I love Bak Kwa! Now there is plant-based Bak Kwa

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The indomitable and irrepressible Travelling Gourmet TM spotlights…

MOUTHWATERING Bak Kwa…with a difference. It is plant-based Bak Kwa made from a wheat and soya bean protein blend! Absolutely Amazing!

4th February 2022, Singapore – yumeat™, a leading food producer that provides meatless
alternatives for local comfort food, has launched its plant-based Bak Kwa. The brand’s plant-based bak kwa is high in fibre, low in saturated fat and naturally cholesterol free.
Bak Kwa is a well-loved local Chinese New Year treat. Bak Kwa traditionally made from pork, is a
barbequed savoury sweetmeat that takes the form of thin square slices.

yumeat™’s plant-based Bak Kwa is a healthier alternative. There is has a slight sweet crispness on the surface. The bak kwa is moist, savoury and chewy when you bit into it. The texture is quite good but it is softer and less chewy than pork Bak Kwa. The aroma is also different from pork Bak Kwa with a seductive nose of Five Spice with hints of curry from the cinnamon, clove, aromatic fennel seed or ketumbar, start anise and pepper used in the seasoning. It looks nice with a glossy glaze. The colour is a bit darker than pork Bak Kwa. The good news is there is NO cancer causing palm oil! This is good. Canola oil is used instead. It is tasty and there is no MSG but it is quite high in sugar. Each 45g slice has 13.9g of sugar. Being plant-based there is no cholesterol. As a professional Chef I would recommend reducing the sugar to 10g per slice which will not affect the taste. Many are now very concerned about their sugar intake. From my careful tasting, I would say it is 80% like pork Bak Kwa. Lightly grill it in the oven toaster before you enjoy it. Even a dedicated pork Bak Kwa afficionado whom I persuaded to try the plant-based Bak Kwa was impressed with the taste and texture. A nice wine to go with this Bak Kwa is Donnafugata Prio 2021 with citrus notes from the magical island of Sicily.

Each piece is generously glazed and baked to perfection before being packed individually and
sterilized. yumeat™’s state-of-the-art factory in Malaysia includes processes that allow for longer conservation time while preserving nutrients such as protein and fibres. The plant-based bak kwa is made from non-GMO soy and wheat, and is both vegan and vegetarian-friendly.
Designed for guilt-free convenience, yumeat™ aims to help consumers transition to a more
sustainable diet. The brand’s plant-based bak kwa (270g) is priced at SGD$ 28.80 / box,
which makes for an affordable meatless option. Each elegant box comes with six individually
vacuum-packed slices of bak kwa for freshness and convenience. Consumers can also choose
between the limited-edition red, blue and green boxes.

yumeat™ embodies an unwavering focus on responsible food production. It is made from
sustainable ingredients, like non-GMO soy and wheat, in a factory using renewable solar energy
and electronic sensors to eliminate energy waste.
The boxes used by the brand are also made of 100% of recycled material. yumeat™ is the visible
representation of years of efforts by Denis Group to be a socially conscious company and a
steward of nature, measured through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria.
For instance, the company was awarded the SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement
& Leadership) Awards in 2021, as well as the Sustainability Strategy Award by SBA (Sustainable
Business Awards), clearly leading the way in ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) goals
in Singapore.

Bak kwa yumeat 20220215_205848_resized

yumeat™ Plant-Based Bak Kwa is available on RedMart and Spectrum Suntec City. 3 Temasek
Blvd, #02-433 / 434, Suntec City Tower 5, Singapore 038986.

Ms Nicole Lau, Category Manager (Plant-based), Denis Group remarked enthusiastically,

“We are truly excited to launch a Singaporean plant-based favourite – the Bak Kwa. With the
launch of yumeat™’s Plant-Based Bak Kwa, we are continuing our vision of bringing sustainable
and nutritious food to consumers. As a leading food producer with a long history of social
responsibility, we are committed in constantly developing our R&D to create innovative meat-alternative products which reduce our environmental footprint, and put the right food on our
plates. Our products are clean, with no added MSG or preservatives, and ingredients are
sustainably sourced,”

The Travelling Gourmet TM says, “Save the world! Keep calm and eat yumeat™’s plant-based Bak Kwa!”

Bak Kwa 20220215_211001_resized

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