If you are dead how the hell can you taste anything?

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling GourmetTM


The indomitable Travelling GourmetTM tells you candidly about his most detested words and phrases like…

MADLY over-used phrase… ‘this dish is to die for!’ How irrational and illogical can you get???? If you are dead how the hell can you taste anything??? This phrase gets my goat! Jokingly, one feels like taking one’s Beretta M9 9mm autoloader with sound suppressor and putting 3 rounds in their brain..Just joking, please don’t take it seriously! Frequently used by brain-dead food writers…Whether it is food, wine, whisky or whatever…we have to be ALIVE to taste and appreciate the Foie Gras, the Malossol Oscietra Caviar, Chef Heinz Beck’s Risotto with Oysters, Moulleux au Chocolat, Villa Sandi Cartizze Prosecco  and more! Really asinine!

Another is ‘foodie’. What in heaven’s name is a ‘foodie’??? A connoisseur of fine food, a glutton, a gourmand, a gourmet, a wine lover…now these are meaningful and descriptive words. ‘Foodie’?? NO Way Jose! Would you call a person who loves wine a ‘winie’??? Of course not!

How about ‘eatery’??? What exactly is an ”eatery”??? Is it an Imbiss-Stand found ueberall (everywhere) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria…like my favourite Imbiss-Stand for Curry Wurst und Bratwurst outside the marvellous Hotel Sacher in Vienna, or is it a hawker stall in Singapore and Malaysia? Or perhaps a restaurant, a bistro, wine bar, trattoria, osteria, brasserie, tapas bar, cafe, bistrot, coffee house, pizzaria, ice cream parlour, etc? All the other names make more sense anytime than ‘eatery’!!!

Also ‘Gourmand’. This word is the French for a greedy Glutton but many in their ignorance use it or rather, misuse it to mean a ‘gourmet’. ‘Gourmet’ and ‘gourmand’ are like chalk and cheese! They are not interchangeable! A gourmand is a greedy glutton who is frequently obese. A gourmet on the other hand is a person who appreciates and has vast knowledge about fine food and good wines, ingredients, dining etiquette, wine service, culinary techniques, recipes and so on. A gourmet enjoys fine foods and wines, not necessarily in huge amounts unlike the gourmand.

What a beauty…I meant the car…what were you thinking? 🙂

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron posing for a photo with Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt during the Nelso Mandela memorial service

Is Denmark’s Prime Minister a “hottie”?

“Hotties” and “Coldies”…

Do you like ‘hottie’??? Every normal, red blooded man like a ‘hot chick’ or pretty voluptuous girl…but seriously, a ‘hottie’??? In the same vein, is an aesthetically challenged and horizontally challenged girl to be called a “coldie”??? Absurd!


Feb 22, 2014 – What the Helle? (Helle Thorning Schmidt is Denmark’s Prime Minister)

Lots of laughs at Nelson Mandela’s Funeral…Obama’s “auto-photo” with “hottie” Denmark’s blond Prime Minister…while Michelle Obama puts on her “Darth Vader Death-Glare“. Is Michelle a “coldie”??? Well, whatever your views (I respect your right to have them)…the sexy “Danish pastry” is a real woman unlike Michelle Obama who is widely rumoured to be a man in drag…(Obama doesn’t look so happy after the photo…I wonder why?) A fascinating study in Body Language…WaHaHa! Obama behaving very badly as usual… Clint Eastwood the iconic Hollywood Star and former Mayor of Carmel, CA., has said and I quote, “Obama is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people.” I am not a fan of “obozo’ who many true blue Americans and Republicans call ‘the traitorous “Manchurian Candidate” ‘ .

Now when it comes to height, we can call clearly demented dwarf Hitler a “shortie” and also Russian President Putin and jackass Mao Tse Tung…so do we call John Wayne a “tallie”?? Ludicrous!

And lastly, but definitely not least, that imbecilic word…’selfie’! OMG! What a moronic word! Respectfully, I prefer to use “auto-photo”instead? Much more stylish, I’m sure you’ll agree? Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Hee! Hee! 🙂

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