restaurant to get a Michelin Star, Mark Sargeant who is the UK’s Best Chef, James Knappett from the UK, Ezio Gritti from Italy (1 Michelin Star) and many more. Local Chefs include my good friend, Andre Chiang whose restaurant Par Andre was recently awarded No. 38 in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list, another good friend, Emmanuel Stroobant and many others.

Thursday 6 March, 2014

The sun was still burning in the sky although it was 17:48 by my Breitling watch. A refreshing cool breeze rustled through my polo shirt as I made my way to Savour. I ambled through Jason’s supermarket which you have pass through to get in and out. Not suprising as Jason’s is the main sponsor. Cheese, Sausages, Hungarian Salami, Wines, Organic Papayas, Kale Juice and more. Mind boggling! There was very generous sampling of the yummies! I loved the Evergood Sausages from the USA. Pineapple sausage freshly grilled by James Geller, the President of Geller International who makes them in Burlingame, California, plus Cheddar-Spiked Sausages made my tastebuds sing in delight! Italian Proscuitto too and the Mimolette Fromage from Normandie by famous Isigny St. Mere. A pretty girl plied me with Kiwi and Passion Fruit and Cranberry juices. I really liked the sour and zesty passionfruit juice which whet my appetite for more tasty temptations…

Into the…Gourmet Village with its centrepiece…the raised green Badiot Bubble Bar. I like Badiot water from France and treated myself to a glass. Zero Calories…70% of our body is water and 90% of our brain is…yes, you guessed it…Water!

I chanced upon Rocksalt of Folkestone in the UK. The restaurant has a sailor’s view of the English Channel. They have since opened Oxwell & Co. in August 2013 in…SINGAPORE! UK’s National Chef of the Year 2002, Mark Sargeant, the Chef/Owner was still in the plane flying to Singapore, but the Head Chef in his restaurant, unassuming and helpful Simon Oakley told me ,”At 14, I was at Work Experience in School. That was the first time I saw the world of Chefs and cooking…and I really enjoyed it. It was then I knew I wanted to be a Chef.” Chef Simon bade me try his Oxwell’s Cured Scottish Smoked Salmon drizzled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Artisan Sourdough Bread and lots of cute tangy Capers! It was good. I adored the moist and succulent  32-day Old Aged Roast Sirloin of Angus Beef…rolled inside a very traditional Yorkshire Pudding with spicy Horseradish and ‘spr0uting’ green watercress leaves! Nice presentation. The spicy Horseradish always ‘shooots’ up your nose like Coca Cola when you eat it! I acquired a taste for Roast Beef and Horseradish when I was at University in England. The Japanese know it by another name…Wasabi.

Michael meets Michael…

In an exclusive interview with 2 Michelin Star Chef Michael Caines from the UK, humble and unassuming Chef Michael told me, “I like cooking everything, with the local ingredients. In Winter, we have lovely game and seafood. I love every element of all that I do.” “How did you become interested in becoming a Chef?”, I asked.  Chef Michael said, ” I used to enjoy cooking at home. Later I went to College to do a career in cooking.” I asked about the car accident in which he lost his right arm. Chef Michael was very candid, “It was 20 years ago…it was 1994, just three months into my job at Gidleigh Park…I fell asleep at the wheel. Two weeks later, I was back at work.” Truly inspiring and amazing! Chef Michael cooks better than some Chefs with both arms and has overcome his disability. I tried his Pan Fried Red Mullet with Thai Puree, Fennel, Dill & Lime Salad and Tomato Fondue. The exotic Thai Puree was made with Garlic, Ginger, Saffron, Citrus, Lime Powder and Madras Curry Powder. It was delicious. So was his Braised Beef Cheek…so tender and moist and flavoursome with Shallot Confit plus a rich Red Wine Reduction Sauce. As Chef Michael brought his Dessert of Apple Mousse layered with Green Granny Smith Apple Jelly topped with Green Apple Sorbet and Vanilla Foam, he told me, ” The dining scene in Singapore is very sophisticated. I feel very excited about Singapore…you can’t help but be inspired by Singapore!”


Work in progress…to be continued…

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