MARRIOTT’s Magnificent MOONcakes!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The irreverent and intrepid Travelling Gourmet TM visits Singapore’s iconic 5 Star luxury hotel, the marvellous…

MARRIOTT hotel. I was honoured and privileged to try Wan Hao’s new dishes on the new Menu by Chinese Chef Bryan Wong…PLUS Marriott’s new 2017 MOONcakes! How good it that!

Wah Hao after its revamp is now very elegant with an Oriental Zen atmosphere. Chinese calligraphy adorns the walls. The discerning connoisseur of Cantonese ‘haute cuisine’ savours fine dishes…to the soothing sounds of Chinese classical music played on traditional instruments like the Er Gu and Pi Pa.

Menu degustation

Tim Sum Trio aka The Three Musketeers was delectable..Awesome Jamon Iberico Char Siew! So “sweet” and flavoursome with just the right amount of fat…and that “al dente” chewiness… Nestled in a cute mini bamboo basket I found a little dumpling with a transclucent almost clear skin.




To be continued…stay tuned loyal readers please…

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MANDARIN’s Mystical MOONcakes!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The MOON is glowing at the Mandarin Orchard…

The audacious and debonair  was privileged and honoured to have a very special VIP Tasting of the Mandarin Orchard’s NEW and most EXCITING…

MOONcakes a few days ago…Yum! Yum! Goddie Goodie! Located on the Bond Street of sunny Singapore, this 5 Star Hotel has lovely accommodation and also the most skilled and talented Chefs like Executive Sous Chef Liew Tian Heong , and of course…the iconic Mandarin Chatterbox Chicken Rice created by meiner guter Freund Chef Peter Gehrmann who now is in the USA.

Wait a minute…it is not just the Chatterbox Chicken Rice that the Mandarin Orchard is renowned for…but also for the most exquisite MOONcakes both traditional…and avant-garde..The traditional Baked MOONcake features sexy…smooth…Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks. FOUR egg yolks were the norm in days gone by BUT now with everyone wanting to be health conscious and to live forever like the MOON Goddess…TWO egg yolks is considered auspicious and prestigious and not ‘Over the top” 🙂

MOONcakes go well with wine!

In 2003 I was the FIRST gourmet to match MOONcakes with Wines. The Guinness Book of Records acknowledged that it was a world record, BUT it could not be entered in the Guinness Book of Records…because it was a record that could NEVER be broken. All records in the book must have the possibility that they will be broken one day…

Mandarin Orchard’s traditional MOONcake with Lotus Seed Paste go well with Trimbach  Riesling Cuvee Frederic Emile 2007 from the Alsace region of France on the border with Germany.


There is also a LOW Sugar MOONcake for those who are every health-conscious, and that is the majority of us in this day and age. Not to be alarmist, but please be aware that too much sugar in your diet makes you a FATTIE! It is true.

I was really following my personal maxim, which is ,,Das Leben es ist unbestimmt, isst erst den Nachtisch” or translated from the German, “Life is uncertain, eat dessert first!”. This is because I was enjoying MOONcakes, normally eaten as a dessert until suddenly…

Where is the Chef?

In a flash Chef, Liew who had been telling me about his mooncakes, suddenly disappeared…

The special Mee of Kuching in Sarawak!

Bouncy Chef Liew re-appeared with a big bowl of his signature Kolo Mee Sarawak Style! OMG Yummie Yummie! Made with very special curly noodles ‘al dente’, it was garnished with two whole baby ABALONES! The lovely and very tasty soup pleased my palate no end! Signature dish of Kuching, the city of the CAT! (Kuching means ‘cat’ in the Malay language) The other mee of Sibu called Kum Kwa Mien has straight noodles and less “Liau”. I was among the first journalists to write about Sarawak and Damai Beach resort, when Sarawak Tourism first started promoting it as a tourism destination.

Mandarin Orchard Kolo Mee 20170808_184239_resized

Kolo Mee to fly to Sarawak for! I NEVER say that asinine phrase “to die for”. How goondoo is that! When you are dead you cannot eat or taste anything. Note the two plump Abalones at 12 o’clock and 10 o’clock…


Chatterbox is now not only famous for the renowned Chatterbox Chicken Rice served with a clear Consomme with Tofu Brunoise  and special hot Chilli sauce, Dark and delectable premium Soy Sauce and spicy minced Ginger…

Mandarin Orchard 20170808_183353_resized_1

It is also becoming well known for Chef Liew’s captivating Kolo Mee and lovely Lobster Laksa! In fact, President Tony Tan loves to dine here and so did the late President Nathan. To let you into a secret…former Prime Minister of Thailand, Khun Thaksin, also adores dining here…Shhhhh!


Iberico Ham and Crunchy Nuts!

The other baked Mooncake that I really like is the MIxed Nuts with Jamon de Iberico or Iberico HAM from Spain. Ay yai yai Caramba! I adore the flavours and CRUNCH of the healthy nuts , the sweetness of some candied winter melon and the sensational taste and texture of Spanish ham! At breakfast buffets I detest turkey ham! It must be the real thing! Real bacon and real honey baked ham!


The James Bond MOONcake!

If you like the supple Snowskin Mooncake…my name is Martini…Lychee Martini 🙂

I do recommend the Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake…redolent with the intense flavour of lychee fruit plus the “kick” of a Vodka Martini. This “Martini” is NOT “shaken, not stirred” a la 007, BUT is simply scrumptious! I like this mooncake with a ice-cold Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred, made with Stolichnaya Vodka…and if at all possible, with a voluptuous, curvaceous Hungarian blonde lady at my side….007 would love this!

Cranberries anyone?

CRANBERRIES are full of goodies that help fight heart disease and UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections and even Cancer! Amazing but true! Therefore, you must try the HEALTHY Cranberry Snowskin MOONCake with its sweet but not overly sweet flavours and sexy and smooth lotus seed paste without an overly sticky mouth-feel.

On a most savoury note, Chef Liew went off to his kitchen to come back with crispy and yummie Chicken Wings battered in Salted Egg Yolk and a super-crispy Fish Skin also battered in Salted Egg Yolk!

A good Chef I always feel is like the winner of the reality show “Survivor”. Good Chefs can outlast, outplay and outwit the people in F & B…those that sometimes through ignorance or incompetence, try to make his job harder instead of easier…C’est la vie mes amis,

I love Chatterbox in the Mandarin Orchard Road and her marvellous MOONcakes! Bon appetit!


Mandarin Hotel Orchard

333, Orchard Road

Singapore 238867

Tel: 67374411



An original poem by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The MOON glows

The sun shines

The world spins

like an orange

in the sky

Round, the MOON

glows softly, quietly

in the heavens

in our galaxy

small and insignificant

in the Universe

The MOON glows

Lovers hold hands

Time stands still

Love, Romance, Happiness

Happy Hearts rejoice

The MOON glows…


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SIA’s Safety Video is No. 1!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GOurmet TM

The irrepressible and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM shows you the…

MARVELLOUS and BEST airline inflight safety video ever! It also highlights Singapore’s iconic landmarks and tourist sights. I feel sure that STB had little to do with this. I may be wrong BUT from my personal experience when I was invited by STB for a meeting after SARS hit Singapore and hit tourism like a mortar bomb, the STB people there shot down all my think-out-of-the-box ideas! They found them too radical and thought they could not work! C’est le &*^%$, as they say in France.

Featuring a svelte and splendid looking SIA girl in her sarong kebaya and immaculate Nyonya bun hairdo…the essence of SIA’s care for her passengers shows the difference between SIA and airlines… like Delta where they get the Airport Police to beat the hell out of their passengers…then drag them off like a wild boar shot dead. I know. I have hunted wild boar before…and other big game…but that is another story.


To echo President Trump…believe me…believe me, female flight stewardesses on Air France, Quantas and Delta and others of their ilk…look like male WWF wrestlers…OMG! Nightmare on Elm Street!

I for one, am really looking forward to seeing this safety video on my next flight…on SIA of course, the world’s BEST airline! By the way, the video is going VIRAL! I wonder why…:-)

Singapore Airlines…you are a great way to fly…

AND a great way to dine too!

Bon appetit! Keep calm and carry on eating! Wahahahah! 🙂


It is a tough job being The Travelling Gourmet TM but someone has to do it…:-)



With bright and dynamic Betty Wong of SIA’s top management20160330_140006

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Tasty Treats at TASTY COURT!

Story and photo by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The dynamic and irascible Travelling Gourmet TM goes to…

MILLIONAIRES’ Row in a quiet exclusive suburb of sunny Singapore called Siglap.

Friends in high places…

I have friends in high…and low places worldwide…and many of those in high places live here in huge bungalows with equally huge swimming pools.
In affluent Siglap, you will find the sparkling new restaurant of my friend, Chef Pung. aptly called…Tasty Court. There are those who say independent restaurants are good, and hotel restaurants are bad, and then there are those who say hotel restaurants are good and independent restaurants are bad. As The Travelling Gourmet TM, I humbly and respectfully say: “There are good and bad restaurants EVERYWHERE ! As an independent restaurant…

TASTY Court is very well designed with a bright, cheerful ambience with large rectangular mirrors framed by multi-coloured Peranakan tiles. Three diamond shaped glittering chandeliers dangle from the ceiling. The ‘aura’ and ‘feng shui’ if this place is very conducive to enjoying a good meal! It is like that classic Beach Boys’ song “Good Vibrations!” Chef Pung welcomed me warmly. Chef Pung has a happy aura and is modest and humble despite his skill. He was at SAFRA Toa Payoh previously.

I sat down at a square wood-edged marble table…sipping my soothing Chrysanthemum tea, it was not long before the delicious delights arrived…The restaurant was quite full despite it being a Monday…normally a quiet day in restaurants.

The Hare Cho/Shrimp Beignet is really crispy and tasty made with prawns, there are actual chunks of fresh prawn meat inside! So yummie with batons of carrot, cucumber and daikon…pickled of course.

Sustainable seafood is ‘de rigeur’ nowadays and so the Soup with goodies like slightly crunchy Fish Maw was most satisfying…and NO shark’s fin! A good hot soup can be a meal in itself, I always say.

As The Travelling Gourmet TM I am honoured to call many Chefs my good friends. To a man, top, top Chefs like mes amis, eminent Paul Bocuse, Tetsuya wakuda, Heinz Beck, Anne-Sophie Pic (the rose among the thorns), kind and good hearted Hubertus Real, Georges Blanc, Raul Balam Ruscadela and more, are as humble as they are skilful and talented.

As for the poseurs and crackpots like oliver, lawson and ramsay…Les hommes ne vivraient pas longtemps en société s’ils n’étaient les dupes les uns des autres. It means from the French, “Men would not live long in society if they were not the dupes of one another.” Le mérite, que le monde ne récompense qu’à la mesure de ses apparences. Imbeciles are best ignored.

This independent restaurant is really good. Come here soon. You will be glad you.

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art – Dr. Michael Lim is The Travelling Gourmet TM:-)



Work in progress…to be continued…

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Honey…is not just for eating

Story by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Compiled from many sources in the public record

The intrepid and exuberant Travelling Gourmet explains how ancient Roman Doctors treated their legionnaires suffering from wounds sustained in vicious hand to hand combat…

Roman Army Doctors and Medical Care

MEDICAL care was very important for the Roman Army because they were in many wars…and legionnaires suffered spear wounds, sword cuts, dagger stab wounds, arrow wounds, blunt trauma wounds from clubs and wounds from all many of weapons. war to the Romans as they built their empire was a fact of life…like Israel defending its very right to exist. In war, people die or they live…wounded and damged…but Roman doctors had their own armamentarium of medicines and herbs…to heal the sick.

The Ancient Romans based their medical knowledge on that of the Greeks, enhancing it over time with their own folklore and innovations. Like other cultures, their pharmacology was based on herbalism; and while it contained a hefty dose of woo-woo, many staples of the Roman first aid kit were scientifically sound. A great example is Pliny the Elder’s Naturalis Historiae, a massive encyclopedia of facts, hearsay, myth, and superstition. Pliny was an officer in the Roman army during his youth, so it’s not a stretch to speculate this collection of “remedies” was influenced by what he learned in the field; from his writings (and those of physicians like Galen of Pergamon), and from the records and artifacts left by the legions, we can put together a pretty good picture of how Roman army doctors dealt with the aftermath of battle.


Roman surgical tools from Pompeii
Legion medics employed a variety of surgical tools including scalpels, forceps, clamps, tweezers, and saws. What made this hardware slightly less terrifying was how it was treated; Roman doctors kept their own personal kits, and took pride in keeping their collection clean, up to date, and in good condition. They were skilled in setting bones, correcting dislocations, and sewing lacerations, and they knew enough about the circulatory and muscular systems to repair pretty hardcore damage — so except for the most catastrophic wounds, legionaries were not automatically doomed to bleed out or face amputation. As for pain management, they had nothing to rival today’s anesthesia, but strong opiates did a lot to dull the senses — you would be awake for your surgery, but hopefully so strung out that you wouldn’t care.

But after bones were splinted and stitches tied off, the real trick was preventing infection. Luckily the Romans practiced excellent hygiene, and the army was no exception. Surgeons knew dirty tools caused festering, and they boiled everything before each use; they also boiled the cloth used for bandages and the twine used for sutures. They knew the benefits of rinsing wounds with alcohol or vinegar, and of keeping hands and clothing relatively clean. As for post-triage care, their use of herbalism proved to be less woo-woo and more science, as modern medicine has since discovered. The following five ingredients were some of the most important in Roman field medicine, and while they don’t exactly replace soap and penicillin, all five have been proven at least moderately effective.

Honey was often used as the base for poultices and dressings, both for its consistency and because it was known to ward off infection and speed up healing. Honey inhibits the growth of bacteria: when applied to a wound, it creates a slow release of hydrogen peroxide, keeping the area clean.


Calendula arvensis, the pot marigold
Crushed garlic was used in poultices or for scrubbing down sick-rooms; as you can imagine, the result was rather fragrant. If the patient could bear it, they would indeed benefit from garlic’s antibiotic properties. It was used as an antiseptic as recently as WWII.

The bark of the willow tree is high in salicylic acid, the main component of aspirin. It was prized by many cultures as an antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory, and could be administered in several forms: infused in wine, steeped as a tea, or ground for poultices.

Calendula — the garden marigold — was a mainstay of the Roman medicine cabinet. The flowers were used in poultices and taken as tea to prevent and break fevers. Calendula is mildly anti-biotic and high in flavonols and saponins. It is widely used today in lotions and skin products.


Achillea millefolium, common yarrow
The Romans called yarrow achillea in honor of Achilles, who was said to have required his soldiers to carry yarrow on their person at all times. Its main function was to arrest bleeding; it could also be used to dull pain and break fevers. Yarrow is high in salicylic acid and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The Roman battlefield was as much a scene of horror and agony as any other throughout time; wounds were just as ghastly, risk of infection just as dangerous. But with hygienic practices like cremation of the dead, latrines to prevent dysentery, and sound medical techniques to prevent and treat infection, the Roman legions maintained a state of health and sanitation not found in other military forces. In the ancient world, that advantage alone could make all the difference.

HONEY…not just a food…


The use of honey as a wound dressing extends some 4,500 years into the past…






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Pacific MOONcakes to drool over…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The affable and unassuming Travelling Gourmet TM travels to taste the…

MOUTHWATERING MOONcakes of Hai Tien Lo. Hai Tien Lo helmed for 11 years by Singaporean Chef Lai, HTL is the Pan Pacific’s premier “haute cuisine” Cantonese restaurant. Popular with gourmets, gourmands (translates as greedy glutton from the French), food lovers and connoisseurs of fine Cantonese cuisine…Hai Tien Lo is also well known for its MOONcakes!

In a special One on One MOONcake Tasting I was honoured and privileged to taste and experience the myriad flavours of Chef Lai’s LATEST MOONcake creations a few days ago. In the opulent Peacock private dining room of  Hai Tien Lo restaurant, I analyzed, tested and savoured tempting treats like Pandan Flavoured Lotus Seed Paste Baked Mooncake as well as the good ol’ Traditional Mooncake with Salted Duck Egg Yolk!

Pandanus leaf gives a very Asian-PACIFIC Rim PERFUME and flavor to many dishes in Asia, and also to Pacific Rim cuisine aka Mod-Oz in Australia. PANDAN (Scientific Name: Pandanus, also known as screw pine or palm pine) is a herbaceous tropical plant that grows wild in Southeast-Asia.  Well known to the Chinese and Nyonyas and Babas as the ‘fragrant plant’ because of its sweet, seductive and unique aroma. The plant features spear shaped bright green leaves, the colour of Ecuadorian emeralds. Pandan leaves are coveted & essential for creating many Thai, Cambodian, Nyonya and Southeast-Asian dishes! Do not confuse Pandan with Pondan (Malay word for poofter )which refers to girlie men like ex- President Obama.

Keeping in trend with the healthy demands of discerning connoisseurs regarding Mooncakes there is a LOW Sugar MOONcake version…which I found to be most excellent and had a fine balance between sweetness, and a slight savoury nuance, which together with the smooth as silk texture of the lotus seed paste made it SUPER_YUMMIE! Avant garde Pastry Chefs now know that their clientele value healthy foods above all else. Gone are the days of super sweet sugar drenched desserts that although delicious…are also over- cloying and unhealthy.

The Caramel MOONcake sans salt…it is NOT salted caramel flavor but a nice flavour of just charred sugar reminiscent of a yummie Tenuta Donna Fugata Ben Rye 1998 sweet dessert wine from the island of Sicily. Yes, a lovely island where that notorious organization, that exists only in the minds of Hollywood movie producers has its base…La Cosa Nostra.

NUTS! Healthy and crunchy, they raise up your good cholesterol, no kidding! I love the crunch and the textures of Pan Pacific’s Mixed Nuts MOONcake. There are crunchie-crunchie Macadamias, Sesame seeds, Hazelnuts, Walnuts and more! Alas, it is made with Chicken Ham and NOT pork. I love pork actually. You might have guessed by now that I am not a Muslim. Never mind…On tasting…I found it was good…Almost as good as the ones with Pork Bak Kwa! Chef Lai told me encouragingly in Mandarin, ‘Muslims can eat this! No pork!” Interestingly, very strict Orthodox Jews also do not eat pork…one of life’s little ironies.

The glorious 4th October 2017

Students of the Chinese Lunar Calender may know that in 2017…the Mid-Autumn aka MOONcake Festival climaxes on October 4th. An important and auspicious day, October 4th is the 15th Day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The 1st day of the 8th Lunar Month is Wednesday 20th September, 2017. The 4th of October is a day that is within the National Day holidays of China  (PRC) (Oct. 1 – 7), and the holidays will be prolonged to Oct. 8. Due to the pleasant autumn weather this is a peak time for travel in the PRC which means mayhem and queues and jams.

On a side note that has nothing to do with MOONcakes or food and wines…a Chinese Professor in the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy born in the People’s Republic of China, but with US citizenship, has had his permanent residence status and that of his wife revoked by the Singapore government…charged with being a SPY for China’s Ministry of State Security – External Intelligence Department…

Yes, sunny Singapore is a very exciting place…in more ways than one.

Hai Tien Lo fine dining Cantonese Restaurant

Level 3

Pan Pacific Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard,
Marina Square
Singapore 03959

Opening Hours

Lunch – 11:30am to 2:30pm
Dinner – 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Telephone: +65 6826 8240 


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NEVER EVER EAT ‘burnt ends’ of…

MOST UNPALATABLE BBQed meat which is full of CANCER causing pyrolic hydrocarbons and other poisonous substances!

The implacable and indomitable Travelling GOurmet TM went undercover and incognito and tried his very best to make a reservation at…

MOST arrogant and unfriendly restaurant called Burnt Ends…OMG what a bloody stoooopid name!

To find that it is POINTLESS to try to dine at arrogant, prima donna, moronic restaurants that are so deluded into thinking they are God’s gift to the culinary scene. Bloeder!

Story by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

To be brutally frank…

the website for making reservations is TOTALLY user unfriendly and no one even answers the phone!!! I left 8 messages on the voice mail and NOBODY called back! Appalling and deplorable ! They want credit card details so they will charge you S $100 for no show or cancellation without a minimum of 6 hours notice before the time of the meal. As I was doing a friend (who is on a big company expense account), a favour by booking for him…it became Catch 22 as I do not have my friend’s credit card details. On the user unfriendly and over complicated website they state you must make reservations 3 months in advance…What the hell! Such arrogance is abominable!
Is this a USP, and/or the capacity is so small and probably some degree of deluded arrogance perhaps..or all of the above??? Actually burnt ends of barbecued meat are full of cancer causing pyrolic hydrocarbons and other poisonpous chemicals. It is well researched and documented.
On the website on 2 Aug 2017 there was an availability for 6 persons on 4 Oct 2017 at the bar seats, which they make you tick a box to say that you know they face away from the kitchen, and after trying so very hard to book for my friend who is a very wealthy VIP entrepreneur, I suddenly get a message on 3 Aug saying there is now no availability and apologies for the late reply. PATHETIC AND INSUFFERABLE! DEPLORABLE! Such arrogance and a terrible attitude which makes you think that they are so deluded they think they are the only restaurant in Singapore. A horrible prima donna attitude like Marilyn Monroe who thought her beauty and sex appeal would always make her in demand in Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe was dead wrong. We all know what happened to her in the end…She died.

As an INternational Travel, Food and Wine Writer/Editor/International Wine Judge, I KNOW that there are so many BETTER restaurants in Singapore like Joel Robouchon helmed by Chef Mikael, Le Atelier de Joel Robouchon helmed by Lorenz Hoja, Prego helmed by Chef Antonio, one of the nicest and kindest gentlemen you’ll ever meet, Andre by super skillful Chef Andre Chiang, Odette by outstanding Chef Julien Royer, Bistro Moderne Daniel Boulud, and more better, much nicer, more skillful Chefs heading much, much better and more splendid and better run restaurants. Believe me, the burnt ends of barbequed meat contain lots and lots of pyrolic hydrocarbons which will give you CANCER! It is your $$$$. Spend it wisely on better restaurants. Forget burnt ends. I detest eating the burnt ends of BBQed meat! C’est terrible et horrible!

20 Teck Lim Road | Singapore 088391, Singapore 088391
+65 6224 3933


The Travelling Gourmet TM’s FRANK and HONEST opinion is…spend your hard earned $$$$ elsewhere! TOTALLY NOT WORTH THE HASSLE



It takes YEARS to gain a customer and a friend BUT ONLY Seconds to lose one forever…capische…

In Italia, The Travelling Gourmet TM is also known as…Il Padrino della Gastronimia…

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