Historic HEREFORD!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The remarkable and resourceful Travelling Gourmet TM visits a most famous town for its history and other…

MORE esoteric legends…

MY train pulled into the small train station. In next to no time I was whisked to the well appointed and really unpretentiously luxurious Three Counties Hotel. Here was my lovely base far from the madding crowd, to explore this lovely city famed for its incredibly beautiful Cathedral. You may know that when President Trump visited the UK, his grand banquet featured Beef…but no ordinary beef. Hereford beef is renowned for its taste, texture and yummieness!!! More of that later…

Captivating Cathedral of Hereford

You have perhaps seen Il Duomo in Milano, St. Paul’s in London, Vienna’s Stephansdom…BUT you ain’s een nothing yet till you admire and be awestruck by Hereford Cathedral.

The most famous famous TREASURE of the cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Hereford is unequivocally the Mappa Mundi! This awesome and amamzing map of the world was created in 1300 by Richard of Holdingham. Unsuprisingly, the Mappa Mundi is listed on the UNESCO memory of the World Register. When I saw it, I was stunned like a broccoli! The cathedral is also a Grade I listed heritage building. The cathedral became a place of worship In the 8th century or earlier, the cathedral became a place of worship.  The bishop’s chapel dates to the 11th century.

Very Reverend Michael Tavinor

Mappa Mundi


Chained Library


Memorial to the Regiment

The Special Air Service has a unique relationship with our cathedral, city, county and diocese, as most communities in Herefordshire have someone who is serving (or has served) in the Regiment, has family links with it, or supports its members or its work. To honour and celebrate this relationship, the SAS Regimental Association commissioned the internationally-renowned artist John Maine RA to create a new sculpture and stained-glass window for Hereford Cathedral to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the intrepid and indomitable SAS in 1941.

John Maine has entitled this artistic installation Ascension to offer us a starting point for our engagement with it, as there are many levels of meaning and a range of narratives that we can find in it, which can inspire us and give us hope. As our eyes move up from the deep shadows of the base across panes of blue, flecked with red, towards the lighter yellow and amber tones in the tracery, we are taken on a journey from the depths of darkness into the realms of light. This journey is different for each one of us. As the sun moves across the sky, varying in scope and intensity, depending on the time of day and the season of the year, the window appears to change and its form becomes fluid and infinitely variable; thus, the spectator must return to contemplate it again and again.

The sculpture is formed of different stones from across the world: three of them are from Scotland. The base or pediment is Dolerite, from a quarry near Stirling, and the large sandstone recumbent comes from Clashach, near Elgin. The inscription ‘Special Air Service’ is hand-cut in a block of Caithness slate by the distinguished letter cutter Nicholas Sloan, who lives in Somerset. The ledger stones at the foot of the monument are black marble, from a mine near Mons in Belgium. The SAS badge is the work of Perthshire carver Gillian Forbes, who also cut the line of poetry ‘Always a little further’ in this very hard material. The beautiful blue apse is carved from a kind of granite from Brazil known as syenite. Taken together, the varying hues and differing textures of the stones may be thought to reflect our multi-cultural world, ever changing, always challenging, but robustly protected and defended through the commitment and dedication of the SAS.

At the same time, the window displays 21st-century technology at its most impressive. When the viewer walks along the aisle, the double-skinned parallax glazing creates kaleidoscopic patterns and shifting waves of light, with 3,000 pieces of glass in 40 different colours. Ever-changing reflections play across the stonework of aisle, pillar and nave, reminding us once again that meaning is transient, and human life is endlessly in flux.

We are the Pilgrims, Master; we shall go
Always a little further: it may be
Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow,
Across that angry or that glimmering sea.

The Pilgrims James Elroy Flecker 1884–1915



The BEEFY Boys


The Mayor



To be continued…PLEASE stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting!



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Marvellous MONTIGO Resorts!

MAKE a picture in your mind…of a tropical island paradise where good food is available, sun, sea surf, your own villa on a secure hillside with your own private swimming pool on the patio…fantasy island you think???

Hell NO.

REALITY in Montigo Resorts, Indonesia.

I loved my 3 storey villa with a sun bathing roof. Only thing was..a lot of stairs to climb but it is all good! makes your legs strong and cardio-vascular exercise makes you fit and tough! Ich liebe es!


To be continued..stay tuned…please…

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Copyright all rights reserved
The intrepid and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM
reveals the
MODCHINOIS Chinese restaurant tailored to Americans aka as the Cantonese in Hong Kong SAR of the PRC, say: “kwai loh”…
Copyright all rights reserved
Red Farm
new in LONDON merrie olde England…
Dr. Michael Lim is The Travelling Gourmet TM
Dim Sum are not for dimwits…they are small bites like dumplings, pau, prawns in bean curd skin with mango, etc…Very good for portion control n’est pas…
Keep calm and carry on eating – copyright tagline of The Travelling Gourmet TM 🙂 Michael Lim
IT’S: A dim sum restaurant in Covent Garden
OPENED: September 12th, 2018
WHO’S BEHIND IT: Ed Schoenfeld
DID YOU KNOW: Although a non-reservation restaurant, customers are encouraged to call or email in advance of their desired booking to be added to a list to avoid queuing outside
LOCATION: Covent Garden
ADDRESS: 9 Russell St, WC2B 5HZ
CLOSEST TUBE: Covent Garden or Leicester Square
OPENING TIMES: Sunday-Wednesday 5:00pm-22:30pm; Thursday-Saturday 5:00pm-11:00pm
WEBSITE: Visit Site
CONTACT: Phone: 0203-883-9093; Email: info@redfarmldn.com
Red Farm Spooks Tim Sum from the Big Apple!
Perfetta for halloween on 31 Oct 2018 nicht wahr
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MAESTRO della cucina Prego is…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

All rights reserved copyright


well it was…


The late but great multiple Michelin Starred Chef Joël Robuchon and The irrepressible Travelling Gourmet TM

The mysterious and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM reveals a secret that he has known for some time…

MAESTRO della Cucina Prego ristorante in Fairmont, mio grande amico Masterchef Antonio Facchinetti is leaving for Manila….soon. I embargoed this Intel for sometime due to my regard for friends in high places in Fairmont hotel. I have friends in high and low places…also bright and dark places…

For over six years Chef Antonio brought warmth, joy, YUMMIE food and great dishes like his marvellous Timballo to kill for! Also the Bistecca Fiorrentina to nuke rogue regime and terrorist sponsor iran for! NEVER ever say to die for, the favourite cliched-goondoo phrase of brain-dead wannabe food bloogers (pun intended, not a spelling error) Wahahahah! Chef Antonio is the longest serving/cooking Chef to helm Prego, my favouritte Italian ristorante in Sunny Singapore. Antonio is a true blue gentleman I am honoured to call mio grande amico, humble and kind with a true instinct for good Italian cuisine without wierd molecular gastronomy, wierder chemicals and liquid Nitrogen than freeze your finers off…literally.

Believe me…Good things never end. They get BETTER and BETTER! Interviews are in progress for his replacement…my lips are sealed. I am nothing if not discreet…

Good things for Manila and for the filipinos that love authentic Italian food…and for sure good things too for Prego in the future! There is always somnething exciting in the world of food and wine and hospitality!

REMEMBER YOU HEARD THE INTEL first from Dr. Michael Lim THE Travelling Gourmet TM!!! 🙂



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BEST Snowskin Mooncake 2018!

Pan Pacific’s Snowskin with Cempedak Mooncake is AWARDED THE TRAVELLING GOURMET TM’s BEST SNOWSKIN MOONCAKE 2018!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmeT TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The cheerful and cherubic Travelling Gourmet TM explains WHY the Pan Pacific Hai Tien Lo’s…

MOONCAKE of snowskin and filled with…wait for it…CEMPEDAK, is the most yummie and delicious Snowskin Mooncake that I have tasted this 2018! The luscious, sexy flavour of the textured Cempedak that is just sweet…but not too sweet and the unmistakable pungent perfume and taste is sublime! A complex flavour profile of honeyed bananas and pineapple…superbe! Colour also is very attractive and appealing. LIVE! LIVE! Must taste!

NEVER ever say die because when you are dead you cannot taste or eat anything! Am I right? Yes! Absolutely! To die for is the stock cliched phrase of goondoo wannabe food writers and anorexic bloggers with stick insect legs.

Cempedak Fruit


This year Cempedak, a cousin of the Nangka aka Jackfruit is “IN”. Many Mooncake makers have incorporated this humble jungle fruit into their recipes! Bravi I say!

Pieces of cempedak fruit





To be continued…

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An original poem by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM…Metronome

The suave and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM explains about the…

METRONOME helps the pianist keep time…

Life is like that

We get agitated





The Metronome clicks from side to side


Slowly it will slow down

and finally it will


in Neutral

Never panic


Breathe in

Breathe out


on the mission

Keep your powder dry

your knives razor sharp

Keep calm and carry on

Mission accomplished

and it is business as usual






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An original POem by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

An original poem

By Dr. Michael Lim

The Travelling Gourmet TM…

The inscrutable and unruffled Travelling gourmet TM reflects on the sublime pleasures of solitude…


Silence and Solitude

No stimuli

No shouts

No strange surroundings

No strangers

No stressors

No scary situations


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