Somersby NEW Passionfruit and Orange Cider

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The irrepressible and indomitable Travelling Gourmet TM goes to taste…

MOUTHWATERING Somersby cider at Somersby Wonderful Garden! Despite its typically English sounding name, Somersby is actually from Denmark. Cider is made from apples!

Somersby Cider

Somersby cider is a brand of 4.5% alcohol by volume cider by the famous Danish brewing company Carlsberg Group. The delicious Somersby Apple Cider was first bottled during an incredible apple harvest in Denmark in the summer of 2008 and had since then evolved into a lovely range of fruity flavours. From classic apple to juicy pear, refreshing watermelon, and the new zangy (Zesty and Tangy)  combination of passionfruit and orange. This refreshingly crisp flavour pairs well with Lobster, Scallops and Salmon. Today, Somersby ciders have been launched in more than 46 markets. In Singapore, they are available in leading supermarkets and online marketplaces. 

The Travelling Gourmet TM says: Keep calm and carry on drinking Somersby Cider!

Products » Somersby » Somersby Passion Fruit & Orange ...

Be dazzled by the delightful tropical vibes of Somersby Wonderful Garden Pop-Up Extravaganza from 14 to 24 April 2023! Dive into a world where thrilling activities overflow in every corner.

  • Sip on the refreshing Somersby Passionfruit and Orange Slushie
  • Indulge in complimentary cider tastings
  • Snag exclusive Somersby X Oak & Bindi Merchandise specially designed by Lydia Yang
  • Snap unforgettable memories at the Somersby Swing with complimentary prints
  • 5 lucky attendees will also stand a chance to win a year’s worth of Somersby cider

Embrace the exhilarating adventures and let the good times roll! Sign up for a refreshing fun time and enjoy complimentary slushies on us!

Somersby Wonderful Garden

Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 12 PM – 8 PM
Friday – Saturday, 1 PM – 9 PM


Plaza Singapura Outdoor Plaza (Outside Five Guys)
68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839


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