EXCLUSIVE Interview with Beretta!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
The intrepid and indomitable Travelling Gourmet TM is honoured to be given an exclusive interview by Signor Jarno Antonelli in charge of Beretta’s…
Marketing-Defence Technologies department…
BERETTA of Italy is the world’s OLDEST and most renowned Gunmaker.
The Travelling Gourmet :
How did you come to be with Beretta, the oldest and most famous Firearms maker in the world? Was it your career of choice?
Affable and bright Jarno Antonelli explained:
Beretta became a barrel maker probably already at the end of 1400’s. the first official sale document we found is dating back to 1526 regarding the sales of arquebus barrel to the republic of Venice, which in those days was ruling the Mediterranean Sea.
Beretta , like many others’ barrel makers from Valtrompia, could develop this industry thanks to the presence in the valley of three natural sources: the mines from which they could get the metal, the water from the local river Mella in order to move the forges, and work the metal, and the wood from the nearby mountains in order to feed the fire and melt the metal.
These sources were appearing useful and of extreme importance even before the firearms were born. The Celts, the Gaules, started in year 200 BC to forge the white arms: swords, helmets, spears, knives etc…
When the Romans conquered the valley, they captured those skilful in working the arms so the valley under Vespasian Emperor became a penal colony where slaves were forced to work in the mines, and to produce arms  for the Roman Empire.
Later on , at the end of 1800’s, Beretta started producing the other gun components as well, and they became the first gun manufacturer in the world to produce all the parts in house.
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Jarno Antonelli, the “James Bond 007″of Beretta…
Jarno Antonelli continued:
My career started in 1996 in Beretta because of obvious reasons of close vicinity to the working place. I was born in Gardone Valtrompia, I attended the Beretta nursery school located in the front of the company when I was 4 years old, and went on living and studying in the same village.
At the age of 22 I joined the company, by establishing the first marketing office at Beretta.
from 2011, and still nowadays I am managing a new marketing activity in the military sector for the Beretta Defense Technologies brand.
The Travelling Gourmet :
Why are Beretta guns the best, not only for the military and police but for the hunter and competition shooter?
Jarno Antonelli:
Beretta products are considered one of the best firearms ever made, due to the international success of sales, and for their longevity.
All the Beretta products are made in Italy, using dedicated patented  steel and using only local high quality raw materials. No compromises.
Beretta today is the owner  of 28 companies worldwide, with a  total of about 2,600 employees. No Beretta parts are made outside the company, except few exceptions like some handguns made by Beretta USA, the other major sister company  in Tennessee which is for the US market.
Durability, reliability and precision are additional qualities of the Beretta guns.
A long lasting success helped from the fact that the company has always been handed down from father to son for 16 generations, of the same Beretta family since 1400’s!
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One shot one kill…
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The Travelling Gourmet : What is your job scope? Does it involve a lot of travel? Is it a dream job?
Jarno explained:  My job objectives  are to make marketing activities and develop communication tools in the military sector, taking care from 2011 about the military trade shows for the Beretta Defense Technologies brand, which is grouping some leader companies like Beretta, Benelli (from Italy), Sako (from Finland) and Steiner (from Germany), all specialized in making guns and accessories in the military and law enforcement fields. From 1996 to 2011 I took care about the field and competion gun sector, I also got prepared on the history of the company, taking care about the very important historical archives, and today I am a little bit the historian of the company….
The Travelling Gourmet :  How does Beretta compare with Colt, Smith and Wesson, Heckler and Koch, Sig-Sauer…?
Jarno Antonelli being disarmingly frank:  Honestly I do not like to compare Beretta to other competitors, every company has its own qualities and defects, we can compare two products, the customer can express his satisfactions and prefer one brand more than another… If I were in the  shoes of a gun client I would choose Beretta for the fact is the oldest gun maker so presumably accumulating more experience, know how and economical solidity ( this is mainly for our military  relations) than the other gunmakers.
Beretta is an Italian brand, so presumably again, with the best design, and for the fact Beretta is making all portable firearms in all calibers, the know how can be easily transferred from military to field sectors, from competition so self defence…to outdoor cloting and accessories to premium grade guns for collection… so in one brand you get all….
The Travelling Gourmet : Personally, I agree completely. Different weapons and products suit different operators and professionals for different missions and purposes. Combat proven Beretta firearms are eminently the choice of professionals and experts both for sport…and for military operations including high risk missions behind enemy lines…
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© Photo copyright by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM who took this photo in the private Museum of the world famous Beretta Arms Company in Italy
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Beretta firearms were the choice of the Armed Forces of the ancient Venetian Republic, that ruled the region of Venice and the Adriatic Sea from 697 to 1797. If you have ever stayed in the HOtel Gritti Palazzo and the Danieli in Venezia (Venice), you will realise that the ancient Doge (Ruler) of the Ventian Republic appreciated the BEST in everything! You see…the Hotel Gritti Palazzo (Palace) and the Danieli which featured in the 007 movie “Moonraker”…were the luxurious palaces of the Doge…need we say more…
The Travelling Gourmet TM: Per piacere tell us a little about how Beretta firearms are designed…research and developement…
Jarno Antonelli:
ALL the Beretta military and Law Enforcement products are designed under specifications from Special corps, units and military bodies.
There is no product developped and designed without passing and sharing with the military institution of competence.
For example, the Beretta M9 A3 pistol has been designed accordingly to US Special Forces requirements, the Beretta Px4 Special Duty pistol has been made following US  SOCOM (Special Operations Command) tender specs, the Beretta ARX 160 A3 and ARX200 assault rifles had been developed in cooperation with the Italian Army, and last but not least the PMX submachine gun born last year after a strict work together with the Italian Carabinieri.
The Travelling Gourmet TM: That is but one reason why Beretta is the choice of professionals and sportsmen around the world! COMSUBIN (Comando Raggruppamento Subacquei e Incursori, Italy’s answer to the US Navy SEALS use many Beretta small arms, as well as others for different missions.
The Travelling Gourmet TM: What nuevo models do you have with all the high tech combat-proven features?
Jarno: Si, the Beretta Px4 Storm is the model before the really last one, which is called Beretta APX and it is a striker fired pistol, based on the concept of a polymer frame, internal chassis bearing the serial number in order to be possible to change the color frame, front trigger safety or frame mounted safety, interchangeable grip backstraps for different hand sizes,  lightweight, extremely precise and fully ambydestrous (ambidecterous)… available  in 9mm and .40 caliber with different tactical configurations and frame colors.
This is the latest issue in the handgun field.
To be continued…

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