Sandstorms in the minds of retards…

If you are a libtard do not read further.
Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GOurmet TM
Copyright all rights reserved
The forthright and straight shooting Travelling GOurmet TM reviews award winning Israeli movie “Sand Storm” about the…
MANY TNT (not Tri-Nitro-Toluene, but Trials & Tribulations) of a very dysfunctional Bedouin family…full of Angst and Anger…
This movie dramatizes the romantic dilemma and many obstacles that stand in the way of such a “taboo” relationship taken for granted in more advanced civilised socities…
“He is from another tribe!” Is he an Alien from Uranus??? NO! Bananas!
A dysfunctional Bedouin family that is so imprisoned by archaic and asinine and moronic tribal cultures and beliefs and customs is showcased here. Brilliant acting….Chained by beliefs from the Middle Ages, the love that a stooopid father has for his eldest daughter comes second place…to his retarded and outdated sense of culture and tradition, and his fear of the village tribal chief Ibrahim plus the archaic and obsolete norms of his backward society.
This shows why societies bound by the outdated chains of repressive, retarded and asinine traditions like in Pakistan can never ever progress…Nevertheless, the women show a cunning and crafty streak in covert manipulation of the men who think they have the upper hand but…in reality…very few men realise that behind every successful man is a Powerfrau and successful woman. Women have be like this in a repressive society to SAS (survive and succeed). It is a matter of survival. Literally. The really, really expert female covert manipulators can do it so very well that the men do not even realise it! See the final scene and you will know what I mean…
Moronic libtard democRAT morons and looney clooney should see this movie. Pseudo feminists and hollywood cretins go see this movie and then go to Iran and Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to drive cars…and never come back Wahahaha! 🙂
BOYCOTT surburbicon! Hypocrite looney clooney’s latest crackpot moronic movie. Let it BOMB at the box office!

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