NEVER EVER EAT ‘burnt ends’ of…

MOST UNPALATABLE BBQed meat which is full of CANCER causing pyrolic hydrocarbons and other poisonous substances!

The implacable and indomitable Travelling GOurmet TM went undercover and incognito and tried his very best to make a reservation at…

MOST arrogant and unfriendly restaurant called Burnt Ends…OMG what a bloody stoooopid name!

To find that it is POINTLESS to try to dine at arrogant, prima donna, moronic restaurants that are so deluded into thinking they are God’s gift to the culinary scene. Bloeder!

Story by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

To be brutally frank…

the website for making reservations is TOTALLY user unfriendly and no one even answers the phone!!! I left 8 messages on the voice mail and NOBODY called back! Appalling and deplorable ! They want credit card details so they will charge you S $100 for no show or cancellation without a minimum of 6 hours notice before the time of the meal. As I was doing a friend (who is on a big company expense account), a favour by booking for him…it became Catch 22 as I do not have my friend’s credit card details. On the user unfriendly and over complicated website they state you must make reservations 3 months in advance…What the hell! Such arrogance is abominable!
Is this a USP, and/or the capacity is so small and probably some degree of deluded arrogance perhaps..or all of the above??? Actually burnt ends of barbecued meat are full of cancer causing pyrolic hydrocarbons and other poisonpous chemicals. It is well researched and documented.
On the website on 2 Aug 2017 there was an availability for 6 persons on 4 Oct 2017 at the bar seats, which they make you tick a box to say that you know they face away from the kitchen, and after trying so very hard to book for my friend who is a very wealthy VIP entrepreneur, I suddenly get a message on 3 Aug saying there is now no availability and apologies for the late reply. PATHETIC AND INSUFFERABLE! DEPLORABLE! Such arrogance and a terrible attitude which makes you think that they are so deluded they think they are the only restaurant in Singapore. A horrible prima donna attitude like Marilyn Monroe who thought her beauty and sex appeal would always make her in demand in Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe was dead wrong. We all know what happened to her in the end…She died.

As an INternational Travel, Food and Wine Writer/Editor/International Wine Judge, I KNOW that there are so many BETTER restaurants in Singapore like Joel Robouchon helmed by Chef Mikael, Le Atelier de Joel Robouchon helmed by Lorenz Hoja, Prego helmed by Chef Antonio, one of the nicest and kindest gentlemen you’ll ever meet, Andre by super skillful Chef Andre Chiang, Odette by outstanding Chef Julien Royer, Bistro Moderne Daniel Boulud, and more better, much nicer, more skillful Chefs heading much, much better and more splendid and better run restaurants. Believe me, the burnt ends of barbequed meat contain lots and lots of pyrolic hydrocarbons which will give you CANCER! It is your $$$$. Spend it wisely on better restaurants. Forget burnt ends. I detest eating the burnt ends of BBQed meat! C’est terrible et horrible!

20 Teck Lim Road | Singapore 088391, Singapore 088391
+65 6224 3933


The Travelling Gourmet TM’s FRANK and HONEST opinion is…spend your hard earned $$$$ elsewhere! TOTALLY NOT WORTH THE HASSLE



It takes YEARS to gain a customer and a friend BUT ONLY Seconds to lose one forever…capische…

In Italia, The Travelling Gourmet TM is also known as…Il Padrino della Gastronimia…

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