Hermes bags, the choice of corrupt dictators, their money-mad wives and mistresses actually…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
Copyright all rights reserved
The inscrutable and imperturble Travelling Gourmet TM finds out about the bags that have killed hundreds of innocent crocodiles…
the choice of rosmah aka ‘hippo’, the wife and partner in crime of najib, disgraced EX-prime minister of Malaysia…
A shocking tale of clever marketing, overpricing, greed, and the stoopidity of rich women who think they can become beautiful by buying super expensive bags! Tsk, tsk, tja, tja, you are bloody stooopid! You will just be an ugly woman with a super expensive bag! Wahahahahah!
As a rule I only write on Travel, Food and Wine but this torrid tale is so rivetting that I feel compelled to write something…I wonder what expensive foods they eat…
Moral of najib’s downfall…dictators, take note do not let your wives buy hermes birkin bags that cost US$231,000 each….one maybe ok, BUT hundreds???? 😂😃😅 Bananas!
hermes birkin bags are the choice of dictators’ wives and mistresses…ONLY 6 crocodiles were brutally killed and their skins used to make only ONE bag! Be environment UNFRIENDLY, buy birkin and support your local deplorable dictator! Wahahahah! Even birkin does not want to be associated with the bag that bears her name….I wonder why 😀😂😃😅
 SIX crocodiles died to make this ugly birkin bag
To be frank, if you are an ugly woman, no amount of super expensive luxury bags will make you beautiful capisch. You will still be an ugly woman with an expensive bag, nouveau riche stooopid moron! Wahahahahah!
Tue 22 May 2018
“They’ll do anything for that GOLD…” from Mckenna’s Gold theme song…
najib, disgraced , deplorable ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia has a date with fate today…he is to report to the office of the MACC -Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission….  “For it they lived, for it they lived…”
What happened to disgraced and despicable ex-President of Romania in 1989…
Christmas Day 2 December, 1989
Warning: graphic and may upset the faint hearted…

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