Palm Oil, Food and Beverage and the EU

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The implacable and indomitable Travelling Gourmet TM meets the President and other VVIPs of the European Community in charge of F00d & Beverage products in the…

MARVELLOUS Fairmont  hotel that has now been sold by the Qatar sovereign wealth fund to ACCOR…

NO palm oil PLEASE!!!!

PALM OIL…Environmental Public Enemy Number 1 in Asia and elsewhere. As Diego Canga Fano, the EU Director of Multi-Lateral Relations and Quality Policy, told me in an exclusive interview, “We would love to promote our EU products like Sunflower oil, Olive Oil and Canola Oil instead of Palm Oil…and we are always aware of environmental issues.” I had suggested to him that the EU would be better off moving away from Cancer causing Palm Oil (this is a fact that is well documented) and promoting the healthy products like Olive Oil and other healthy environment friendly oils, produced by EU member countries. I personally think this is the way forward because palm oil destroys our precious environment and is BAD for our health. Diego continued, “Asia has 600 million people with a growing affluent middle class who are keen to try high quality products from the EU which has full “traceability”!”

Dr. Michael Pulch, who is German, was good for me because I got to practice my Hochdeutsch (German) with him! Dr. Pulch kindly gave me an exclusive interview and we spoke in German. Trim and fit Dr. Michael Pulch who is the EU Ambassador to Singapore explained, “Asia is a big market for products from the EU which have sustainability and traceability. In Europe…Germany, people pore over and read all the small letters of the ingredients before they decide to buy the product…there is an awareness of the importance of sustainability and quality too. We want to expose the Asian consumer to the joys, for example of unique German wine!” I will drink to that! Zum Wohl! (German toast which means to your Health)

Traceability, Sustainability and Quality…these are the watchwords for food and beverage in the 21st Century. From FAKE eggs made in the People’s Republic of China to FAKE Chateau Lafite 1982 wine made in the People’s Republic of China to Cancer-causing palm oil produced by indiscriminate BURNING and ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISM in Indonesia, Malaysia and elsewhere, our fragile World and Environment has had ENOUGH of all this disgusting, despicable disrespect for our planet, and the people living in it who have to eat and drink daily to stay alive!

A very good German friend, Nikolai, pointed out the every few people read the small print on labels of food and beverages. Alas, he is right. Life goes on…

To be continued…

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1 Response to Palm Oil, Food and Beverage and the EU

  1. Khun Oliver says:

    Dear Dr. Michael Lim

    I do have disappoint you a bit, only a small account of people really read the ingredients on products and even less understand them, for example a producer of potato chips claims now his stuff is free of Mono Sodium Glutamat, he is allowed to because if the MSG is part of a third party spice or ingredient it does not need to be said or told and you can advertise free of. Here the Heftextrakt contains the MSG. There are man examples more. The list of E substances and colours etc is long. The Germans rather follow the business orientated advertising of natural or organic and go to the according shops and pay the three times higher stuff in the believe it is better but often from the same producer of the same soil or neighbour plots which are fertilised with chemicals, even cleaner areas suffer from air pollution coming by rain and wind and the water is contaminated with antibiotics, oestrogens, even the toilet water is cleaned up to drinking standard and reintroduced. The lower and middle classes even can’t effort to buy the stuff because too expensive. The real culprit is the HFCS High Fructose Corn Syrup now on many products leads to Diabetes and Arteriosklerose and Soy ( Oestrogen ) on everything, leads to pre menstruation on minor girls and breast on boys. The Nitrats on processed foods especially becoming Nitrits and destroy your blood. Processed vegetable oils are, hydrogenated fatty acids becoming Trans fatty acids leading to cardiac vascular problems. All together is bad but many do not know or have to because of the prices. Avoiding the above eat meat and vegetables and sparingly carbohydrates at least avoid high processed corn and flours and leave the processed foods and diary where they belong to, trash can will enhance your life. Life the 80/20 rule.
    Processed palm oil is a killer, red palm heart oil, cold pressed on the other hand is good. The Asian society even more adhere to the gods in white and still believe the lie of cholesterol and stupid advice of medics with no understanding nutrition and its outcome, I study nutrition science since my 15 birthday. 70% of the human brain is of cholesterol without you lead straight to Alzheimer as Betablocker and Stearin disturbing the liver to produce cholesterol you get Alzheimer and destroy the fatty acids your heart needs, users of Stearins die earlier than people with a higher cholesterol level. Higher cholesterol level point to a problem in the body and the changes by food are minimal, by good food you change your system and the level regulate to a better due to a better liver and shall you eat more the liver the liver simply produces less but Stearins destroy the complete process. The composition of the HDL/LDL fluffy or hard and dense and the ratio to Triglycerids is what counts and that be manipulated by food. And HDL and LDL are only transporters and are proteins bringing the cholesterol to the liver and of the liver and consuming sugar, flour etc immediately lead the liver to produce Triglycerids being stored as internal fats on organs,aka visceral fats because the glycogen stores are seldom empty if you not work hard. Sugar leads to insulin sensitivity, i.e. the receptors on muscles die.

    Kindest Regards



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