Scrumptious SUMMER PALACE in the Regent Hotel!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

The inspiring and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM visits a…

MOST delicious Cantonese restaurant in the Regent Hotel…Stepping into this haute cuisine Cantonese restaurant brings back feelings of nostalgia and memories of Hong Kong. Tall and fit Chef Liu is from Hong Kong but is now a Singaporean. Chef Liu has worked in Cantonese restaurants in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok and his cuisine is elegant yet very flavoursome. A most Unique Selling Point or USP of Summer Palace is their exclusive Gluten Free menu. This is a FIRST for any Chinese restaurant in sunny Singapore! Many are Gluten Intolerant and many also prefer Gluten-Free food due to their desire for a healthy lifestyle. Two dishes from the Gluten Free menu are worthy of mention. One is the Pumpkin and Soon Hock Fish Soup served in a Pumpkin bowl…creamy and sexy and very yummie! The other is Beef Tenderloin Stir Fried with Red Capsicum. The beef is so fork tender it dissolves on your palate in an instant and yet has a firm ‘bite’ to it. Lovely!


The MOONCAKES from Summer Palace are not to be sniffed at…in a unique carrier that when opened becomes a CHINESE CHESS set! How good is that! Brilliant! You can taste the Mooncakes while savouring Pu-Erh & Chrysanthemum Tea…and play Chinese Chess!


To be continued…

More to follow…

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There is no love more true than the LOVE of…


Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

All food photos are of REAL food with NO photoshop or enhancement

What you see is what you get, capisch.


The irreverent and mischievious Travelling Gourmet TM goes to a…

MALL for the most important meal of the day…


Monday, 22 August, 2016
Swiss Bake Bedok Mall

I ensconced myself in a plush armchair the colour of the paratrooper’s red beret, in the position of power in a corner of the Café where I could see everyone and there was no one at my back. Opposite me sat a fat, bespectacled lady in a light grey blouse and black framed glasses and long baggy black pants. Her page boy hairstyle a la “Firecracker” Cameron Diaz needed rebonding…To be brutally frank, which is not my usual style, she was no Cameron Diaz…not by any stretch of your imagination. To wake up in the morning and see her triple chins would give you a nightmare on Elm Street. However, we shared a common Love…the LOVE of food. Her food arrived…breakfast or Fruehstueck as the Germans say. She had carefully set the table with a knife and fork beforehand. Her eyes widened at the sight of the meal, and lit up in delight as she lustfully attacked the Bread Sandwich with Turkey Ham (yes, Swiss Bake is one of those non Halal but Muslim friendly places with no pork…) She tucked in with gusto and in next to no time her breakfast was finished! Those who eat too fast end up becoming fat and also tend to overeat. Eh bien mes amis, c’est la vie…

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Marvellous MITZO!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

All food photos are of REAL food with no photoshop

The irrepressible and inspiring Travelling Gourmet TM goes to the Bond Street of Singapore to experience contemporaray Cantonese cuisine in…

MITZO…The name sounds Japanese but it actually serves cutting edge Cantonese cuisine. MITZO is derived from the Cantonese for “Honey Date” aka red date used so often in Cantonese cuisine especially for making super  Tonic Soups! Located on Level 4 of the 5 Star Grand Park Orchard Hotel, in a very prominent location on bustling Orchard Road, the restaurant used to be called Open House and served Singaporean cuisine buffet style.

The Grand Park Orchard Hotel is the flagship of the Park Hotel Group helmed by dynamic and intelligent Allen Law, a gentleman I am honoured to call my friend. Allen’s other family business is the widely popular and hugely successful Giordano brand.of clothes and accessories founded in 1981 in Hong Kong. To reflect its tailoring connections, the façade of the hotel is lit up in a “Herringbone” pattern which changes colour on occasion. Even the doors of the elevators sport the ‘Herringbone” motif.

Avant garde Cantonese cuisine!

Cutting Edge Cocktails too!

Not only is the new wave “out-of the-box ” Cantonese cuisine astonishing good, there is also an Artisanal Cocktail Menu. Forget James Bond’s Vodka Martini shaken, not stirred…instead sample unconventional…

Asian Redux and other intriguing Cocktails crafted by tall and approachable Mixologist Marco Pignotta who hails from sunny Italy. Livorno on the west coast of Toscana near Firenze to be exact. I was very happy to get an opportunity to practice my Italian with him! The Cocktails are made with Asian ingredients like Chrysanthemum Tea and Ginseng for its aphrodisiac properties. POWDERFUL! Wahahaha! Salty Espuma foam on top of one cocktail was rather amazing. It is a Molecular Gastronomy technique using Soy Lechitin.


You must try the Signature Degustation Menu which gives you an overview of the philosophy of the cuisine here and also showcases the creativity of  friendly Chef Nicky Ng who is Singaporean.


金牌甘笋罗卜丝酥 Thousand layer radish puff

脆炸奶皇金瓜粿 Crispy glutinous pumpkin in custard

鹅肝虾多士 Bread coated shrimp and foie gras

虫草花鲍鱼炖鸡汤 Double-boiled abalone soup with cordyceps flower, chicken and king oyster mushroom

樱花姜茸蒸鳕鱼 Steamed cod fish with minced ginger in soya sauce

奶柠虾球 Deep-fried prawn coated with creamy lemon sauce

新疆羊仔骨 Pan-fried lamb chop with enoki mushroom and onion in Xinjiang style

千子虾粒蛋炒饭 Fried rice with ginger, shrimp and tobiko

鳄梨果鲜奶露伴酒酿煎堆 Chilled avocado milk shake served with fried sesame dumpling

The sphere as big as a golf ball is crusted with aromatic sesame seeds and…inside is a sexy luscious liquid liquer and chocolate filling. Bamboo leaves like two horns and smoke from dry ice give this jade green Avocado dessert a spectacular entrance at your table! My friend bit in expecting lotus seed paste and got a suprise when the liquid filling burst like a hand grenade!🙂


Scrumptious specialities during Sunday Brunch include Goodies like teamed bamboo clam with minced garlic, Spicy chilli lobster served with bun and Stir-fried XO abalone with asparagus, Mitzo special barbecued pork, Har gao, Siew mai, Braised duck with pulled noodles, SAS (silky and smooth) Hokkaido milk cheese tart.


A most serendipidous repast found me in a jolly good mood…I am most impressed with the ambience, décor, food quality, food presentation, Cocktails and service of Mitzu. I feel confident that Mitzu will win at least One Michelin Star in next year’s Michelin Guide Singapore 2017.

MITZO is awarded The Travelling Gourmet’s BEST CONTEMPORARY CHINESE RESTAURANT 2017!


Level 4

Grand Park Orchard Hotel

270, Orchard Road

Singapore 238857

Tel: 6603 8855

Opens from:


  • 12:00pm to 2:30pm


  • 6:30pm to 10:30pm


  • 6:30pm to 1am last order (Thursdays to Saturdays, eve of Public Holidays)


  • 12pm to 1am (Sundays to Wednesdays)
  • 12pm to 2am (Thursdays to Saturdays, eve of Public Holidays)



To be continued…

More to followed…

Watch this site please…

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Triple V in Bedok North

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Travel, Food and Wine Writer/Editor/Educator extraordinaire

Copyright all rights reserved

All food photos are of REAL food with NO photoshop

The suave and debonair Travelling Gourmet finds affordable French food in a…

MOST remote part of the one horse town that is Bedok…Bedok North to be exact. Quiet, tranquil and peaceful, far from the hustle and bustle of the Financial District and the tourist attractions of glitzy Orchard Road…Triple V serves up French food by a French trained Chef. No, bespectacled and Cheerful Chef Paul Lee did not train in France but his mentor was a well known French Chef whose restaurant lasted 10 long years before closing. Do not expect Michelin Star standard fine dining or haute cuisine but you get good wholesome food with a French flair but of course tweaked to Asian tastes. This is the Heartlands after all n’est pas! I have tried his specialities and for what you pay for, it is good. It is like what you would get in a small brasserie in a provincial town in France…think a remote part of La Val de la Loire…Ice cream fans rejoice. There is also a wide selection of Italian style Gelati or Ice Cream at $3.80 a scoop. I love Gelati especially Frutti di Bosco!

When you hanker for unpretentious French cuisine that does not cost an arm and a leg come here…no need to pawn your gold Piaget watch to dine here  Wahahahah!

Bon appetit et a votre sante!🙂

Triple V Cafe

Blk 537,

Triple V Cafe blk 537 20160818_083145Bedok North Street 3


Singapore 460537

Tel: 62032794

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10pm . Closed on Monday

Next to a big MANGO tree


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Attack of the Killer Dolphin!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The indomitable and implacable Travelling Gourmet TM goes to an integrated resort to experience one of its premier attractions and gets…

MAULED by a Killer dolphin named TULA! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BITTEN BY A DOLPHIN? I have. It is bloody painful! Not something you want to volunteer for. Let me tell you what happened…

Sunday 14 August, 2016

Location: Dolphin Island, Adventure Cove in Resorts World Sentosa.

Attraction: Dolphin Encounter

Time: 16:30

  • I went to the reception and showed my ticket. Going in I had to put my camera, my Panama hat and my titanium Breitling watch in Locker number 14. So there I was with nothing except for my swim trunks and T shirt. As good as naked. They have a total of 27 dolphins and even dolphin babies called calves are born here and well cared for. Dolphins are Mammals and NOT fish.
  • I waited around with a group of tourists. From  their heavily accented Mandarin rolling the “r” sound, I knew they were from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). We were all shepherded into a Briefing/Orientation Room. A petite and pretty tanned Chinese Singaporean girl in black swimwear gave the briefing in English, while a tall PRC girl with an attractive short & sassy hairstyle and great legs gave a very noisy “American” style “RaRa” briefing to the large group of PRC tourists. The PRC tourists had put on wetsuits. We were told we did not need wetsuits as we were going for the “Dolphin Encounter” attraction. The PAP (pretty and petite) Chinese girl showed us a grey blue cuddly toy dolphin to demo to us where we could touch the dolphin, and where we could not touch the dolphin. I learned that the eyes and the mouth and the blowhole which is the nose of the dolphin are ‘taboo’ zones. After all would you like to be poked in your eyes? The belly of the dolphin that is the navel and the genitalia are also off limits being very sensitive. The dorsal fin on the dolphin’s back is OK and also the pectoral fins. That done, we were off to the big pools where the dolphins were swimming about. There were just four of us. Myself and a Bruneian gentleman and his wife and baby son who was about one to one and a half years old by my reckoning. The Brunei lady was clad from head to toe in a voluminous, shapeless brown and beige pant suit and wore the Muslim “tudong” aka head scarf. “Well at least, she is not in an all black Burka with head covered except for the eyes like a Ninja on an assassination mission.” I thought to myself.
  • 16:53
  • We went to a pool and met the trainer, a young muscular PRC man with a spiky haircut holding a bucket with fishy treats like capelin/sardines and squid on ice in a green bucket marked “WaWa”in white paint. WaWa is the name of he dolphin under his charge. He soon realised that the Bruneian family only spoke Malay and English and not Huayi or Mandarin. Hence it was decided for the four of us to go meet Britney the American girl. Better for communication.
  • 16:54 I found out that Britney was from Oregon. “That’s good.” I thought. I have had lots of bad experiences with New Yorkers and people from the West Coast are usually nicer and not stuck up. One woman in particular named Arlyn B. who married and divorced 4 husbands and lives now with No. 5 but not married to him. I asked Britney, “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?” seeing as there is ‘Election Fever in the USA. Britney replied chuckling, “I’m neither…but there is one person I won’t vote for, Donald Trump.” A friendly Malay trainer laid out rectangular blue mats by the edge of the pool. The Brunei family were dressed like they were going for a ‘Kenduri’ ‘(Malay wedding feast) and were not in swimwear. We sat down and Britney called TULA the dolphin over with her slim pen like steel whistle which emits sounds only dolphins can hear. It was slung round her neck on a lanyard. Tula appeared as pert and curvaceous Britney was in the pool with the water up to her bosom. I was feeling hot and I asked her, “Can I please come into the pool with you?” The sun was burning and the almost cloudless skies gave no shade. It must have been 34C (Tsk! Tsk! what were you thinking!)
  • Britney smiled, “You can’t come in the pool but you can put your legs in the water up to the knee.” I sat down and dangled my feet in the cool water. At least I felt a bit cooler despite the hot sun. I felt calm and relaxed, at peace with the world. Britney made Tula perform his repertoire of tricks like “standing in the water”, leaping up 4 meters high out of the water and doing a back flip and more. We were very impressed and clapped enthusiastically. Without warning, TULA attacked and bit my toes. It was painful, very painful. Knowing animal behaviour, I did not make a sound or scream and kept still. If I had screamed and tried to pull my toes out, it would have triggered a primeval impulse in TULA to clamp down and bite harder! Once TULA the homicidal dolphin had swum swiftly away I pulled both legs out immediately. Two deep woulds from Tula’s razor sharp teeth were bleeding venous blood. You can tell by the deep red color. Dolphins have 80 to 100 conical razor sharp teeth! I would show pictures of my wounds but they might upset those of more delicate sensibilities. Just use your imagination…
  • dolphin,-teeth-190821
  • 17:02
  • Britney was oblivious to my wounds and kept telling the Brunei family about dolphins, and made TULA do tricks like make clicking sounds through his blow hole. Stoically, I bore the pain. As my good friend once told me, “…pain let’s you know you’re alive. when you’re dead you feel nothing.” I showed Britney again my bleeding, bloody toe. This time she called someone on her walkie-talkie. It took some 20 minutes before Lemuel the Filipino nurse came to give first aid and attend to my painful wounds. Twenty minutes is a long time for First Aid to come.

Russell Morgan the Manager of Dolphin Island came to see me and my wounds and to ask how it happened. I told him. Life is really like that scene in “The Count of Monte Cristo” where Monsieur Le Comte de Monte Cristo tells his son, “Life is a storm…”



When you are subjected to an unprovoked attack for whatever reason, you are apt to feel angry and upset. Just like the USA in WW2 when Japan attacked the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbour without warning. I started to feel angry and somehow thought of that classic black comedy movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”




The moral of the story is that like in a good spy movie, nothing is what it seems. After watching too much “Flipper” on TV I thought that dolphins are kind, cuddly, harmless , friendly creatures like Winnie the Pooh.



Well, as Rick Blaines, played to perfection by Humphrey Bogart in Oscar winning movie. Casablanca 1942, explained to  Capt. Renault, Prefect of Police why he came to Casablanca….”I was misinformed.”

Dear loyal readers, my advice to you is do not go and play with the dolphins in Resorts World Sentosa…you might meet another killer dolphin like TULA…When I told my good friend, charming Andreana Soh, the Director of Public Relations of the 5 Star Regent Hotel, Andreana had this to say, ” I don’t suppose dolphins in captivity can be very happy and maybe the reason why their behaviour is different from what they are known for. I do hope your foot is alright though!” Her kind comments are very much appreciated.

From The Straits Times of August 24, 2016

>>Elsewhere, Seaworld Orlando, a theme park in the US, has stopped public feeding of dolphins after a few children were bitten while feeding or petting the dolphins.

Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) executive director Louis Ng said there is always a risk in letting people come in touch with wild animals.

“Dolphins’ teeth are sharp, and they are hunters in the wild. Even if they are playing, they can inflict harm,” he said.<<


“Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” << Dr. David Banner aka The Incredible Hulk




Adventure Cove Waterpark

Dolphin Island
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269

 I conclude with one of my personal mottos: Was dich nicht umbringt, macht dich nur noch staerke und kluge. (In German, what does not kill you makes you stronger and smarter.)

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Canadian Cherries, Punjab Grill, Bahn Mi and more at…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

The implacable and indomitable Travelling Gourmet TM goes to a casino but not to gamble, at…

MARINA Bay Sands. It was the 2016 Edition of Epicurean Market at MBS. Bigger and bettre and now it outshines the World Gourmet Summit which is slowly being marginalised and is becoming more and more irrelevant to the gastronomic scene in Singapore. Time was when the WGS had a MONOPOLY on bringing top Chefs from around the world to Singapore and offering other innovative dining and wine related experiences. Not any more with Savour and the MBS Epicurean Market, the Beer Fest and more and more creative and innovative gastronomic events…which are also cheaper and more affordable than the super expensive dinners and events at the WGS….Rrecently, I had a meeting with the top people at the Singapore Tourism Board about such matters. I cannot share the details with you, dear readers…Top Secret.

Daniel Boulud is jet lagged???

I went in and was happy to see my friend, Chef Daniel Boulud, just as I entered the hall. His Chef Jonathan Kinsella does such a good job at Bistro Moderne Daniel Boulud in MBS, one of my favourites…I was taken aback by Chef Daniel Boulud’s rather absentminded and what might be misconstrued as unfriendly arrogance, when I talked to him. I told him I had just dined at his Restaurant Daniel in New York about two weeks ago. My charming companion whispered in my ear, “Daniel is normally not so snooty but today…why is he like that??” Maybe Daniel was suffering from jet lag after flying in to Singapore from New York. I am a gentleman slow to take offence but if I were Daniel Boulud, I would not make a habit of giving friends the impression that he is ,,hochnaesig” (high nose in German or arrogant). Daniel persuaded to buy a Bahn Mi for $3. “it has Pate Campagne and ham which we make ourselves.”, Daniel assured me. I tried it and it was fine, but alas nothing outstanding. No spark…Bahn Mi is actually a French Imperialist relic from their time as the Colonial Power in Vietnam. Basically a Bahn Mi is nothing more than a sandwich made with a baguette.

Tetsuya strikes again!

At the Grove Theater, it was standing room only for Tetsuya Wakuda’s Masterclass. If there is one word that you can NEVER  ever apply to Tetsuya, a man I am very honoured to call my good friend, it is “arrogance”. As humble and modest as he is skilful in terms of culinary expertise, I consider Tetsuya a Culinary Genius. There was a long, long queue to go in for the Masterclass. There was an Indian lady who was one of the organisers at the entrance to the venue. As I waited patiently in the queue, I observed her dealing with her colleagues and others…and soon came to the conclusion that she was “clueless”. It is very unfortunate but there are many people like that who appear to know what they are doing, but really do not. My theory was confirmed as I was going in. She asked me, “Do you have a reservation?” I said “No.” and asked her politely, “…but I would like a reservation please.” Her asinine and curt reply was, “No reservations, you have to queue!”

The mind boggles?????? How bloody stoopid is that! Catch 22. Tetsuya’s very enlightening Masterclass made up for the clueless Indian lady’s mind boggling antics. Tetsuya shows his skill in a very cool and calm manner. THAT is the hallmark of a professional who knows exactly what he is doing. Comrades who are in Special Forces are exactly the same. In a firefight deep behind enemy lines, they are cool and get the job done without shouting, panicking, or cursing in vulgar words like mountebank gordon ramsay whom I dislike. Tetsuya demonstrated his expertise and his philosophy which i really like…serving the finest ingredients with just the barest minimum of salt, pepper, Soy and Mirin and other herbs as necessary…to ENHANCE but not overpower the flavours of the product. The precise way he sprinkles just a soupcon of salt and drizzles just a tiny bit of extra virgn olive oil from a gold foiled bottle is awesome. As my good pal, Ken Hui in Hong Kong always says…”Seeing is Believing!” No molecular here. No reverse spherification, no mango gelee masquerading as egg yolk, no Espuma…none of that. Just jolly good food and super-yummie flavours!


To be continued…

More to follow,,,





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Tow Sar Pneah, Pandan, Red bean and…

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

Copyright all rights reserved

All food photos are of REAL food with no photoshop

The intrepid and debonair Travelling Gourmet TM goes to the Post Office to partake of…

MOONCAKES at the splendid and historic Fullerton Hotel. Sweet and harmonious tunes from a three piece “Orchaestra” filled my soul with the joy that only tuneful music can evoke. It was from the balcony high above the Lobby Lounge. They were playing the hit tune from “Annie the Musical” called “Tomorrow”. I sat down and soaked in the delightful ambience of this hotel that used to be Singapore’s General Post Office from which ALL distances in Singapore are measured. Exactly like the Westin Sydney that was also a Post Office at 1, Martin Place. In a jiffy a selection of lovely Mooncakes arrived, accompanied by TWG Tea..


The reduced sugar Mooncakes impressed me greatly. Nowadays, people are very health conscious especially since the Minister of Health highlighted recently the dangers of white rice and sugar in contributing to obesity and therafter diabetes and other terrible illnesses. The band played another tune I recognised immediately. It was from the hit movie starring Dustin Hoffman as a cross-dressing man, something like Michelle Obama according to many reliable sources. The difference was that Dustin Hoffman in “Tootsie” had to do it to earn a living and not because he wanted to be a woman. “It might be you” wafted across the high ceilings of the lobby as I savoured slowly the flavours of…




To be continued…

More to follow…


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