Killers is a great movie!

TWEEP, July 29, 2010
This review is from: Killers (DVD)

MOSTLY unknown except for those in the business, TWEEP means Terminate with Extreme Prejudice. In short, kill.
This hilarious romantic comedy is about killers, and Ashton Kucher plays a Company Intelligence officer whose speciality is tweeping threats to the National Security of the USA. Yes, it happens all the time now despite pinko liberal Clinton banning it while President, as it was against human rights, ha! ha! What a joke! Gold ol’ boy G W Bush soon put stop to that. Well, he was never a warrior like Eisenhower but more of a lover like Casanova.
Ashton’s rippling muscles from months in the gym will have red blooded women drooling and this is exactly what happens to Catherine Heigl who plays the love of his life. She is basically a dumd blonde who is voluptuous and adorable. Hell, I fell in love with her watching this movie. What red blooded man doesn’t have a weakness for beautiful blondes?? Well, he gives up killing for her. I don’t blame him.
They first meet while he is killing, oops, "working" and staying in the cool super luxurious Hotel Cap du Eden Roc in Antibes, South of France. Yes, Company officers sometimes stay in super lux hotels. For eg, in the recent successful extraordinary rendition of Abu Omar in Milan; the team got to live it up in some of Milano’s top hotels at Company expense.
Catherine’s Dad played by Tom (Magnum) Selleck is a hard nosed over protective father who is a crack shot on the range with a shotgun. Unknown to him, Ashton is a crack shot too with all manner of deadly weapons from submachine guns to autoloading pistols. Yes, the Company trained him well. However, like in any good spy movie, all is not what it seems…as we find out in due course.
There is a lot of noisy gunfire and explosions and the screen karate sequences a la Holywood are not bad. No sound suppressed teflon coated weapons here in the action sequences. Art imitates life, but in real life, hand to hand combat is not so elegant and stylish but more nasty, crude and deadly. Well, that’s typical Hollywood for you.
This s a fun movie for laughs, thrills and you should watch and enjoy it if only to feast your eyes on ravishing Catherine Heigl. ENJOY!!! {:-)

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