Long live the Revolution!

Copyright all rights reserved All food photos are the real deal with No photoshop

The impeccable and dashing Travelling Gourmet TM leads the…

MERRY Revolution! Mooncakes for all! We the people deserve yummie Mooncakes. One of the all time BEST is of course, from the Singapore MARRIOTT! Eh bien, mon Dieu! SAS -superbe et splendide!



Original poem by Dr. Michael LIM THE TRAVELLING GOURMET TM


The MOON shines…

The Revolution begins

Mooncakes for all!

The people must

Enjoy Mooncakes!

With every morsel

Their spirit awakes…

Swifter and Stronger



This ravishing song to D5 terrorist bases in Yemen for always comes to mind…when I am savouring a superbly crafted Mooncake with….

Bravo to Michel Legrand the genius composer…and Brava to Petula Clark who voice is like gourmet honey from the Dolomiti of Italy…


Work in progress…stay tuned please 🙂

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Heavenly Hai Tien Lo’s MOONCAKES!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The implacable and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM waxes lyrical on…

MOONCAKES for the season is near us…Mooncake Festival is coming very soon and you MUST try the Pan Pacific Singapore’s super-duper velvety and not to sweet Durian Snowskin Mooncake from Hai Tien Lo their fine dining Chinese restaurant! Simply YUMMIELICIOUS! Presented in a re-usable gift box and a pretty pink cooler bag. The gift box can become a jewellery box for the lady in your life! 🙂 https://thetravellinggourmet.wordpress.com


To be continued…stay tuned…please 🙂

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You are number 1! OneALDWYCH London…

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GOurmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The suave and debonair Travelling GOurmet TM jets to…

MERRIE olde England on the world’s BEST airline…Singapore Airlines…what else 🙂

There are many grand and lovely hotels to stay in when one is in London. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the Baglioni, the Savoy and…OneAldwych right in Theatreland!


At Number 1 Aldwych and just opposite the Wellington pub, this is truly one of the world’ s leading hotels on par with the Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland. I love the Duke of Wellington, a great hero who defeated the malignant dwarf napoleon who gave his name to the Napoleon complex, a mental illness that many dictators like hitler and merkel and kim jong un suffer from…

Who cares about these low life pests when you can savour deliciously beautiful yummie food and wines in INDIGO overlooking the spacious and salubrious Lobby Bar! OMG! Food and beverages to disrupt, degrade and destroy vile terrorist bases in Somalia for! The F & B here helmed by SAS =slim and smart Executive Chef Dominic Teague from Brighton who focusses on healthy, sustainable and environment friendly products like cute white Elderflowers foraged from the countryside…and served with a ‘superbe’ dessert of poached Gooseberries with tart Lemon Tarte (pun intended)…Oh Madonna yummie!!

Amazing Afternoon Tea!

The Travelling Gourmet TM’s AWARD for the BEST AFternoon Tea in LONDON is awarded to the Lobby Lounge and its unique Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme! Candy Floss flavoured with fruit to kill terrorists for, and Banana & Walnut cake and Poppy Seed Bread Salmon Sandwiches! Much more for the discetrning gourmet to taste and enjoy! The Cocktails are amazing and one favourite is the Charlie Cocktail based on my favourite liquer—Cherry or cerises in French! YUm Yum yummie!!!

The other super-duper cocktail which is awarded The Travelling Gourmet TM’s BEST UNIQUE COCKTAIL PRESENTATION and TASTE is The ORIGIN! More later…

Well…it starts with virtual reality Goggles placed on you ever so gently by the svelte and sweet ladies of the Lobby Lounge…All of a sudden I was in bonnie olde Scotland up in the Highlands which I love…

Removing the virtual reality Goggles I found what I love..REALITY in the form of a fantastic cocktail of smoky Whisky notes plus more complex flavours of cherries and…well, so as not to spoil the suprise, go try it yourself! Tasting is believing!

I also love the swimming pool. A tad chilly but that is good. Burns more Calories! The Gym too is outstanding, I really enjoyed my daily workouts in the Gym & coool swimming pool. I absolutely love to swim! With my water resistant Breitling on my wrist I can time my laps precisely.

One Aldwych 20180615_063922_resized Pool


I also enjoyed my daily jogs around the vicinity for detailed recons of the area like the Savoy, Waterloo Bridge and the Embankment, Clepoatra’s Needle, the Thames….

My Breitling’s alarm wakes me and I run early…at 06:00 +/- 20 minutes. I like to see the sun rise over lovely LONDON> Lots of homeless people sleeping rough. Especially at the back entrance of the Savoy. One morning, I stopped to chat with my friend, one of the Security Team of the Savoy.  While jogging, I always have an apple and some water. I had a big red apple from my fruit basket in my running pouch…I gave it to a homeless man. He was asleep. I put it gently beside him so as not to wake him. No act of kindness no matter how small  is ever wasted. Enjoy!


A super yummie tubbie tummie filling breakfast is de rigeur…that is what my beloved MUm says…and MUM is always right! Black Pudding aka Blutwurst is for the macho man in you! It will grow hairs on your chest! Wahahah! Eggs made to order a la minute…OMG Spanish Omelette…with Salmon and more! Lots more! Ich liebe es! (I love it translated from the German). The Jams & honey from Thursday Cottage in Essex are also outstandingly yummie!


To be continued..work in progress..stay tuned..

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Dumplings and Dragon Boats!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

All rights reserved



The suave and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM tells you about the Dragon Boat Festival which culminates on 18 June 2018…and super-delicious Dumplings from the…

MARRIOTT Singapore, one of my most favorite hotels and a 5 Star haven in the heart of Orchard Road at the Xrossroads..Their all time Pork and Chestnuts and salted Duck Egg Yolk pyramid of gastronomic delight wrapped in bamboo leaves is to destroy terrorist bases in Syria for! There are those who find my dramatic exaggeration hyperbole off-putting… I say to them, “Who cares what lily-livered libtards and goondoos think! To paraphrase Clark Gable in “Gone with the wind”…I say to these small minded Spiesers (Spiessbuergermentalitaetat Idioten), “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” wahahahah! 🙂

Marriott this year also has a Vegetarian offering of “Five Grains” Dumpling which to my suprise and delight is absolutely yummie! It almost made me a Vegan…almost, but not quite. Therefore I also delighted in tucking into their Vinasse Chicken Dumpling flavoured with fermented soya beans! Ich liebe es! I really like this Dumpling!

Keep calm and carry on eating!

Aha! A short word on the origin of the Dumpling/Dragon Boat Festival…Duan Wu Jie. Councillor and Minister Qu Yuan lived in the state of Chu in the 3rd Century BC. He warned Lord Huai of a looming threat from the northern state of Qin…he was banished for his good efforts and unappreciated. IN the bad or good old days (depending on your point of view), messengers who brought bad news were usually beheaded by the Emperor…Depressed like crackpot anthony bourdain, he drowned himself in the surging currents of the Mi Luo river. What a way to go…Fishermen who were his fans failed to save him and in their great wisdom (irony intended) decided to throw rice stuffed in bamboo stems into the water to prevent the fishes and the River Dragon from eating his corpse. Somehow I do not think it worked so well…So there you are, we eat dumplings every year to remember him. Mind you, inoffensively a dn respectfully, I personally do not think much of people who commit suicide. It smacks of negativity and stoopidity but what the hell! Keep calm and enjoy eating dumplings! Bloody good dumplings from Wan Hao in the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza!


A short original poem by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM


Eat first, swim later…

Do not jump into the river

Get smart

Be cool

Eat dumplings and all will be well!

Ha ha! 🙂

Bon appetit! 🙂

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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Beretta!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
The intrepid and indomitable Travelling Gourmet TM is honoured to be given an exclusive interview by Signor Jarno Antonelli in charge of Beretta’s…
Marketing-Defence Technologies department…
BERETTA of Italy is the world’s OLDEST and most renowned Gunmaker.
The Travelling Gourmet :
How did you come to be with Beretta, the oldest and most famous Firearms maker in the world? Was it your career of choice?
Affable and bright Jarno Antonelli explained:
Beretta became a barrel maker probably already at the end of 1400’s. the first official sale document we found is dating back to 1526 regarding the sales of arquebus barrel to the republic of Venice, which in those days was ruling the Mediterranean Sea.
Beretta , like many others’ barrel makers from Valtrompia, could develop this industry thanks to the presence in the valley of three natural sources: the mines from which they could get the metal, the water from the local river Mella in order to move the forges, and work the metal, and the wood from the nearby mountains in order to feed the fire and melt the metal.
These sources were appearing useful and of extreme importance even before the firearms were born. The Celts, the Gaules, started in year 200 BC to forge the white arms: swords, helmets, spears, knives etc…
When the Romans conquered the valley, they captured those skilful in working the arms so the valley under Vespasian Emperor became a penal colony where slaves were forced to work in the mines, and to produce arms  for the Roman Empire.
Later on , at the end of 1800’s, Beretta started producing the other gun components as well, and they became the first gun manufacturer in the world to produce all the parts in house.
Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses
Jarno Antonelli, the “James Bond 007″of Beretta…
Jarno Antonelli continued:
My career started in 1996 in Beretta because of obvious reasons of close vicinity to the working place. I was born in Gardone Valtrompia, I attended the Beretta nursery school located in the front of the company when I was 4 years old, and went on living and studying in the same village.
At the age of 22 I joined the company, by establishing the first marketing office at Beretta.
from 2011, and still nowadays I am managing a new marketing activity in the military sector for the Beretta Defense Technologies brand.
The Travelling Gourmet :
Why are Beretta guns the best, not only for the military and police but for the hunter and competition shooter?
Jarno Antonelli:
Beretta products are considered one of the best firearms ever made, due to the international success of sales, and for their longevity.
All the Beretta products are made in Italy, using dedicated patented  steel and using only local high quality raw materials. No compromises.
Beretta today is the owner  of 28 companies worldwide, with a  total of about 2,600 employees. No Beretta parts are made outside the company, except few exceptions like some handguns made by Beretta USA, the other major sister company  in Tennessee which is for the US market.
Durability, reliability and precision are additional qualities of the Beretta guns.
A long lasting success helped from the fact that the company has always been handed down from father to son for 16 generations, of the same Beretta family since 1400’s!
Image may contain: text
 Image may contain: one or more people
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
One shot one kill…
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
The Travelling Gourmet : What is your job scope? Does it involve a lot of travel? Is it a dream job?
Jarno explained:  My job objectives  are to make marketing activities and develop communication tools in the military sector, taking care from 2011 about the military trade shows for the Beretta Defense Technologies brand, which is grouping some leader companies like Beretta, Benelli (from Italy), Sako (from Finland) and Steiner (from Germany), all specialized in making guns and accessories in the military and law enforcement fields. From 1996 to 2011 I took care about the field and competion gun sector, I also got prepared on the history of the company, taking care about the very important historical archives, and today I am a little bit the historian of the company….
The Travelling Gourmet :  How does Beretta compare with Colt, Smith and Wesson, Heckler and Koch, Sig-Sauer…?
Jarno Antonelli being disarmingly frank:  Honestly I do not like to compare Beretta to other competitors, every company has its own qualities and defects, we can compare two products, the customer can express his satisfactions and prefer one brand more than another… If I were in the  shoes of a gun client I would choose Beretta for the fact is the oldest gun maker so presumably accumulating more experience, know how and economical solidity ( this is mainly for our military  relations) than the other gunmakers.
Beretta is an Italian brand, so presumably again, with the best design, and for the fact Beretta is making all portable firearms in all calibers, the know how can be easily transferred from military to field sectors, from competition so self defence…to outdoor cloting and accessories to premium grade guns for collection… so in one brand you get all….
The Travelling Gourmet : Personally, I agree completely. Different weapons and products suit different operators and professionals for different missions and purposes. Combat proven Beretta firearms are eminently the choice of professionals and experts both for sport…and for military operations including high risk missions behind enemy lines…
Image result for beretta the guns of the venetian republic
© Photo copyright by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM who took this photo in the private Museum of the world famous Beretta Arms Company in Italy
Image result for  guns of the venetian republic
Beretta firearms were the choice of the Armed Forces of the ancient Venetian Republic, that ruled the region of Venice and the Adriatic Sea from 697 to 1797. If you have ever stayed in the HOtel Gritti Palazzo and the Danieli in Venezia (Venice), you will realise that the ancient Doge (Ruler) of the Ventian Republic appreciated the BEST in everything! You see…the Hotel Gritti Palazzo (Palace) and the Danieli which featured in the 007 movie “Moonraker”…were the luxurious palaces of the Doge…need we say more…
The Travelling Gourmet TM: Per piacere tell us a little about how Beretta firearms are designed…research and developement…
Jarno Antonelli:
ALL the Beretta military and Law Enforcement products are designed under specifications from Special corps, units and military bodies.
There is no product developped and designed without passing and sharing with the military institution of competence.
For example, the Beretta M9 A3 pistol has been designed accordingly to US Special Forces requirements, the Beretta Px4 Special Duty pistol has been made following US  SOCOM (Special Operations Command) tender specs, the Beretta ARX 160 A3 and ARX200 assault rifles had been developed in cooperation with the Italian Army, and last but not least the PMX submachine gun born last year after a strict work together with the Italian Carabinieri.
The Travelling Gourmet TM: That is but one reason why Beretta is the choice of professionals and sportsmen around the world! COMSUBIN (Comando Raggruppamento Subacquei e Incursori, Italy’s answer to the US Navy SEALS use many Beretta small arms, as well as others for different missions.
To be continued…
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Singapore Airlines strikes again!

Copyright all rights reserved
The dashing and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM tells you about the world’s BEST airline launching the world’s longest commercial flight in October 2018…who else but…
Sunny SINGAPORE  – Singapore Airlines Ltd said it would launch the world’s longest commercial flight in October, a near-19 hour non-stop journey from Singapore to the New York area.



The Travelling Gourmet TM with cheerful and bright Betty Wong, SIA’s Divisional Vice President



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Hermes bags, the choice of corrupt dictators, their money-mad wives and mistresses actually…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
Copyright all rights reserved
The inscrutable and imperturble Travelling Gourmet TM finds out about the bags that have killed hundreds of innocent crocodiles…
the choice of rosmah aka ‘hippo’, the wife and partner in crime of najib, disgraced EX-prime minister of Malaysia…
A shocking tale of clever marketing, overpricing, greed, and the stoopidity of rich women who think they can become beautiful by buying super expensive bags! Tsk, tsk, tja, tja, you are bloody stooopid! You will just be an ugly woman with a super expensive bag! Wahahahahah!
As a rule I only write on Travel, Food and Wine but this torrid tale is so rivetting that I feel compelled to write something…I wonder what expensive foods they eat…
Moral of najib’s downfall…dictators, take note do not let your wives buy hermes birkin bags that cost US$231,000 each….one maybe ok, BUT hundreds???? 😂😃😅 Bananas!
hermes birkin bags are the choice of dictators’ wives and mistresses…ONLY 6 crocodiles were brutally killed and their skins used to make only ONE bag! Be environment UNFRIENDLY, buy birkin and support your local deplorable dictator! Wahahahah! Even birkin does not want to be associated with the bag that bears her name….I wonder why 😀😂😃😅
 SIX crocodiles died to make this ugly birkin bag
To be frank, if you are an ugly woman, no amount of super expensive luxury bags will make you beautiful capisch. You will still be an ugly woman with an expensive bag, nouveau riche stooopid moron! Wahahahahah!
Tue 22 May 2018
“They’ll do anything for that GOLD…” from Mckenna’s Gold theme song…
najib, disgraced , deplorable ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia has a date with fate today…he is to report to the office of the MACC -Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission….
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDOarrAhtF8  “For it they lived, for it they lived…”
What happened to disgraced and despicable ex-President of Romania in 1989…
Christmas Day 2 December, 1989
Warning: graphic and may upset the faint hearted…
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