Whiskey from Israel!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The indomitable and irrepressible Travelling Gourmet TM tells you about…

MILK and Honey Whiskey Distillery from Tel Aviv in Israel.

This is now a new Whiskey from Israel the land of milk and honey. Hence the name of M & H Whiskey Distillery. Only Whisky from Scotland is spelled WHISKY. Others are spelled Whiskey. I am actually partial to classic Scotch Whisky from Scotland like Glenfiddich and Glenlivet. However it is a good thing that there is now this new whiskey from Israel.

Unlike Scotland which is usually very cold in winter, this whiskey has HOT CLIMATE MATURATION.

Israel has 300 sunny days in an average year! The Mediterranean climate allows hot climate maturation so that the whisky ages rapidly, yet gracefully.

The warmer weather takes gives a specific terroir which yields unique flavours that differ from their Old-World counterparts. Our methods, technique and equipment follow centuries-old knowledge. The tradition of minimum three years of aging is also maintained. The casks used include ex- bourbon casks, ex-red wine casks and STR casks plus unusual casks like pomegranate wine, kosher sherry and rum casks. Ceratinly something very different from the Old World. STR means Shaving, Toasting and Recharring when applied to casks.

The Classic Single Malt Whisky is made using the finest casks that used to contain bourbon and special red-wine STR casks. At 46% alcohol it has a light and balanced character. A vanilla nose and on the palate, vanilla, honey and caramel. Presented in a 700ml bottle.

Tomer Goren the Head Distiller also has Apex White Wine Cask, Apex Pomegranate Cask and Apex Cognac Cask. Apex Pomegranate has a nose of ripe pomegranate with a palate of figs. Cognac Cask has aromas of cloves, star anise and thyme with a palate of nutmeg and tart red berries.

Apex Cognac Cask
Apex White Wine Cask

L’chaim! {Cheers in Hebrew}

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1 Response to Whiskey from Israel!

  1. Alex David says:

    The atmosphere in Israel is warm. Whisky generally requires a cold climate. But this is an exceptional whisky. Also, thanks for clearing the difference between the two spellings of the word Whisky. Many people don’t know this. Thank you for this.

    Liked by 1 person

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