Shangri-La’s Mooncakes 2020

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The resourceful and irrepressible Travelling Gourmet TM features Shnagri-La Singapore’s…

MOONCAKES for the 2020 Mid Autumn Festival.

Those who value Mooncakes as business gifts and enjoy the taste of tradition always go for baked Mooncakes. Shangri-La’s Shang Palace has them in either an auspicious red or in tranquil turquoise. Both are decorated with lovely flowers in bloom symbolizing the bountiful harvest of the Mid Autumn Festival. Note that in the northern hemisphere the Wine Harvest takes place during this period!

The aptly named “Shang Palace Four Treasures” has four different flavours:

I love he fact that they have 3 reduced sugar options because nowadays consumers are very health conscious. Sugar makes you fat and rots your teeth and is also linked to Diabetes. That is why Sugar is now the “white poison” and very much in disfavour. You may have noticed that desserts not only in fine dining restaurants but everywhere, are less sweeter now. Apart from the health benefits, the cost for restaurants and bakeries is reduced when you use less sugar nicht wahr…Think about it.


The “Fab Four” are…

 Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk is for the traditionalist and those who do not beleive in re-inventing the wheel.

 Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk. Yolks to you! This appeals to those who love the sweet and salty flavours on your taste buds when you bite in the Mooncake.

 Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham, I love MIxed Nuts especially with Ham and Jamon de Iberico from Spain, as well as Ham from Bayonne in France.

 Reduced Sugar Plain White Lotus Seed Paste. This is a favourite with many who are not in to the savoury flavour of Duck Egg Yolk.

Bird’s Nest!

For those with discerning tastes…theluxurious Shangri-La’s Signature Mini Baked
Custard with Bird’s Nest, conceptualised by Shang Palace’s Executive
Chef Mok Kit Keung is BACK!  Generous mouthfuls of coveted bird’s nest are encased in a SAS – smooth and sexy and creamy custard, then and baked till an appealing golden brown.

Aphrodisiac Mooncakes…

Fancy something with aphrodisiac vibes? Then try  Black Sesame with Taro/Yam Mooncake. guaranteed to be popular with those who enjoy theThe seductive perfume of aroma of roasted black sesame is very appetising and get this…Black Sesame is an aphrodisiac, Especially when taken with Honey. On a side note I love Sicilian Honey and Russian Honey. On my travels in the Middle East I discovered that the Arabs swear by this combination of Black Sesame and Honey. This original Mooncake boasts aromatic nutty roasted flavours which meld harmoniously with the velvety texture of Taro. Healthy Cashew Nuts and Lotus Seeds add more Yum! Nuts like Cashews and Almonds raise up your good cholesterol or HDL.I always remember what my Doctor friend told me at my annual check-up, “Wow! Your HDL Cholesterol is very good!” When I told him I had been eating a lot of nuts like Macadamias and Almond, he said, “No wonder!”

Snowskin Connoisseurs and those who appreciate XO and Sake, you must go for…

Hennessy X.O. Chocolate Mini Snowskin
Mooncakes. Maurice Hennessy created the noteworthy cognac in 1870 for his circle of
friends so pourquoi pas (why not in French) relish this savoured in the
company of your pals and loved ones…Chocolate is infused to further emphazize the caramel and honey notes of the XO liquor. They are presented in a set of eight  a quartet of  yummieYuzu Sake Mini Snowskin Mooncakes. J’adore Yuzu, that most Japanes of citurs fruits with its zangy mouth-watering flavours. The white Lotus Seed Paste is spiked with smooth Premium Sake, the classic Japanese Rice Wine.

Shangri-La’s mooncakes are available for sale from now till 1 October 2020. Enjoy early bird discounts of 30% for selected items till 16 August 2020. Order online to enjoy 20% off classic baked mooncakes. Delivery and self-collect options are available. Mooncake gift vouchers are also available for sale. For more information, please call (65) 6213 4511/4473, or simply email:

Visit too-  Keep calm and eat Mooncakes

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