International Italian Cuisine Week Singapore!

Story and photos by Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM

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The indomitable and irrepressible Travelling Gourmet TM highlights the…

MARVELLOUS International Italian Cuisine Week Singapore Edition from 22-28 November 2021.

Multiple events, both in-person and online, aim to introduce Italy’s wonderful gastronomic culture and eclectic flavours to the people of Singapore. The week will include special promotions involving Italian restaurants, food, and wine marketplaces, and online platforms, with workshops and cooking classes, wine and food tastings, stellar dinners, and charity projects. Discover the Italian cuisine is  more than just Pasta and Pizza. As a Wine Judge at Vinitaly in Verona many times, and from my extensive travels in Italy from Puglia to Sicily and more, I fell deeply in love with Italian cuisine, Italian wines, culture, history and Italy. It is also fascinating that every region of Italy has its own distinctive cuisine and pasta.

According to the new Italian Ambassador in Singapore, H.E. Mario Andrea Vattani“Singaporeans are more and more curious about Italian food, and they have a very broad view of culinary culture, which goes from top restaurants to lively hawker centers. As Italians, we experience the cuisine as an open language. This allows us to move freely within the richness of our own regional and territorial identities. I believe that this particular approach to our own varied heritage resonates with Singapore, a truly international hub of comparison and coexistence between flavours and cultures”. The affable Ambassador added, ” Singaporeans have a very open mind on cuisine. Italian cuisine is something real and its joyful, wholesome and healthy!”

Italian Ambassador Mario 20211115_130054_resized

The Italian Ambassador Mario Andrea Vattani and Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM at the launch of  International Italian Cuisine Week (Note safe distancing)

One result of the horrible china virus pandemic is that more and more Singaporeans are cooking at home and what better cuisine to cook and enjoy than Italian cuisine! Italian cuisine is joyful, wholesome, tasty and healthy!

This whole week of Italian culinary heritage is presented by the Embassy of Italy in Singapore and  promoted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), and supported by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS), the Italian Academy of Cuisine – Delegation of Singapore (AIC), APICS (Italian Cultural Center Singapore), IWG (Italian Women’s Group), and other partners (chefs, restaurant owners, importers, distributors, producers, e-commerce).

Here is a brief list of the major events:

17 November (Preview) – Online cooking class at Casa Barilla, presented by Italian Women’s Group with Barilla’s Executive Chef Andrea Tranchero. Proceeds will go for charity.

18 November – Official Opening of the 6th Edition of the “International Week of Italian Cuisine” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi di Maio. The event will be streamed on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Youtube channel from 11:00 am to 12:00 am (Rome Time) at the following links:



21 November (Kick-Off) – “A Taste of Italy” Sunday Luxe event, presented by the Embassy of Italy in collaboration with At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy. The Chefs who will take part in the event:


Dr. Michael Lim The Travelling Gourmet TM and Executive Chef Angelo Ciccone of Regent hotel

  • Angelo Ciccone, Executive Chef at Regent Hotel. My good friend Angelo is a very good Chef and I love his Basilico ristorante at the Regent and also his Delicatessen called Dolcetto.
  • Michele Greggio, Executive Chef at Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Fabio Granata, Executive Sous Chef at St Regis Hotel
  • Simone Fraternali, Chef-Partner at Solo Ristorante

22-28 November

  • Italian Street Food Week, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency
  • E-Commerce Fair Price initiative, promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore
  • Special offers of Italian products on the online shops of selected importers and distributors.

More information about the promotion and special offers can be found on the distributors’ websites:

  • Campari Cocktail Experience. A list of selected bars and restaurants will be offering Campari cocktails. More at:

23 November – “Dining with Stars – CIAK Si Mangia!” Italian Cuisine in Cinema (Zoom Live Course), presented by APICS. The webinar will be available at:

27 November – “An Italian Night with Countess Massimilla di Serego Alighieri”, presented by APICS. The event will be streamed via Zoom:

Interview with Ilaria Bertinelli on “Modernity of typical Italian products”, promoted by the Italian Academy of Cuisine:

From 28 November onwards – Italian-focused content and classes with various Young Chefs & Private Chefs, at At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy.

The Travelling Gourmet TM or Il Turista Buongustaio says, “Keep calm and keep enjoying Italian food and wines!”

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