Conrad Centennial Weekend Festive Afternoon Tea!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The debonair and dashing Travelling Gourmet TM savours a…

MARVELLOUS elegant Weekend Festive Afternoon Tea in the Lobby Lounge of the Conrad Centennial. The teas are by the famous German company Ronnefeldt and you can also have coffee like cappuccino or machiato, if you prefer. This yummie Afternoon Tea is served course by delicious course…but before the food…your welcome cocktail is brought to you. Called the “Grinch”, the psychedelic cocktail has Blue Curacao Liquer, Lime Juice and is topped with Star Anise petals. A most colourful and refreshing cocktail. When you stir the orange Mango Puree at the bottom of the tall glass, the colour changes to jade green. The reusable environment-friendly straw is made of steel. Years ago, I was in the finals of Bols Cocktail Competition with my Cocktail called “Paradorian Poona” made with Blue Curacao. I came in third place competing against professional bartenders.

Care for some Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon Tea is typically British and has a long history. In 1840, it was Anna, the Duchess of Bedford who always felt hungry about 4pm…so Anna decided to have some makan because it was 4 long hours before dinner at 8pm!

The Duchess asked for a tray of tea, cake, bread and butter vis a vis the Sandwich to be brought to her room. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718 to 1992) was a gamblerholic and profligate (dissolute and recklessly wasteful person) who invented the Sandwich because he did not want to stop gambling for dinner! Anna’s brainwave caught on and she began inviting her posh pals to join her. Afternoon Tea thus became a fashionable social event. Upper-class hoity-toity society women in the 1880s would change into long gowns, gloves and hats for their afternoon tea…usually served in the drawing room between four and five o’clock. Necessity is always the Mother of Invention, n’est pas mes amis…Top hole old chap!

Sexy SEAFOOD Platter!

Wow! A huge platter of Meeresfruechte was set before me…there were Irish Oysters au naturel, Boston Lobster poached to perfection and fresh Prawn on Ice with fresh cut Lime and Lemon and super-cute minature bottles of Tabasco! There was of course, the Mignonette Sauce too. The classic Mignonette is made with Red Wine Vinegar, Shallots Brunoise and Cracked Pepper. Excellent with Osters and seafood. Yummie!

There are many different flavours of Ronnefeldt tea to enjoy. I tried several and started with Sweet Kiss which has strawberry, pineapple and kiwi flavours. Very nice with a spot of honey. I also liked Granny Garden with fragrant vanilla and fruity rhubarb. A healthy Green tea is Morgantau Sencha. For exotic Whiskey and Cocoa aromas try Assam Autumn tea.

The ambience of the Lobby Lounge is very cosy and soothing with warm wood panels and pillars. A live pianist plays mood music while you savour the yummies. The next yummie was tender Beef Brisket slow cooked with Mushroom on Caramelized Onion Toast. Partaking Afternoon Tea is a really civilised way to spend the afternoon in a leisurely way with good food and nice teas, plus the company of friends and family.

“Tree” of Goodies!

A huge silver “Tree’ arrived! On its branches were many delightful SAS – Sweet And Savoury treats! The exquisite Santa’s Sleigh made of chocolate is outstanding as well as the Chestnut Mont Blanc which is not overly sweet. The green Christmas Gift Box wrapped in silver ribbon conceals a mousse cake. The cute rotund Snowman and Christmas Speherical Bauble were irresistable.

The “Tree” of Food! Top right is Santa’s Sleigh

There’s also a salad in a bowl…Pomegrate, Roasted Beetroot, Cherry Tomato, Green Frisee and Feta Cheese. A Roggen Brot (Rye Bread) open sandwich is topped with Roast Turkey Cubes Paysanne, Orange Marmalade and Brie Cheese. The rectangular Multigrain Tartelette filled with Chicken in BBQ Sauce was tasty too. Tortilla Wrap filled with Cream Cheese spiked with Lemon Zest was quite filling; I would have liked more Lemon Zest for thatzesty citrus bite. After relishing all that yummie food in between drinking Granny Garden Tea, I thought: “No dinner tonight for me, I am getting quite full!”

Super Scones!

After a nice rest, a giant glass dome arrived before me. OMG! It was filled with hot Cranberry Scones and regular Scones pls Spiced home-made Apricot Jam and home-made Strawberry Jam. Yummielicious! I really must praise the Duchess of Bedford for inventing Afternoon Tea in 1840! Bon appetit! 🙂

Scrumptious SCONES!

Conrad Centennial Singapore

2 Temasek Boulevard

Singapore 038982

Tel: 63348888

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