The new WESTIN in Singapore…

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The indomitable and debonair Travelling GourmetTM delves into the Food and Beverage…


MORSELS of the 11 month old Westin Singapore hotel in Asia Square. yesterday on Wednesday 27 August 2014. I was there to taste five premium Champagnes by Maison Duval Leroy in the Cook and Brew restaurant on level 33. Nice food and fantastic view! More on that later…

Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier…AND CURRY Puff,,,

After the beautiful lunch with dishes matched with Duval-Leroy Champagne, I went to look at the Seasonal Tastes restaurant on level 32 and the Lobby Lounge. There I met the German Executive Chef in a black Chef’s uniform. Chef Sven Capon was having a late lunch. Then I decided to see the pastries on offer in their delicatessen called Daily Treats also on level 32. I decided to buy a baked (not fried like the Singapore version) Curry Puff to ‘tar pow’ for later, at S$3.50 plus 7% GST. To my suprise, I was charged also 10% Service Charge on my Curry Puff so the grand total came up to S$4.25! I do not agree to the charge of 10% Service Charge for take-away items! I have found out that it is the policy of the Westin Singapore! BAD! I then cut the Curry Puff into two…to find that only 25% is the filling which is slightly spicy. The other 75% is HOT Air like Obama the wimpo! C’est terrible! The pastry is light and not too oily and nice but the filling is too little and lacks texture and ‘bite’, with no little chunks of chicken and potato, just everything minced up. Also, the flavour profile will appeal to the tourist and expatriate but not to locals and native Singaporeans…because it is too mild and has no spicy kick. Please see the photo below…As my good friend always says: Seeing is believing!



NOW for something more positive on Champagne Duval-Leroy with food from Cook & Brew…



Champagne Duval-Leory Brut Non Vintage (NV) was the aperitif before the munchies.

Then a big Sushi Bowl was served with Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut Premier Cru NV. The bowl had a big hunk of caramel coloured Teriyaki glazed sweet sauce on Tuna as well as Avocado slices, Julienne of Daikon and Japanese Egg Roll plus thin red Radish medallions. The moist and very tender Tuna steak was 40mm thick! Below was a futon of steamed short grained plump Japanese Uruchimai rice.



I checked the Champagne with my CIA thermometer and the temperature was good…8.3 degrees Celsius. The refreshing fresh-cut lime flavours of the Champagne foiled the seafood well.


Secondo Piatti of Risotto with Vegetables with a sprinkling of Parmigiano Formaggio inside an aubergine and then baked! Tomato Coulis on the side and a green salad of red and green Frisee. This was paired with two Champagnes…Brut Rose NV and Blanc de Blanc 2006. I felt it went much better with the copper hued Rose champagne with fresh flavours of ripe strawberry and hints of toasted brioche.

 I really liked the Dessert! Three upright cylinders of Almond Nougat Ice Cream with nuggets of Nougat! The Almond sauce was rather cloying and over-sweet. The amount of sugar should be reduced. The sexy ice cream was very seductive on my tastebuds and were enrobed in smooth dark chocolate. Paired with this was the BEST Champagne of the day…La Femme de Champagne vintage 2000! Very complex on the nose and palate with nice almond notes…Ahhh…mmmmm 🙂





Some years ago, the President of the Champagne Maison, Carol Duval-Leory, kindly presented me with the 2004 vendange (vintage) with a very unique and special lever action closure made in collaboration with Alcan. Its aim- to always keep the Champagne fresh! I wrote a positive article on it in the magazine with a worldwide circulation, namely, Travel Retail and Duty Free Markets..but that is another story

Champagne Duval-Leroy

69, Avenue de Bammental

51130 Vertus


Westin Singapore

Cook and Brew Restaurant

Seasonal Tastes Restaurant

Daily Treats Delicatessen

12 Marina View

Asia Square Tower 2

level 32 and 33

Tel; 65 6922 6968


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