Winsome WAN HAO

 Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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Food styling by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The intrepid and audacious Travelling Gourmet TM goes to the crossroads of Orchard Road to the marvellous…

MARRIOTT…where the discerning connoisseur of Chinese ‘haute cuisine’ can discover and savour really ‘superbe’ Cantonese specialities that will blow your mind! After an expensive makeover which saw the intimate and cosy booth seats at the four corners of the restaurant enlarged and refurbished to look like giant ‘jewel boxes”, the new Wan Hao exudes style and timeless elegance reminiscent of  ‘art deco’ chic. Ninja black colours contrast with gold nuances…a far cry from the old style auspicious red décor of old school Chinese restaurants. It is a mix of ZEN and Austin Powers’ International Man of Mystery swinging sixties interior design!

Chef Bryan Wong20161104_204423_resized

Chef Bryan Wong is creative and open to new concepts in food and cuisine, partly due to his former post at UNILEVER creating new recipes. Youthful and friendly, with the looks of a Hong Kong movie star, Bryan explained, “We present the Cantonese dishes in a new way and enhance the natural flavours without using artificial ingredients! ,,My personal motto is “Das Leben es ist unbestimmt, isst erst den Nachtisch!” and so I shall tell you first about Chef’s Dessert which has no added sugar and uses all natural flavours of the Coconut to combine with an ‘avant garde’ Pulut Hitam Nyonya Dessert. Sexy Coconut Ice Cream! A true Wan Hao Winner which I loved! Yes, nowadays, diners do not want too overly sweet desserts because they are very health conscious. This classic Asian/Nyonya Dessert presented in an avant garde way is most pleasing and attractive to the eyes and Heavenly on the palate! YUMMIE!

Wan Hao Pulut Hitam20161104_204804_resized


Another Wan Hao delight is the Fried Durian Fritter. Yummie beyond belief! yes, I am a Durian fiend! I was the FIRST gourmet in the world to match Durian with wines in the Marriott in 2004!!

Delicious Dim Sum!

These little morsels not only give you automatic “portion control”, they also touch the heart…which is what Dim Sum means in the Cantonese language. I adore the one with the cute little Abalone on top! There are lots to try!

Piece de resistance!

Of course the all time signatures are the Peking Duck carved at tableside and the crispy Roast Chicken with big crunchy Julienne of deep fried Fish Sticks. The LEAN ueber-crispy wafer-thin Peking Duck skin is wrapped in pancakes with savoury-sweet Hoi Sin Sauce, Cucumber Batons and aromatic Spring Onions for a taste sensation to blow your mind! OMG Yummie! It is to parachute behind enemy lines in Syria to terminate ISIS terrorists for! I never say “to die for” BECAUSE when you are dead you cannot eat or taste anything n’est pas! I paired it with a nice Chianti Classico Riserva made with the Sangiovese grape varietal. The little crispy-crunchy “Bird’s Nest” which is fully edible is filled with goodies like Wagyu Beef Cubes, stir-fried Green and auspicious Red Capsicum. Most delectable!


Wan Hao Nest20161104_201211_resized



I recommend too the luscious Lobster that is not overcooked. Seafood must never be overcooked!

Lobster Wan Hao20161104_201728_resized



J’adore Wan Hao! The staff like Manager Jenny and her colleague May are so helpful and very nice! Guten Appetit! ENJOY!

Confucius he say: A Peking Duck in the hand is worth 10 wild ducks in the forest! I know because I have hunted wild ducks before, as well as wild boar…but that is another story. 🙂

Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza

Wan Hao Fine Dining Cantonese Restaurant

Level 3

320 Orchard Road 

Singapore  238865 

Tel: +65-6735 5800




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