Prepare all doors and cross check..

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet Gourmet TM
All rights reserved

The indefatigable and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM boards an Emirates Airbus A380 jet fly to…

MYSTERIOUS Dubai the City of Gold…I was on EK355 and the Purser announced: Prepare  all doors and cross check! It was Sat 11 April 2015. The plane was FULL with some 480 passengers and crew and the engines were humming as the pilot revved them up. It was a full flight so I did not get my usual aisle seat which lets me exit and enter easily. Never mind…one has to adapt in this crazy world. Life is like a poker play to win with the cards you get.
We were on Heading of 205 degrees… and it would be 3655 miles to Rome the Eternal City.
I switched my trusty Titanium Aerospace Breitling watch to Italian Time. This is one of those techniques I use to ensure that I do not get jet lag and can hit the ground running at my destination.
1557 Italy Time: ‘We have Cabin Crew ftom 19 countries speaking 18 Languages on this flight…’ Impressive!
I put on their ICE Entertainment system and started watching “Fino aqui tutti bene”…A hilarious Italian comedy which made me laugh a lot! I like to watch Italian, French and German movies to improve my language skills.The title ‘means so far so good…” ha! ha!
1700 and my Special Seafood Meal was served piping hot after being in their Galley Combi Oven set for 150C.
Smoked Tuna Salad with Vinaigrette and Crabstick and Mayonnaise.
Firm yet tender Cod lounging on Tomato Sauce, cute boiled Parsley Potatoes, Green and Red Capsicum with Eggplant and Onion in the Ratatouille Style. A roll with Laughing Cow Cheese.
For Dessert…Fresh Fruit Salad

To be continued…

The cabin crew are very friendly and good looking too unlike the old, fat, wrinkly and ugly Quantas and Air France crew. I like their service and I like to chat with them in the Galley.

To be continued…

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