The Travelling Gourmet goes to see the Sunset at…

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The inspiring, suave and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM goes to the west of…

MULTI-FACETED Singapore to Sunset Lane to embark on a very enjoyable Gourmet Safari involving 9 restaurants and cafes!! OMG! It is a terrible job being The Travelling Gourmet TM but someone has to do it!

Be my Sushi!

That evil dictator of China Mao Tse Tung who had bad teeth and gums, never brushed his teeth and never bathed said: the longest journey begins with a single step…Therefore I started my unbridled feasting at Megumi Japanese Restaurant. Megumi started in 2002 and there is a Megumi restaurant in the East in Siglap that I frequent. The friendly Powerfrau boss Hazel Poa welcomed me warmly, and I settled down to relish superb Japanese cuisine beginning with a Deluxe Sashimi Platter. The chilled fishes are airflown in twice a week from Japan! I really liked the succulent Butterfish and the Kodai. The Cod marinated for 24 hours in Miso is really nice too, as are the Teriyaki Chicken bites. Don’t miss the ever-popular UFO Sushi which stands for Unindentified Fish Object Ha! Ha! Actually, the fish inside is salmon. Itada kimas!

Megumi Japanese Restaurant

Sunset Lane,

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Let the FLAMES begin!

I saw the Chef pouring the Chinese Rose Wine at 53% alcohol by volume into the spout of the custom made Mongolian hotpot. “Take cover!” was the only thought in my mind when everything burst into huge FLAMES. I add that a whole chicken was impaled on the spout! It is something Vlad the Impaler aka Count Dracula would appreciate…Wahaha! OMG! Pyromaniacs delight! This is De’ Beer Seafood Restaurant’s Flaming Chicken, one of their specialities. Deboned, the chicken meat was displayed in the simmering savoury soup of the hot pot with some vegetables. Very yummie but I would have liked more of the wine in the soup…Despite the name which reminded me of famous De Beers diamonds and jewellery founded in 1888, I did not see a single diamond in the restaurant…Ha! Ha! The other specialite de maison that I liked is SAUNA Prawns! It was served steaming hot, hence the name in a wooden bucket with big prawns steamed to perfection with Chinese herbs. Messy to eat but very delicious! I tried too the La La Bee Hoon but was not very impressed with it. La La are Clams.

De’ Beer Seafood Restaurant

Sunset Lane,

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Buttercake n Cream Delights!

I was pleasantly suprised to taste a very good Moelleux aux Chocolat in this small bistro with really sexy, luscious molten chocolate flowing ot oozing flavour and aroma…with Vanilla ice cream…Heaven on my palate! The Wagy Beef with Salad and chunky Fries and Rainbow mocktail were also very nice! Incidentally, bistro is the French term for a cute Kopitiam…

Buttercake n Cream Cafe

Sunset Lane

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Tel: 6777 3477

Smoke gets in your eyes!

Yee Haw! For a taste of Southern American style baby back ribs and beef smoked with hickory and mesquite wood chips, look no further than rustic Smokey’s BBQ Smokehouse and Grill! The jovial co-owners are good ol’ boys as they say in the USA. Robert Joseph Szepvolgyi is from New Jersey and told me, “I’m a Republican and I come in when no one is around to make my secret recipe BBQ Sauce!” I was pleased to hear that as I also support the Repupblicans, and not the wimpy wishy washy Democrats! Jeremy Fox the other co-owner  is from LA. The place reminded me of one of my favourite Kenny Roger’s songs, “The Gambler”…

The Baby Back Pork Ribs are so yummie with fall over the bone juicy succulent meat! So too are the succulent Angus Beef boneless Beef Short Ribs smoked for over 20 hours. Lip smacking good! The meat dissolves on your taste buds instantly…to release their yummie flavours. The piquant secret recipe BBQ Sauce is all home made. Mesquite wood used for smoking is the common name for several species of small trees in the genus Prosopis. Native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, its smoke give a distinctive appetising flavour to meat. The meat is both cold smoked and hot smoked. Cold smoking is done below 30C and helps to keep the food moist without drying out. Sample too the crispy Nacho Chips made in house. They are NOT from a packet and come topped with pickled spicy Jalapeno pepper rings and a spicy and tangy shredded Beef Chilli sauce. They have a good selection of unique Amercian craft beers. I like the Czech Pilsner, light and refreshing with no bitterness. Cheers!

Smokey’s BBQ

Sunset lane,

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Tel: 6779 1411

Tel: 6872 6857

Rocky’s Pizza

The character played by Sylvester Stallone called Rocky Balboa came to mind as I tucked into the thin crust pizza topped with lots of goodies! This American owned Pizzeria is well known for its appetising pizzas. It is not halal so there is pepperoni and salami made with pork. The Boston Special with Pepperoni, Beef and Mushroom is the hot favourite.

Rocky’s Pizza

Sunset lane

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Tel: 6468 9188

Sticks and Wings offers Satay skewers with spicy chunky peanut sauce with all the trimmings like Ketupat (rice cake) and Cucumber and Shallots. On the menu too is comfort food of deep fried Chicken Wings…crispy on the outside but juicy and moist inside! Sambal Stingray Fish and Sotong are other local favourite.

Sticks & Wings

Sunset Lane

Blk 106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Tel: 8876 8466

The little Tiny  Roaster

Great for just unwinding and relaxing in a charming and cosy little coffee joint imbibing freshly brewed drip coffee similar in a way to the Vietnamese version. Tiffany, the petiite and pretty Owner and Barrista made a fresh cup of strong dark and sexy coffee for me…Mmmmm…I adore Yirgacheffe Koke Coffee from Ethiopia! I also tried Cold Brew Coffee form Kenya in East Africa. With Cold Brew you will find the flavour changes as it warms  up, just like wine. The flavour becomes a trifle sweeter and more robusr…In the back is the Roaster where the beans are roasted in the good ol’ artisanal way! They also have cakes…and Affogato with Ice Cream. Affogato always reminds me of Italy and a friend called Hong Thai who had coffee and ices cream spilled all over him in Pepperoni sometime ago. Ha! Ha! Enjoy!

The Tiny Roaster

106, Clementi Street 12,


Singapore 120106

Tel: +65 9384 1611

At the end of my Gourmet Safari I was really FULL…Go West Food Lovers…and check out this newly rebranded “Sunset Lane Food Village”!

Carne & Cipirinha at #01-50 and Thai Steamboat at Happy Mookata at #01-46 are two other makan places to taste. I found the Happy Mookata Thai steamboat to be very close to Korean Bulgogi…

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