The WINDMILL Mayfair…


Story and photos by Dr, Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The resourceful and intrepid Travelling Gourmet TM goes to discover PIES of Perfection in…


These Award Winning Gourmet treats are the BEST pies in the UK!! The Steak and Kidney Pie with hot, hot gorgeous gravy in a cute stainless steel pot…is to ‘tweep’ a high value terrorist leader for…meaty Steak and Kidney Pies are for Macho men not wimps. I love them! NO soggy bottom on their pies! The Fish Pie with Seafood is also remarkably yummie! Crayfish, Hake, bite sized chunky Salmon…lovely smooth mash potato…Accompanied by a pint or two of BAR DOOM English Ale! More power to your elbow lads! Wahahah! Sweet treat of Apple Pie with Fig slices on top and Creme fraiche Vanille ice cream!! The other place a true gourmet goes to is POPPIES in Spitalfields for the BEST Fish and Chips in London if not the whole of the UK! They only use FRESH fish SEMPRE…what else…to paraphrase looney clooney…NOT every yummie restaurant has Michelin stars! Some of the BEST have NO Michelin stars! The gentleman in charge is helpful and affable Dawson who will recommend the best pies and ale that suits your taste.







6/8 Mill Street, London, W1S 2AZ
Tel: 0207 491 8050


  • Monday – Saturday: 11:45am – 11pm
  • Sunday: Opening from the 24th April


  • Monday – Saturday: 12 – 10pm
  • Sunday: Opening from the 24th April



Gin & Tonic…a Salute to SOE’s daredevil heroine

Nearby is my favourite Bar in London…at the splendid Stafford. This historic 5 Star hotel was founded in 1912. It also has one of the BEST wine cellars in London! Good yumie haute cuisine offerings in the Lyttelton Restaurant will please the most discerning palate. Tucked away discreetly here in St. Jame’s Place, the celebrated American Bar is where I go…when I am in London…to drink a toast of Beefeater London Gin & Tonic…in honour of the legendary, the lovely, the indomitable heroine of the Special Operations Executive aka SOE…Nancy Wake. She who attacked Gestapo Headquarters with Mills Bombs and 9 mm Sten selective fire sub-machine Guns and lived to tell the tale…I love strong women. Weak, anaemic, anorexic women bore me no end…Nancy Wake, born in Wellington, New Zealand lived part of her twilight years in the Stafford Hotel until she passed away peacefully at the age of 98. Nancy Wake’s favorite tipple…Gin & Tonic! Cheers! 🙂

Mills Bomb anti-personnel fragmentation grenade

Made in Birmingham…



CHEAP AND NASTY…THE FAVOURITE weapon of the daredevil British Commandos. Lethal at close range…in the right hands…The 9mm Sten sub machine gun was designed to use German 9mm ammunition if need be.. Very good for close work…easily disassembled and concealed.


SOE’s most daring Heroine…the White Mouse

Scourge of the loathsome Gestapo…



The Stafford London

16-18 St James’s Place

England, United Kingdom

Tel +44 207 493 0111

The Stafford hotel opened in 1912, located at number 16-18 St. James’s Place. Originally built as private residences in the 17th Century; number 17 was most famously owned by Lord and Lady Lyttelton, daughter of the then Earl Spencer. She was pressed into service as nanny to Queen Victoria’s children…

  • The hotel is located in the heart of historical St James’s, very close to London landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and Green Park.
  • An all-luxury property comprising 104 rooms and suites, including the all-suite Stafford Mews building, the Carriage House which are converted former stables, and the elegant main house.


Dining options including The Lyttelton restaurant, once the drawing room of Lord and Lady Lyttelton, the private dining rooms, the Wine Cellars…and the award-winning American Bar. The Travelling Gourmet TM has NO hesitation in recommending the Stafford for good Food and for inimitable cocktails…where else but the American Bar!





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