Jack’s Place launches Feasting Extravaganza Festive Menu!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

All rights reserved copyright

The indomitable, irrepressible and inspiring Travelling Gourmet TM tastes...

MARVELLOUS Jack’s Place Festive treats like Signature Turkey and Beef Roasts and
Holiday Toasts this year. As one of Singapore’s most well-loved steakhouses since 1966, Jack’s
Place offers one of Singapore’s best festive roast offerings for the family. There are also Halal roast options.

For 3-15 merrymakers try the Elves Feast ($218) with 3 must-haves seasonal dishes or the Santarina Feast ($288) with 5 dishes.

For a big party choose the Santa Papa Feast ($368) featuring 6 festive dishes that include a Traditional Roast Turkey or Roast Ribeye of Beef, a baked chicken ham and cheesy sausages, festive cold cuts of Beef Salami, Turkey Ham, Salmon and Seafood Platter, a roasted garden vegetables dish of Edamame Beans, Sweet Potato and Turnip plus Truffle Mushroom Spaghetti. Of course there is a Sweet finale of delectable sexy Chocolate Praline Log Cake.

Have the Mixed Berry Festive Drink with Aloe Vera and bring home the ueber-colourful Annual Collectible Christmas Glass emblazoned with Papa Santa Claus!

Buffet catering sets are available from minimum 30 persons. Catering add-ons include Festive
Bento Sets – available from $13.80 per person, minimum 20 boxess and a Mini Party Set.
For DIY fans who prefer to grill their own meats with family and friends, Jack’s Place offers their
grass-fed beef signature steak cuts of Tenderloin (2 pieces, 180g), Striploin (2 pieces, 250g) and
Ribeye (2 pieces, 180g), comes with a free pack of Jack’s Place homemade specialty brown sauce
at only $104.40 (U.P $116) per Festive Grilling Steak Combo.

All festive feasts must have a happy, auspicious and SWEET ending!
Yummie desserts include the traditional Chocolate Praline Log Cake. The Travelling Gourmet TM recommends that you try the unique citrusy Yuzu Goma Log Cake which is a New flavour! I love the zangy (zesty and tangy) flavours of Yuzu! Goma is Japanese for Black Sesame which has aphrodisiac qualities. The Christmas Red Velvet Cake is very tasty and not too sweet. I love the cute cubes of Brownie & Pastries Bites decorated with Fondant Snowflakes and Xmas Stars are irresistable! The iced eclairs are also good. Did you know that “eclair”means lightning bolt in French? I liked the Christmas Cake in a Jam Jar, Festive Cookies.

I must mention the DIY Festive Cookie Kits which make excellent gifts.

Xmas Log cakes are available in 500g ($38.80) and 1 kg ($49.80) options.

For those who prefer dining out, Jack’s Place also offers their annual Christmas eve, Christmas
Day, New Year eve and New Year Day dine-in set lunch and dinner menus. Diners may also choose
to top the feast off with the Jack’s Place specialty festive drink in an annual collectible Christmas
Glass featuring Papa Santa This Year! The Smoked Salmon Cocktail with Avocado Cream is a nice amuse bouche. I recommend the Lobster Thermidor au Gratin and Turkey with Cranberry Sauce & Chestnut Stuffing which I really like! I also like the velvety Butternut Squash Soup with little chunks of Turkey.

History of Jack’s Place
Established since 1966, Jack’s Place is the trusted favourite known for its Western food. It all started when Mr. Say Lip Hai arrived in Singapore from Hainan island and started as a cookboy with the British troops in Sembawang. There he learned how to prepare the perfect roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.
Having tasted one of Mr Say’s now famous meals, a British housewife suggested that he start a catering business with her husband, Jack Joseph Hunt, in his pub at Killiney Road known as Jack’s Place, which he started in 1966. Mr Say agreed and commenced that partnership in 1968. Shortly afterwards, Jack Hunt sold his share of the business but his namesake ‘Jack the Chef’ is still running the kitchen today! Jack’s Place is still run by the Say family today. I know Molly Say who used to run Jack’s Place at Yen San building and my father loved Jack’s Place.
Today, Jack’s Place is the trusted favourite for family and friends to enjoy great value sizzling steaks, specialty meals and sumptuous cakes. Jack’s Place is committed to serving quality food and creating memorable dining experiences in a cheerful and cozy environment for our guests.

The Travelling Gourmet TM says: Keep calm and carry on eating! Ho! Ho! Ho!


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