Preciosa PREGO!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM


Chef Antonio, mio buon amico’s Osso Buco is ti kill for!



To be continued…

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Going undercover in Pan Pacific…

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

All rights reserved copyright

The audacious and exuberant Travelling Gourmet TM goes incognito to…

MARKET PLACE in Pan Pacific to try the Spinach Soup which had a lovely velvety texture and flavor but was not served hot…but just warm. Nice decoration of sour cream in a lattice pattern on top…

Pacific Cobb Salad inspired by the famous Cobb Salad a la The Brown Derby in Hollywood is very tasty but the Chef has tweaked it. It is not the original recipe. I would have liked the bacon bits to be bigger in the form of 3mm by 3mm Brunoise. However, the 1mm thick Parmigiano Cracker like a crispy Lavosh was a nice touch and added more texture to this dish

Laksa Lobster!

The Asian Delight offering of Laksa Lobster was Thai inspired with fiery dip with a sour edge, and a green curry like thick broth…NIce…yummie! Food writers who are not Baba or Nyonya (Peranakan- a term coined by the Singapore Tourism Board) always say “Shiok!”. The other goodoo phrase they use a lot is to die for which is so bloody stooopid, because when you are dead, you cannot taste any food or wines or anything for that matter, capisch. To get back to the point, in polite Baba-Bibik society it is usually not bandied about because it can mean the ecstacy of a sexual Orgasm. However, I dare say, this term may be loosely used for this dish. Incidentally I am a Baba.

Bratwurst, Bierwurst, Schinken und mehr…

I love the Wursten (sausages)  here all made with passion by mein gutter Freund, affable  Chef Leonhard Weber known to his staff as Chef Leo…I could not resist taking home a packet of Cheese Cracker Sausages! I love Currywurst in Konnofke’s in Berlin!

Are you being Served?

Service could be improved but it is understandable due to the current manpower shortages facing the Food & Beverage industry in Singapore…The Filipina waitress was very good but the Taiwanese waiter was somewhat lackadaisical…It is hard to get good help nowadays n’est pas…

I find the ambience here with its eclectic décor most welcoming and salubrious.

Guten Appetit!

Nobody likes whiners but when you WINE a bit, it makes life better! Wahahahah!


Pan Pacific Market Place

Level 1

7 Raffles Boulevard

Marina Square

Singapore 039595

Tel: +65 6336 8111

Toll free number: 1800 7224 342

Please go to and SEARCH “Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet” for my Cooking Show where I demonstrate Cobb Salad with an Asian Twist!

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Delightful and delicious DANIELI!

The news of Angelina Jolie splitting from Brad Pitt made me remember the Hotel Danieli and that classic hit movie, “The Tourist”…

The Travelling Gourmet

Story & photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM, all rights reserved.

The intrepid and inimitable Travelling Gourmet stays in the legendary Hotel Danieli in vibrant Venezia

MAGNIFICENT is one of many superlatives to describe this hotel built in the 14th Century that used to be the Palazzo or Palace of the Doge Enrico Dandolo. Arguably, Venezia’s finest, most luxurious and most historic hostelry.

As you stroll in though the revolving doors you are struck by the grand ambience and the well preserved historic architecture. If only walls could speak what wonderful tales they would tell..If you have seen the hit movie “The Tourist” starring glamourous Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, the Hotel Danieli was where they stayed.

I was so happy to stay in one of the four luxurious signature suites, namely the Greta Garbo suite named after the iconic Hollywood movie star. In the huge living…

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Mr & Mrs. Smith split…c’est la vie

Story and photos by Dr. Michel Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
All rights reserved copyright
The audacious and  incomparable Travelling Gourmet TM reports on Hollywood’s beloved power-couple…Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aka…
MR. & MRS. Smith split…I wish them well…
At the end of the day, all things considered, actors whether male or female (I loathe being politically correct)…inoffensively; are professional liars. That is why career politicians take acting classes undercover of mass communication and public speaking… Very few actors are grounded and stable individuals like General James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood and more. Most become psychiatric basket cases into alcohol abuse, cocaine and heroin, strange tattoos and even stranger hairstyles and wierd behavior like Miley Cyrus…
So, it is better to enjoy and be entertained by their marvellous movies, but DO NOT listen to their crackpot jackass views, like ueber-hypocrite “matt (I hate guns) damon” who makes millions of $$$$ as Jason Bourne shooting up the world with small arms of every kind…and jackass “george looney clooney”.
I love Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in “The Tourist” filmed in large part in the incomparable Hotel Danieli, one of my most favorite hotels in the world where history and unbridled elegance, luxury and timeless style meld into one unbeatable combination. To stay in the opulent Greta Garbp suite and look out at the sights and sounds and joie de vivre of Venezia is unforgettable…Ich liebe es sehr! I must plan to return soon…
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Manuka Honey Corn with Salted Egg Custard…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM
ALL rights reserved copyright

The incomparable and inspiring Travelling Gourmet finds sweet and healthy…

MANUKA Honey in Mandarin Orchard’s Mooncakes by Executive Chef Liew Tian Hong ! A lovely sweet savoury taste that pampers your taste buds. Manuka Honey is so very healthy and even has wound healing properties. The savoury glamour come from the Salted Egg…intriguing.
Lychee Martini and Chocolate in a Mini Snowskin Mooncake is another perennial favourite. James Bond 007 would love this…:-)
I really love the Traditional Baked Mooncake with Jamon Iberico from Spain and Mixed Nuts! Really a good match with Chateau de Potiron Cuvee Excellence 2010 from Bordeaux in France, a really nice well crafted wine largely unknown to asinine “Label drinkers”.

Fly me to the Moon!🙂



Mandarin Orchard Hotel

333 Orchard Road


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Dine with the birds in Peach Blossoms

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

All rights reserved copyright

Food photos are of real food with NO photoshop

The irreverent and suave Travelling Gourmet TN goes to dine in a restaurant where on weekends, you can enjoy YUM CHA lunch with the music from serenading songbirds in the…

MARINA Manadarin Singapore…


To be continued…

More to follow…

Stay tuned…

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Oyster Donald Trump a la “Deplorable”

 Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

All food photos are of real food with NO photoshop

The indomitable and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM creates a…

MARVELLOUS original recipe in honor of Donald Trump…arguably the last hope for the USA. Normally, I do not write about politics but this is an exception. When you have a stinking scumbag marijuana smoking, bisexual jackass community organiser that is also a traitorous secret Shia Muslim supporting vile and wicked  Islamic terrorists and giving US taxpayers’ money to rogue state Iran to build nuclear weapons to destroy Israel in the White is time for Donald Trump to save the USA and the Free World and to “Make America Great Again!”

Oysters Donald Trump a la “Deplorable” – Original recipe by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Why deplorable you ask? This is because Killary Clinton, the sick epileptic lesbian cocaine addict and degenerate crackpot calls  Trump supporters deplorable. If honest hard working Americans and people who are loyal and patriotic are deplorable, then I am honored to be called deplorable capisch!



Oysters from the USA (or Canada, or New Zealand or Australia) 6 or 12 or more!

Fresh Garlic minced to taste

1 drop of Tabasco Original per Oyster or more if you are fiery!

Monterey Jack USA Cheese finely grated

Spring Onions fine Brunoise

Spring Onions cut into 5mm wide cylinders for garnish

Homemade Lobster Bisque spiked with Jack Daniels

Use Boston Lobster or Nova Scotia Lobster

Fresh ground Sarawak Black Pepper

SECRET EYES ONLY M Spices…(those not in the loop leave them out ok)



Bake the lobsters after washing them in the Oven at 130 C for 10 minutes or just cooked. Keep them under observation. Do not overcook. Different ovens have different power levels so times differ. When the shells start to open about 2 mm, they are done.

Open the Oysters, cut the adductor muscle that fixes the meat to the shell. Put one drop of Tabasco per Oyster, top with grated Cheese and finely chopped spring onions and minced garlic. Add fresh ground black pepper from Sarawak to taste.

Bake in the oven for 1-2 minutes just to melt the cheese till lightly brown.

Take out from the oven. Put one teaspoon or two of the Lobster Bisque,  depending on the size of the oyster in the shell, so the hot Oyster gratin is swimming in the Lobster Bisque. Garnish wth the Spring Onion “cylinders” before serving.

Enjoy with a glass or two of really good Pinot Noir from Chateau St. Michelle from Washington State! Toast to Donald Trump!

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