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Zucchini versus Courgette! Doppelgangers?

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM All rights reserved copyright The elusive and audacious Travelling Gourmet tells you about the… MUCH loved Zucchini¬†and Courgette… The raison¬† d’etre for the confusion between the humble zucchini and … Continue reading

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The search for the Colston Bun!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM Copyright all rights reserved On a gastronomic safari in Europe, the tenacious and audacious Travelling Gourmet TM embarks on a search for the classic bun of Bristol, the… MARVELLOUS … Continue reading

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Security Screening at Airports

The intrepid and resourceful Travelling Gourmet TM explains what Security Screening is all about so you can… MAKE your way to your flight seamlessly with minimum hassle and inconvenience. What are they looking for in a Security Screening? Pistols Knives … Continue reading

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