DTA or Don’t Trust Anyone…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The audacious and resourceful Travelling Gourmet TM explains the ways to keep you and your loved ones safe when you travel…in

MANY sometimes dangerous parts of the world…

Never give your first name to the hotel.

For women travelling alone one good option is to put Mrs. to give the impression there is a husband with you.

If alone you can also put Mr. even if you are a woman.

Put the lights, TV and/or radio on, in your hotel room or suite even when you are out sightseeing. This gives a potential robber/evil guy the idea there is someone inside the room…so they will pick a softer target…capische…

Be extremely careful in Internet Cafes and free WiFi…prime targets for hackers to steal your data…

Wear cheap watches, no diamond studded watches. No bling and big diamond rings…It is just common sense actually.

Remember criminals will rob you even of you are a paragon of virtue like the Dalai Lama. It is not personal. It is how they make a living. A sad commentary on the human race but true.

Carry a hot cup of coffee like from McD…I love McD! In an emergency a hot cup of coffee in the face of your attacker will temporarily burn and blind him so you can escape or do other things to take good care of him…like see some extreme harm comes to him…

Stay on Floors 4 to 6 in a hotel.

Low enough to make a quick escape BUT

High enough to prevent thieves and burglars climbing in.

Always watch your SIX. Criminals attack you from the back.

General Alfredo Lim is the former Mayor of Metro Manila in the Philippines, and former Director of the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation}. General Lim is famous or infamous depending on your point of view, as Alfredo is also known as the “Dirty Harry” of the Philippines. Alfredo always sits in the corner of, for example, a restaurant or café in the corner with walls behind him (brick and concrete walls not plasterboard) near the exit. This gives him a clear view of any approaching dangerous lowlife criminals, and a quick escape route. Of course, then no one can creep up behind him and shoot him in the head or stab him with a bowie knife. Alfredo never carried handcuffs when he was a law enforcement officer…think about it…Incidentally, we share the same family name…In my book, General Lim is a hero of the Philippines.

Learn Krav Maga.

Martial Arts are just that…an Art like Picasso and Monet. They may not work in real life life or death situations.

Sports like Judo, are SPORTS like tennis with RULES! In life and death situations, there are NO rules. It may be kill or be killed.

Travel safe, be cool.



About thetravellinggourmet

As a renowned Travel, Food & Wine Writer he has travelled the world in a keen & indomitable pursuit of exotic delicacies & fine wines. His articles have been published in over 20 prestigious publications, both local & international. Dr. Lim has toured and trained in Wine Evaluation & Oenology in most of the world's top wine producing areas from France to Australia. The Travelling Gourmet says, "Gastronomy has no frontier. These are the gastronomic voyages of The Travelling Gourmet. My unending mission. To explore strange new cuisines, to seek out new wines and new culinary experiences, to boldly go where no gourmet has gone before...." Have pen, will travel. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any other information storage & retrieval system, without permission from Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet and/or MSN. Material may be works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents may be true but may also be products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance whatsoever to actual person or persons, either dead or living, events, or locales may be entirely and purely coincidental and unintentional. No part of this website may be used to villify others or for criminal purposes. Interests: Travel, Food, Wines, Cooking, Wine Appreciation, Parachuting, Languages, Music, Reading, Swimming, Hunting, Ballet, Fencing, Archery, Anthropology and more... The Travelling Gourmet is a copyrighted trademark. All rights and photos reserved. No part may be reproduced without permission.
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