World SMILE Day Friday 07.10.2016.

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The suave and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM reveals one of Thailand’s top secrets…

MANY do not know that in the Land of SMILES…

Everyday has its colour…every dog has its day…nicht wahr…

Today is World SMILE DAY!

Thailand is decorated with yellow on HM The King’s birthday.

Day and color to wear in the Land of Smiles…believed to have Hindu origins.

Color of the day / Celestial Body/ God of the day

Monday yellow red Moon Chandra

Tuesday pink yellow and white Mars Mangala

Wednesday (day) green pink Mercury Buddha

Wednesday (night)[citation needed] grey orange-red None Rahu

Thursday orange purple Jupiter Brihaspati

Friday light blue black and dark blue Venus Shukra

Saturday purple green Saturn Shani

Sunday red blue Surya

As Spock in Star Trek says: Fascinating… 🙂


Happy SMILES to ALL Good Friends & Comrades and Food & Wine Lovers.!!!! To the baddies, blackguards and scoundrels und boesen Leute…we will SMILE when you are down and out. Hell, we won’t just smile, we’ll have a jolly laugh! The Germans call it ,,Schadenfreude”…Wahahahah!

We’re all smiles!
Spread the joy and make someone happy today. Happy World Smile Day!
To those who take the time to read my humble articles, I thank you sincerely and truly! This is for you!

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