The Poisonous strains and stresses of a hectic life…

call for an amazing and…


The audacious and irrepressible Travelling Gourmet goes to Raffles City in sunny Singapore where…

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM

All rights reserved

All food photos are of real food with NO photoshop

MANY do not know of this wonderful spot for Afternoon Tea, creative cocktails and other epicurean delights like Tapas. The newly renovated Anti:dote Bistro and Bar on level 1 of the Fairmont near the Lobby is very chic and cool.


Have a ball! Fairmont’s Lobby…

The Afternoon Tea from 3pm to 6pm is outstanding! Helpful and friendly Assistant Manager, Amose Chong, brought me to my comfy sofa seat from where I could admire the futuristic rectangular amber chandelier. They have a very good Tea selection like Pink Flamingo which is a blend of Green Tea and fragrant crimson Hibiscus petals. Holiday in Paris has rare white Yin Zhen Tea blended with Vanilla. For that caffeine kick there is coffee too like Latte and Macchiato.

Egg & “Soldiers”

The Amuse Bouche that precedes the Afternoon Tea is a humdinger! A gigantic white porcelain egg opens up to reveal an egg shell filled to the brim with Scrambled Egg and topped with a disc of addictive Black Truffle and Spanish Per Se Brand Organic Sturgeon Caviar… The heady aroma of truffle almost made me swoon in delight…Beside it are three chunky ‘soldiers’ or batons of ueber-crispy hot buttered toast to dip in to the egg. It was love at first bite!  Super Yummie!



The Three Drawers…

J’adore the alluring Anti:dote Tea served in a huge and impressive white leather Jewellery box with three drawers! They also have the Oriental Tea with Tim Sum like Shrimp Har Kow. If you are partial to Champagne, then the Regal Tea with one glass of Champagne is ideal for you.


Energetic Head Chef Carlos Montobbio, 27, from Barcelona in Spain explained the contents to me. In the first drawer, there was Lobster Roll , Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Caviar, Proscuitto with Aged Cheddar and Onion Jam Canape, Herb Mayonnaise Cucumber and Dill Salad and spicy Coronation Curried Chicken Tart! The cucumber is actually a concentrated Cucumber Gelee for a more intense flavour.



The second drawer opened to reveal Candied Ginger and Raisin Scones plus a chunky lemon and Basil Pound Cake. I was pleased to find nice brunoise of spicy-sweet candied ginger inside the Scone. The Raisin Scone has lots of raisins! I detest Raisin Scones where there are only one or two raisins inside where the Chef has been very “kiam siap” (stingy).



In drawer number three  were cute little pots of Creme Fraiche, home-made Strawberry Jam and Lemon Curd plus a nicely wrapped Biscuit for you to bring home for later! How good is that!

Displayed on the glass topped Jewellery Box was a tantalising and irresistable array of sweet treats called Petit Desserts. Pretty Yuzu Macaron, Cute Strawberry Gateau like a sweet Sushi roll, Green Apple Delight with a dome of Granny Smith Apple, Almond Crumble, Earl Grey Tea Eclair, sexy Anti:dote Baba au Rhum and…



the “Piece de Resistance” Karukera Chocolate Mirror Tarte! It is made with Cocoa from the Karukera Islands of Guadeloupe sprinkled with “crumbs”. Karukera means “the islands with beautiful waters”. The glossy shimmering caramel coloured chocolate disc is absolutely delicious! I also love the Baba au Rhum which has a little pippette so you can squeeze MORE Captain Morgan’s Dark Rum into your Baba before you savour it! What a good idea!

I had to take a break to let all that beautiful food digest before carrying on with…

Cocktails and TAPAS Time

The dapper Head Craftsman/Mixologist Tom Hogan creates the most unique cocktails and even makes his own bitter tonics from a variety of ingredients like Wormwood Root used to make Absinthe, Licorice Root, Orange Peel and more. Cheerful Tom was born in New York but later moved to Chicago. Brown Derby is a bit sweet as it has honey, grapefruit and Bourbon. The name reminded me of the Cobb Salad in Florida at the restaurants of the same name.  Promintory point is “powderful”!! 🙂 Sherry, Angostura Bitters, Sweet Vermouth, Yelow Chartreuse, Orange Bitters and Cognac in a Martini glass! Beware…it has a Potency of 5 out of 5.


A rather herbal concoction is Treat of Kings! Tarragon, Mint and Pineapple combine harmoniously with Soda Water and sour Pisco. I also recommend the Gin & Tonics here.. they are excellent and most refreshing!

I really like the so-called “Fake Pizza”…What in heaven’s name is that, you ask? Simply put the “Parmesan Pizza” is simply…a base of shredded Parmigiano cheese lightly fried for one minute till super -duper CRISPY. Topped with red “earth” of Tomato Pesto, white ‘cheese’ crumbs of Basil Cress and Olive oil “Caviar”! My friend, Susie Lim calls it the “Fake Pizza”. It is a typical Molecular Gastronomy Deconstruction/Reconstruction dish! It will BLOW your mind! Yum! Yum! Chef Carlos kindly explained all the various components to me: “The red powder are dried tomato flakes. The pesto is normal pesto, is the small green dots around the pizza. The basil cress are the small basil leaves in the pizza. The white powder that looks like cheese is fried garlic and parsley oil powder.”

A delightful Thai inspired goodie is the Tofu made with peanuts and thickened with the Japanese Kuzu Root. This ancient thickener or jelling agent lets the flavours coat all your taste buds in an instant as it melts when it is warmed up in your mouth! Used in Japan for over 400 years, it is also medicinal in nature and can heal minor aches and pains as well as indigestion! On top of the “Tofu” is brunoise of raw Hokkaido Scallop. The combo of fresh marine flavours and peanutty earth nuances goes well together. The “Tofu” swims in a broth of chilled chilli hot Tom Yam!

Caramelized Foie Gras! Vinegar glazed Leeks is a good accompaniment foiled with crisp Puff Pastry. The rich earth taste of Foie Gras is always so delicious with its mushroomy nuances!

After Anti:dote’s fabulous food and lovely drinks, I was refreshed and rejunvenated and ready for another great day! When the poisonous stresses of life in Singapore impact you…simply adjourn here for your antidote! 🙂





level 1 Fairmont Singapore

80, Bras Basah Road

Singapore 189560

Tel: +65 6431 5315

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